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The Spartan Battle Cry!

Why do you all consistently and constantly underrate and root against the Spartans? Has nothing over the past decade showed you that it's foolish to doubt Coach Izzo and the Spartan ballers? Of course you haven't learned anything, and that's why the keep getting underrated by fans and sports analysts, and are always picked against.

This year was just a perfect example of how the Spartans continued to prove the doubters wrong. First, their opening game against 12th seed New Mexico State was being seen as of the "big upsets of the first round" with NMS being one of the teams to upset a higher team in the first round. That was foolish, and of course the Spartans made it seem that way when they took them down with Kalin Lucas dropping a career high 25 points.

Then they had to face Greivis Vasquez and the 4th seeded Maryland Terrapins. Vasquez was supposed to prove why he's one of the best players in the NCAA and lead Maryland to a win over the Spartans. Almost everyone was picking them to win this game. Especially when Lucas went out in the first half with a torn Achilles tendon. However, the Spartans against proved the doubters wrong with Lucas's replacement (Korie Lucious) hitting the game winning shot. Into the Sweet 16 for the Spartans.

Then the world was shocked and Northern Iowa took down the mighty and favorites of the tourney, Kansas. This would seemly make the Spartans path to the Final Four much easier, but of course the doubters came strong again. They believed this Northern Iowa team would continue to ride their wave of upset magic through to the Elite Eight and take out the Spartans. Ali Farokhmanesh and Adam Koch were going to be too much with their big time outside shooting and Jordan Eglseder was going to be too much in the middle for the Spartans. However, yet again the Spartans proved victorious despite the majority of the fans in all polls picking Northern Iowa, and most of the sports analysts and bracketologists picking the UNI Panthers. On to the Elite Eight goes MSu.

Another big upset happened when the new favorite of the Midwest bracket, the Ohio State Buckeyes, lost to Tennessee. Everyone was looking forward to a MSU vs. OSU show down where the Buckeyes would be led by Evan Turner to the Final Four. But despite OSU getting taken out by the Volunteers, MSu was still the underdog. Tennessee was going to be too much for the Spartans: they were too athletic, too quick, too much on offense for the Spartans with too many athletic and feisty defenders in J.P. Prince and Wayne Chism. Chism was supposed to abuse the Spartans in the paint and dominate them down there. However, he was held to 13 points and 3 rebounds in this game. The Spartans again prove the haters and doubters wrong and move onto the Final Four.

This is Coach Tom Izzo's 6th Final Four appearance out of the last 12 years. That's a new record! He's been in the Final Four 50% of the time out of the last decade (and couple of years). If you still don't believe this guy is the greatest coach in all of the NCAA, you're just not paying attention. The guy had done it all, been able to light a fire under his players’ behinds and inspire them to play great basketball despite all the odds, all the fans, and all the analysts being against them.

The Spartans have lost their best player in the Kalin Lucas, but his replacement has been very good in his absence. Lucious has stepped up when called upon, and while he might not be making tons of plays throughout the game, he's always there when it counts. Durrell Summers is showing why he's going to become the new lead Spartan when Lucas goes to the draft, and he's been a scoring machine in the tourney. Morgan has been everywhere with his athleticism and showing he can do it all. Green is a beast in the paint! He might be short, but he's got the big body and can bang with anyone down low. The kid is only a sophomore, so watch out!

The Spartans will have to face the Butler Bulldogs in the Final Four matchup to go to the National Championship game in back to back years. I'm sure the haters and doubters will be out again, raving about how Butler took down Syracuse and Kansas State and will win the game and go to the title game. This won't surprise me, just like when they win the game go to the title game two years in a row I won't be surprised either.

So keep doubting, keep hating, and keep being an unbeliever in the Spartans, but they don't need you to believe in them to win. They have Coach Izzo, they have the hardworking, defensive, mentality that they need to be successful. I can see Coach Izzo standing in the locker-room before the game against Butler giving them a pre-game speech. He give a King Leonidas type speech to his soldiers (players) and will end with "...and tonight WE DINE IN HELL! Well, Indianapolis, but I don't see the difference." You say this madness? No, THESE ARE THE SPARTANS!!!

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NBA Member Mayhem Standings


  1. Lakers - 43points
  2. Grizzlies - 43 points
  3. Thunder - 42 points
  4. Timberwolves - 41 points
  5. Bulls - 40 points
  6. Warriors - 39 points
  7. Celtics - 39 points
  8. Rockets - 38 points
  9. Cavaliers - 38 points
  10. Knicks - 37 points
  11. Wizards - 36 points
  12. Magic - 36 points
  13. Raptors - 36 points
  14. Pistons - 36 points
  15. Nuggets - 36 points
  16. Heat - 36 points
  17. Bucks - 34 points
  18. Hawks - 34 points
  19. Spurs - 34 points
  20. 76ers - 33 points
  21. Bobcats - 32 points
  22. Hornets - 32 points
  23. Mavericks - 29 points
  24. Suns - 29 points
  25. Pacers - 28 points
  26. Jazz - 22 points
  27. Trailblazers - 21 points
  28. Kings - (DNP) - 0 points
  29. Nets - (DNP) - 0 points
  30. Clippers (DNP) - 0 points


  1. Knicks - 45 points
  2. Wizards - 44 points
  3. Grizzlies - 43 points
  4. Magic - 42 points
  5. Bulls - 41 points
  6. Cavaliers - 40 points
  7. Hornets - 39 points
  8. Heat - 39 points
  9. Timberwolves - 39 points
  10. Warriors - 39 points
  11. Hawks - 39 points
  12. Pacers - 38 points
  13. Bucks - 38 points
  14. Nuggets - 37 points
  15. Bobcats - 37 points
  16. 76ers - 35 points
  17. Suns - 34 points
  18. Spurs - 34 points
  19. Rockets - 34 points
  20. Lakers - 34 points
  21. Jazz - 32 points
  22. Celtics - 31 points
  23. Raptors - 31 points
  24. Pistons - 28 points
  25. Thunder - 0 points(DNP)
  26. Mavericks - 0 points(DNP)
  27. Nets - 0 points(DNP)
  28. Kings - 0 points(DNP)
  29. Clippers - 0 Points(DNP)
  30. Trail Blazers - 0 points(DNP)


  1. Heat - 42 points
  2. Grizzlies - 40 points
  3. Suns - 40 points
  4. Clippers - 40 points
  5. Cavaliers - 40 point
  6. Bobcats - 39 points
  7. Celtics - 39 points
  8. Bulls - 38 points
  9. Knicks - 38 points
  10. Lakers - 38 points
  11. Nuggets - 38 points
  12. 76ers - 38 points
  13. Timberwolves - 37 points
  14. Raptors - 37 points
  15. Hawks - 37 points
  16. Hornets - 36 points
  17. Rockets - 36 points
  18. Spurs - 35 points
  19. Pistons - 35 points
  20. Magic - 34 points
  21. Mavericks - 34 points
  22. Pacers - 32 points
  23. Jazz - 32 points
  24. Warriors - 0 points (DNP)
  25. Bucks - 0 points (DNP)
  26. Thunder - 0 points (DNP)
  27. Trail Blazers - 0 points (DNP)
  28. Kings - 0 points (DNP)
  29. Nets - 0 points (DNP)
  30. Wizards - 0 points (DNP)


  1. Cavaliers - 43 points
  2. Knicks - 41 points
  3. Bulls - 41 points
  4. Lakers - 41 points
  5. Hornets - 40 points
  6. Raptors - 40 points
  7. Timberwolves - 39 points
  8. Grizzlies - 39 points
  9. Mavericks - 39 points
  10. Suns - 39 points
  11. Clippers - 38 points
  12. Bobcats - 38 points
  13. Heat - 38 points
  14. Jazz - 38 points
  15. Pistons - 37 points
  16. Celtics - 37 points
  17. 76ers - 37 points
  18. Warriors - 36 points
  19. Hawks - 35 points
  20. Magic - 35 points
  21. Pacers - 35 points
  22. Nuggets - 35 points
  23. Trail Blazers - 33 points
  24. Rockets - 0 points (DNP)
  25. Kings - 0 points (DNP)
  26. Wizards - 0 points (DNP)
  27. Bucks - 0 points (DNP)
  28. Thunder - 0 points (DNP)
  29. Nets - 0 points (DNP)
  30. Spurs - 0 points (DNP)


  1. Bobcats - 43 points
  2. Bulls - 43 points
  3. Cavaliers - 42 points
  4. Warriors - 41 points
  5. Timberwolves - 41 points
  6. Hawks - 41 points
  7. Hornets - 40 points
  8. Clippers - 40 points
  9. Raptors - 40 points
  10. Rockets - 40 points
  11. Knicks - 39 points
  12. Heat - 39 points
  13. Lakers - 38 points
  14. Pistons - 37 points
  15. Magic - 37 points
  16. Jazz - 37 points
  17. 76ers - 37 points
  18. Suns - 35 points
  19. Pacers - 34 points
  20. Mavericks - 34 points
  21. Celtics - 32 points
  22. Grizzlies - 0 points (DNP) 
  23. Trail Blazers - 0 points (DNP)
  24. Thunder - 0 points (DNP)
  25. Spurs - 0 points (DNP)
  26. Wizards - 0 points (DNP)
  27. Nets - 0 points (DNP)
  28. Kings - 0 points (DNP)
  29. Bucks - 0 points (DNP)
  30. Nuggets - 0 points (DNP)


  1. Jazz - 44 points
  2. Lakers - 42 points
  3. Mavericks - 42 points
  4. Warriors - 40 points
  5. Timberwolves - 40 points
  6. Raptors - 40 points
  7. Knicks - 39 points
  8. Pistons - 39 points
  9. Nuggets - 39 points
  10. Bulls - 38 points
  11. Hornets - 38 points
  12. Magic - 38 points
  13. Heat - 38 points
  14. Bobcats - 38 points
  15. Suns - 38 points
  16. Cavaliers - 37 points
  17. Spurs - 37 points
  18. Celtics - 37 points
  19. 76ers - 37 points
  20. Hawks - 36 points
  21. Pacers - 36 points
  22. Rockets - 35 points
  23. Grizzlies - 35 points
  24. Trail Blazers - 0 points
  25. Thunder - 0 points
  26. Kings - 0 points
  27. Wizards - 0 points
  28. Bucks - 0 points
  29. Nets - 0 points
  30. Clippers - 0 points


   1. Heat - 46 points
   2. Suns - 44 points
   3. Grizzlies - 43 points
   4. Knicks - 42 points
   5. Bulls - 41 points
   6. Magic - 40 points
   7. Hornets - 39 points
   8. Timberwolves - 39 points
   9. Clippers - 38 points
  10. Cavaliers - 38 points
  11. Celtics - 38 points
  12. Hawks - 38 points
  13. Pistons - 37 points
  14. Mavericks - 37 points
  15. Warriors - 37 points
  16. Lakers - 36 points
  17. Jazz - 36 points
  18. Raptors - 36 points
  19. Bobcats - 33 points
  20. Nuggets - 33 points
  21. Thunder - 0 points
  22. Spurs - 0 points
  23. Rockets - 0 points
  24. Wizards - 0 points
  25. Nets - 0 points
  26. Trail Blazers - 0 points
  27. Bucks - 0 points
  28. Kings - 0 points
  29. Pacers - 0 points
  30. 76ers - 0 points


  1. Knicks - 45 points
  2. Magic - 45 points
  3. Lakers - 44 points
  4. Suns - 43 points
  5. Hornets - 42 points
  6. Mavericks - 40 points
  7. Cavaliers - 39 points
  8. Bulls - 38 points
  9. Raptors - 38 points
  10. Clippers - 38 points
  11. Heat - 37 points
  12. Timberwolves - 37 points
  13. Warriors - 37 points
  14. Hawks - 34 points
  15. Jazz - 33 points
  16. Rockets - 30 points
  17. Bobcats - 26 points
  18. 76ers - 0 points (DNP)
  19. Celtics - 0 points (DNP)
  20. Nuggets - 0 points (DNP)
  21. Pistons - 0 points (DNP)
  22. Pacers - 0 points (DNP)
  23. Grizzlies - 0 points (DNP)
  24. Bucks - 0 points (DNP)
  25. Nets - 0 points (DNP)
  26. Thunder - 0 points (DNP)
  27. Trail Blazers - 0 points (DNP)
  28. Kings - 0 points (DNP)
  29. Spurs - 0 points (DNP)
  30. Wizards - 0 points (DNP)

NBA Member Mayhem Current Cumulative Standings

  1. Knicks - 326 points
  2. Bulls - 324 points
  3. Heat - 323 points
  4. Timberwolves - 321 points
  5. Cavaliers - 316 points
  6. Lakers - 316 points
  7. Hornets - 314 points
  8. Magic - 311 points
  9. Suns - 307 points
  10. Raptors - 306 points
  11. Hawks - 303 points
  12. Bobcats - 286 points
  13. Jazz - 282 points
  14. Warriors - 273 points
  15. Mavericks - 260 points
  16. Celtics - 257 points
  17. Pistons - 250 points
  18. Grizzlies - 247 points
  19. 76ers - 225 points
  20. Nuggets - 218 points
  21. Rockets - 217 points
  22. Pacers - 208 points
  23. Clippers - 191 points
  24. Spurs - 140 points
  25. Wizards - 84 points
  26. Bucks - 76 points
  27. Blazers - 59 points
  28. Thunder - 42 points
  29. Nets - 0 points
  30. Kings - 0 points


Southwest Division

Hornets        7-1
Grizzlies        5-3
Mav's             4-3-1
Spurs             2-6
Rockets        2-6

Northwest Division

Wolves          5-3
Jazz               3-5
Thunder        1-7
Nuggets        1-7
Blazers          1-7

Pacific Division

Suns               5-2-1
Lakers             5-3
Clippers          4-4
Warriors        3-5
Kings              0-8


Central Division

Cavaliers       7-1
Bulls      7-1
Bucks      2-6

Pistons   2-6
Pacers    1-7

Atlantic Division

Knicks     6-2
Raptors   5-3

76ers       3-5
Celtics     3-5
Nets         0-8

Southeast Division

Heat         5-3
Magic        5-3
Hawks       4-4
Bobcat s    4-4

Wizards    2-6

Head 2 Head Game Breakdown Week #8

Knicks 45    vs.  Warriors 37         Knicks Win
Jazz 33        vs.  Hornets 42         Hornets Win
Bobcats 26   vs.  Mav's 40            Mavs Win
Clippers 38   vs.  T-Wolves 37       Clippers Win
Magic 45       vs. Rockets 30          Magic Win
Lakers 44      vs. Hawks 34            Lakers Win
Suns 43        vs. Raptors 38           Suns Win
Bulls 38        vs. Cav's 39              Cav's Win
Heat 37        vs. 76ers 0                Heat Win

Pathetic Losers


Head 2 Head Game Breakdown Week #7

Celtics 38    vs. Bobcats 33       Celtics Win
Hawks 38    vs. Mavericks 37     Hawks Win
Magic 40     vs. Nuggets 33       Magic Win
Lakers 36    vs. Hornets 39       Hornets Win
Cavs 38      vs. Warriors 37       Cav's Win
Knicks 42    vs. Jazz 36             Knicks Win
Clippers 38  vs. Grizzlies 43       Grizzlies Win
Pistons 37   vs. Bulls 41             Bulls Win
Suns 44      vs. T-Wolves 39       Suns Win
Heat 46      vs. Raptors 36          Heat Win

Pathetic Losers

Thunder (DNP)
Spurs (DNP)
Rockets (DNP)
Wizards (DNP)
Nets (DNP)
Trail Blazers (DNP)
Bucks (DNP)
Kings (DNP)
Pacers (DNP)
76ers (DNP)

Head 2 Head Game Breakdown Week #6

Hornets 38  vs. 76ers 37                 Hornets Win
Heat 38      vs. Bulls 38                   Bulls Win Judges Decision
Magic 38     vs. Hawks 36                Magic Win
Knicks 39    vs. Rockets 35              Knicks Win
Lakers 42    vs. Spurs 37                 Lakers Win
Bobcats 38  vs. Raptors 40              Raptors Win
Mav's 42     vs. Cav's 37                  Mav's Win
Warriors 40 vs. Nugg's 39                Warriors Win
Celtics 37    vs. Jazz 44                   Jazz Win
Pistons 39   vs. Pacers 36                Pistons Win
Grizzlies 35  vs. Suns 38                  Suns Win
TWolves 40  vs. Clippers 0               TWolves Win

Pathetic Losers

Trail Blazers (DNP)
Thunder (DNP)
Kings (DNP)
Wizards (DNP)
Nets (DNP)
Bucks (DNP)

Head 2 Head Game Breakdown Week #5

Nuggets 0 vs. Rockets 40                Rockets Win
Magic 37 vs. Bobcats 43                  Bobcats Win
Pistons 37 vs. Knicks 39                  Knicks Win
Suns 35  vs. Hornets 40                  Hornets Win
Celtics 32  vs. Cavaliers 42             Cavaliers Win
Spurs 0 vs. Heat 39                        Heat Win
Thunder 0 vs. Jazz 37                     Jazz Win
Lakers 38 vs. Warriors 41                Warriors Win
Bulls 43 vs. Grizzlies 0                     Bulls Win
Hawks 41 vs. Nets 0                        Hawks Win
Blazers 0 vs. 76ers 37                     76ers Win
Kings 0 vs. Timberwolves 37            Timberwolves Win
Bucks 0 vs. Raptors 40                    Raptors Win
Mavericks 34 vs. Clippers 40            Clippers Win
Wizards 0 vs. Pacers 34                   Pacers Win

Head 2 Head Game Breakdown Week #4

Rockets 0 vs. Pistons 37                     Pistons Win
Magic 35 vs. Bulls 41                          Bulls Win
Suns 39 vs. Lakers 41                        Lakers Win
Celtics 37 vs. Wizards 0                      Celtics Win
Knicks 41 vs. Hawks 35                       Knicks Win
Spurs 0 vs. Timberwolves 39               T-Wolves Win
Heat 38 vs. Bobcats 38                        Bobcats Win
Judges Decision
Thunder 0 vs. Hornets 40                     Hornets Win
Jazz 38 vs. Bucks 0                             Jazz Win
Trail Blazers 33 vs. Kings 0                  Blazers Win
Nuggets 35 vs. Cavaliers 43                 Cavaliers Win
Warriors 36 vs. Mavericks 39                Mavericks Win
76ers 37 vs. Grizzlies 39                      Grizzlies Win
Raptors 40 vs. Nets 0                          Raptors Win
Pacers 35 vs. Clippers 38                     Clippers Win

Head 2 Head Game Breakdown Week #3

Raptors 37 vs  Rockets 36                        Raptors Win
Magic 34 vs Heat 42                                Heat Win
Pistons 35 vs Celtics 39                           Celtics Win
Suns 40 vs Spurs 35                                Suns Win
Knicks 38 vs Cavaliers 40                         Cavaliers Win
Thunder 0 vs Kings 0                               Both Lose (DNP)
Lakers 38 vs Nuggets 38                          Lakers Win Judges Decision
Jazz 32 vs Clippers 40                             Clippers Win
Bulls 38 vs Hawks 37                               Bulls Win
Trail Blazers 0 vs Mavericks 34                 Mavericks Win
Bucks 0 vs Timberwolves 37                   Timberwolves Win
Warriors 0 vs Hornets 36                         Hornets Win
76ers 38 vs Nets 0                                  76ers Win
Bobcats 39 vs Pacers 32                          Bobcats Win
Grizzlies 40 vs Wizards 0                         Grizzlies Win

Head 2 Head Game Breakdown Week #2

Rockets 34 vs. Hornets 39                      Hornets Win  
Mavericks 0 vs. Magic 42                        Magic Win
Pistons 28 vs. Spurs 34                          Spurs Win
Suns 34 vs. Thunder 0                           Suns Win
Celtics 31 vs. Knicks 45                          Knicks Win
Heat 39 vs. Timberwolves 39                  Timberwolves Win Judges Decision
Lakers 34 vs. 76ers 35                          76ers Win
Jazz 32 vs. Bobcats 37                           Bobcats Win
Bulls 41 vs. Pacers 38                            Pacers Win
Hawks 39 vs. Warriors 39                       Hawks Win Judges Decision
Trail Blazers 0 vs. Bucks 38
                  Bucks Win
Kings 0 vs. Clippers 0                            Both Lose Did Not Participate
Nuggets 37 vs. Grizzlies 43                    Grizzlies Win
Cavaliers 40 vs. Raptors 31                    Cavaliers Win
Nets 0 vs. Wizards 44                            Wizards Win

Head 2 Head Game Breakdown Week #1

Raptors 36  vs. 76ers 33       Raptors Win
Rockets 38  vs. Jazz 22        Rockets Win
Magic 36     vs. Pistons 36    Magic Win
Suns 29      vs. Mav's 29      TIE
Celtics 39    vs. Lakers 43     Lakers Win
Knicks 37    vs. Bulls 40        Bulls Win
Spurs 34     vs. Pacers 28     Spurs Win
Heat 36      vs. Nets 0          Heat Win
Thunder 42 vs. Wizards 36   Thunder Win
Hawks 34    vs. Clippers 0    Hawks Win
Blazers 21   vs. Nuggets 36  Nuggets Win
Kings 0       vs. Warriors 39  Warriors win
Bucks 34     vs. Hornets 32   Bucks Win
Cav's 38     vs. Bobcats 32   Cav's Win
Wolves 41   vs. Grizzlies43   Grizzlies Win

A special thanks to Chi-Town1 for putting this together (I just copied and pasted this from the PM he sent me, so he gets all the credit).

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NBA Member Mayhem Home Page

The NBA Member Mayhem is a contest designed to show your off your knowledge of NBA basketball while competing against fellow NBA fans. It also gives you a chance to represent and show how much you care about your favorite team. For anyone that is familar with how other Member Mayhems have worked in the past (NFL Member Mayhem, NCAA Member Mayhem), except with an NBA theme. Starting right after the NBA All Star Break Weekend, we will have questions for our participants to answer. They will give a response in an essay format (350 word limit) and it will be then evaluated by our judges and given a score. We will also have the responses put up for everyone else to vote on in a poll. Two representatives (one per each 30 teams of the NBA) will be matched up (based on actual NBA schedules of the teams) and whoever has the most total points (from the judges score and the poll combined) will win the matchup. We will have an entire "regular season" which will last from the first day after All Star Break Weekend (Monday February 16th, 2010) that will last all the way until the end of the NBA season. Follow the "regular season" we will have playoffs (seeded by records and points in the regular season) and go through those to find our eventual champion.

Right now we have all the rules & regulations spelled out, we have the schedule down, we have our front office members, and we have most of our team representatives ready to go. We still need 7 team representatives to fill up all 30 teams so we can have this thing officially ready to go. I will have here links to the Rules & Regulations, the Schedule, and the Team Representatives & Front Office members. If you wish to take over as a representative for one of the remaining teams, please let me know by either go the NBA Member Mayhem thread on the NBA boards, posting here, or even sending me a PM wherever you wish to get ahold me.

We have a lot of the best NBA posters from all of CBS participating in this contest. If you want to prove how smart of an NBA poster you are and how much NBA knowledge you have, this is the contest for you. Join now while spots are still available, and even if you don't sign up feel free to follow us along throughout our season so that maybe next year (if this thing runs well enough in it's first year, you better believe I'll make this an annual contest) you can get involved.

Rules & Regulations


Team Representatives & Front Office Members

NBA Member Mayhem Thread

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Posted on: February 5, 2010 5:37 pm
Edited on: March 21, 2010 11:15 pm

NBA Member Mayhem Participants

Team Representatives:

Atlanta Hawks - GTucker
Boston Celtics - nighthawkace444
Charlotte Bobcats - mckrackin
Chicago Bulls - ChiTownCliff
Cleveland Cavaliers -M1ghty Mouse
Dallas Mavericks - NotSoMattica
Denver Nuggets - LBJwitness31
Detroit Pistons - Michigan Sports
Golden State Warriors - Cain=CyYoung
Houston Rockets - mcgradykid134
Indiana Pacers - soccer429
Los Angeles Clippers - GetClipped32
Los Angeles Lakers - jefe101
Memphis Grizzlies - BMu_1963
Miami Heat - Harst
Milwaukee Bucks - OPEN
Minnesota Timberwolves -BNW2
New Jersey Nets - OPEN
New Orleans Hornets - GoHornets21
New York Knicks - kmvenne
Oklahoma City Thunder - OPEN
Orlando Magic - BucFan34
Philadelphia 76ers - JGraz042
Phoenix Suns - wildcatsfan1/Beavis_25
Portland Trail Blazers - OPEN
Sacramento Kings - OPEN
San Antonio Spurs - tfitz
Toronto Raptors - mb8_88
Utah Jazz - jaysta125
Washington Wizards -OPEN

Front Office:

Commish & Judge #1 - The Big B

Assistant Commish & Scheduler - threegamer13

Judge #2 - Feanor

Records Keeper - Chi-Town1

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NBA Member Mayhem Schedule

Team     Week 1    Week 2     Week 3    Week 4    Week 5     Week 6    Week 7    Week 8    Week 9            

Rockets : Jazz        Hornets     Raptors    Pistons     Nuggets     Knicks     Wizards     Pacers       Suns               

Magic :    Pistons   Mavs        Heat         Bulls        Bobcats    Hawks     Nuggets   Grizzlies    Cavs              

Pistons:   Magic     Spurs        Celtics      Rockets   Knicks      Pacers    Bulls        Hawks      Raptors          
Suns:     Mavs      Thunder     Spurs       Lakers     Hornets    Blazers    Wolves     Bucks    Rockets          
Celtics:    Lakers   Knicks      Pistons     Wizards    Cavs      Jazz        Spurs       Raptors    Bulls            
Knicks     Bulls      Celtics     Cavs        Hawks     Pistons     Rockets    Jazz       Warriors     Heat        
Spurs      Pacers    Pistons    Suns        Wolves     Heat       Thunder   Celtics      Lakers     Mavs       
Heat        Nets       Wolves    Magic      Bobcats     Spurs       Bulls       Raptors    76ers       Knicks      
Thunder   Wizards    Suns     Kings        Hornets     Jazz       Spurs       Blazers    Nuggets    Grizzlies       
Lakers     Celtics      76ers    Nuggets     Suns      Warriors   Wizards   Hornets    Spurs       Clippers        
Jazz        Rockets   Bobcats  Clippers   Bucks      Thunder    Celtics     Knicks     Hornets    Warriors     
Bulls        Knicks       Pacers    Hakws    Magic     Grizzlies      Heat      Pistons     Nets        Celtics        
Hawks      Clippers    Warriors  Bulls      Knicks     Nets         Magic       Pacers      Pistons    Bucks     
Blazers     Nuggets    Bucks     Mavs      Kings      76ers       Suns       Thunder   Wizards   Hornets  
Kings       Warriors    Clippers  Thunder  Blazers    Wolves   Grizzlies    Bucks      Cavs       Nets      
Bucks       Hornets    Blazers   Wolves    Jazz        Raptors   Clippers   Kings       Suns      Hawks     
Nuggets    Blazers    Grizzlies   Lakers    Cavs       Rockets   Warriors   Magic     Thunder    Wolves  
Cavs        Bobcats     Raptors   Knicks    Nuggets    Celtics     Mavs       Warriors    Kings    Magic      
Warriors    Kings       Hawks    Hornets    Mavs       Lakers    Nuggets     Cavs       Knicks    Jazz      
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Nets         Heat       Wizards    76ers     Raptors     Hawks     Wolves      Mavs        Bulls    Kings    
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Mavs       Suns        Magic     Blazers      Warriors    Clippers   Cavs        Nets       Bobcats  Spurs    
Pacers     Spurs      Bulls      Bobcats     Clippers     Wizards    Pistons    Hawks    Rockets  76ers    
Clippers   Hawks      Kings        Jazz      Pacers      Mavs         Bucks      Grizzlies  Wolves  Lakers   
Grizzlies   Wolves    Nuggets   Wizards   76ers       Bulls         Kings      Clippers   Magic    Thunder   
Wizards   Thunder   Nets       Grizzlies    Celtics    Pacers        Lakers    Rockets   Blazers  Bobcats         

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NBA Member Mayhem Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations:

Intro: The goal of this contest is to show your knowledge of and passion for NBA basketball. You will demonstrate your skills with formal writing in essay format.

Section A - Team Representation:

1 ) Each team must be represented by at least one participant, but multiple teammates are allowed to represent a certain team as a group.
2 ) Teams that have multiple representatives must submit their list of team members prior to the start of the contest.
3) Only team members listed on the official list of participants may submit responses.

Section B - Questions & Responses:

1) Each question will be displayed at the beginning of the week (Monday morning ); responses are to be turned in for the question by Friday night/Saturday morning at 12:00 am ET midnight.
2) Late responses will only be accepted up to Saturday night (10:00 pm ET ), but will be subjected to a 5 point deduction from their score. Any responses turned in after Saturday night will not be counted and will receive a score of 0.
3) Responses are to be in essay format (paragraphs with complete sentences) and must not exceed the maximum of 350 words for the regular season games (500 word max for 1st & 2nd rounds of playoffs, 750 word max for semi-finals, and 1000 word max for championship game ). There is no minimum amount of words required, but very short responses will not likely be evaluated as highly.
4) Responses are to be turned in to The Big B via PM
5) Responses will be graded in 4 areas and each area will be worth:
    a) Creativity/Uniqueness - How clever and unique your responses to the question is.
    b) Passion - Evidence of how strongly you feel about your NBA team in your response.
    c) Knowledge - How well you know your information and facts (this is not an invitation to use tons of stats in your responses either ).
    d) Clarity - How well your responses flows and fits together; how much sense it makes and the use of good logic.

Section C- Matchups & Games:

1) Everyone will submit their response on the exact same question (all 30 teams will respond to the same question ).
2) Two teams will be matched up based on a schedule following similarly to the actual NBA schedule of your team.
3) A total of 15 matchups for each week will occur; everyone will play one matchup per week.
4) 16 teams will make the playoffs (8 from each conference just like the actual NBA )
5) See schedule for further details.

Section D - Scoring:

1) Total of 50 possible points can be earned:
    a) 10 possible for Creativity
    b) 10 possible for Passion
    c) 10 possible for Knowledge
    d) 10 possible for Clarity
    d) 1 points per 10% of poll voting
2) Polls will be put up in the thread with both responses next to each other. Voting will last from the time the matchup is up (Sunday morning @ 10:00 am ) and until it ends (Sunday night at 10:00 pm ); a total of 12 hours of poll voting will be allowed.
3) Most total points determines the winner of each matchup
4) Tiebreakers for matchups resulting in a tie (in order ):
   a) Most points from grading by judge (my evaluation of your response )
   b) Highest point total from Knowledge grading
   c) If matchup is still tied, and it will result in a stalemate and teams will be given a tie for the matchup.
5) Scores for each matchup will be posted by Monday evening 10:00-11:00 PM ET
6) Standings will be based on records of W-L, but ties/seeding will be influenced by total points accumulated

Section E - Participation:

1) Each team must submit a response, before the due date/time, or they will forfeit their matchup
2) 3 forfeits will result in expulsion from contest and a replacement will be found
3) After the responses are put up in the thread for the poll voting, participants are encouraged to have discussions based on the responses given to the questions. It's not required, but it is not forbidden either.

Ammendment #1:

Forfeit games (where one participant in a matchup fails to turn in their response) will result in rescheduling with another participant who has also been involved in a forfeit game. The rescheduling will be randomly done to match up the participants' responses with each other to create new matchups. If there is an odd number of participants in forfeit games, the one left over will receive automatic poll points for the forfeit win.

Ammendment #2:

In result of someone not having a matchup do to a left over forfeit game (see Ammenment #1 for further clarification), the participant will receive automatic poll points to make up for the lack of a real matchup. Poll points given will vary depending on the judges score of the response:

1) If the judge's score the response under 30, they will receive an automatic 5 poll points onto their score
2) If the judge's score the response at 30 or more, they will receive an automatic 6 poll points onto their score
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CPMD Official Rosters

Mother Lover's (Mighty Mouse)

PG- Tony Parker
SG- Kobe Bryant
SF- Tayshaun Prince
PF- Paul Millsap
 C- Andrew Bynum

BE- Jameer Nelson
BE- Manu Ginobili
BE- Corey Brewer
BE- Jeff Green
BE- Tyrus Thomas

Wins R' Us (BMu_1963)

PG- Russell Westbrook
SG- Richard Hamilton
SF- Corey Maggette
PF- Amare Stoudemire
 C-  Andew Bogut

BE- Mike Bibby
BE- Mickael Pietrus
BE- Yi Jianlian
BE- James Posey
BE- Kenyon Martin

The Straight Edge Society (kmvenne)

PG- Rajon Rondo
SG- Thabo Sefolosha
SF- Josh Smith
PF- Zach Randolph
 C- Greg Oden

BE- Jamal Crawford
BE- Danilo Gallinari
BE- Anthony Randolph
BE- Jared Jeffries
BE- Roy Hibbert

The Bus Drivers (Skins8)

PG- Devin Harris
SG- Joe Johnson
SF- Caron Butler
PF- Lamar Odom
 C- Chris Kaman

BE- Brandon Jennings
BE- Ray Allen
BE- Tracy McGrady
BE- Al Harrington
BE- Spencer Hawes

The Diaper's Load (The Big B)

PG- Derrick Rose
SG- Eric Gordon
SF- Danny Granger
PF- Chris Bosh
 C-  Brook Lopez

BE- Rodney Stuckey
BE- Wilson Chandler
BE- Jonas Jerebko
BE- Udonis Haslem
BE- Robin Lopez

Bay Harbor Butchers (threegamer13)

PG- Chris Paul
SG- O.J. Mayo
SF- Shane Battier
PF- David Lee
 C-  Nene

BE- Lou Williams
BE- Jason Terry
BE- Omri Casspi
BE- Luis Scola
BE- Mehmet Okur


PG- Deron Williams
SG- Jason Richardson
SF- Josh Howard
PF- Dirk Nowitzki
 C- Jermaine O'Neal

BE- Andre Miller
BE- Stephen Curry
BE- Blake Griffin
BE- Anderson Varejao
BE- Andris Biendrins

Ricky Williams Special Oregano (BNW2)

PG- Jason Kidd
SG- Kevin Durant
SF- Rashard Lewis
PF- Al Jefferson
 C- Andray Blatche

BE- Jason Williams
BE- Anthony Morrow
BE- Grant Hill
BE- Hakim Warrick
BE- Marreese Speights
BE- Marcus Camby

Florkansas Gatorbacks (BucFan)

PG- Mo Williams
SG- Andre Iguodala
SF- Paul Pierce
PF- LeBron James
 C- Joakim Noah

BE- Nate Robinson
BE- Jared Dudley
BE- Matt Barnes
BE- Chris Andersen
BE- Marcin Gortat

T-Mackers (mcgradykid134)

PG- Steve Nash
SG- Kevin Martin
SF- Stephen Jackson
PF- Antawn Jamison
 C- Samuel Dalembert

BE- Gilbert Arenas
BE- Tony Allen
BE- Richard Jefferson
BE- Charlie Villanueva
BE- Shaquille O'Neal

Big Ben's Block Party (Michigan Sports)

G- Chauncey Billups                
G- Arron Afflalo   
F- Carmelo Anthony  
F- Kevin Garnett
C- Dwight Howard      

BE- Mike Bibby
BE- Ben Gordon  
BE- DeJuan Blair                      
BE- Rasheed Wallace  
BE- Ben Wallace            

Championship Crew (tfitz)

PG- Tyreke Evans
SG- Vince Carter
SF- Rudy Gay
PF- Carlos Boozer
 C- Kendrick Perkins

BE- Raymond Felton
BE- Luol Deng
BE- Quentin Richardson
BE- Elton Brand
BE- Drew Gooden

Solid Team Full of Underdogs (Cain=CYYOUNG)

PG- Aaron Brooks
SG- Brandon Roy
SF- Trevor Ariza
PF- Tim Duncan
 C-  Emeka Okafor

BE- Ty Lawson
BE- Marcus Thornton
BE- Michael Beasley
BE- Boris Diaw
BE- Andrea Bargnani

Bunch of Bull (windy city joe)

PG- Baron Davis
SG- Dwyane Wade
SF- Hedo Turkoglu
PF- Shawn Marion
 C- Marc Gasol

BE- Kyle Korver
BE- Dahntay Jones
BE- Jason Thompson
BE- Kevin Love
BE- Troy Murphy

MM's Moms Checklist (lakers2408)

PG- Jose Calderon
SG- John Salmons
SF- Ron Artest
PF- LaMarcus Aldridge
 C- Pau Gasol

BE- Derek Fisher
BE- J.R. Smith
BE- Andrei Kirilenko
BE- Carl Landry
BE- Brendan Haywood

Super Heroes in Training (Harst)

PG- Kirk Hinrich
SG- Monta Ellis
SF- Gerald Wallace
PF- David West
 C- Al Horford

BE- Darren Collison
BE- Mike Miller
BE- Ronnie Brewer
BE- Channing Frye
BE- Erick Dampier

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Allen Iverson: The Answer is Retirement

Sad to see The Answer hang up his sneakers. I don't want to insult anyone's intelligence or call anyone an stupid, but if you don't think Allen Iverson deserves to be in the HoF you need a serious mental evaluation and should consider checking yourself into a psychiatric hospital.

The guy gave us the greatest crossover of all time and broke countless ankles. He is one of the greatest scorers in NBA history: he is tied for 4th all time in points per game with 27.0 ppg (tied for 5th if you count LeBron James, but I don't) and 17th all time in total points. He's ahead of guys in scoring like Charles Barkley, Elgin Baylor, Adrian Dantley, Clyde Drexler, and even Larry Bird. Explain to me how those guys deserve to be in over him (except for Bird, Baylor, and Drexler; but how does Barkley and Dantley deserve to be in?). And I don't see how you can say he's only a scorer? The guy has a career average of 6.2 assists per game and has proven to be a very good passer. Yes, he takes a lot of shots but when you're one of the greatest scorers of all time then I think you should take a lot of shots. And if you know you're history well, I'd like to see you show me someone on those 76ers teams in AI's prime that should have got more shots because they could score good and be worth taking points from AI. He can penetrate the lane just as well as LeBron can now and he's about 8-9 in. shorter and almost 100 pounds lighter. He was able to draw a lot of contact and get a lot of FT opportunities which he knocked down at a good percentage.

And what about his ability on defense? Yes, I just said defense. No, a 6 foot guard is not going to be able to defend 6'6" and 6'8" guards but he could defend other PGs his size very well. And he was an excellenct ball hawk which got his teams a lot of easy points in transition. He is 7th all time steals per game average with 2.2 spg and 12th all time in total steals. He has a better steals per game average than John Stockton and Maurice Cheeks, both whom are seen as two all time great defensive PGs. Then you throw in the fact that he was a warrior and could play just about the entire game every game all year long. He has a career average of 41.4 minutes per game (4th all time), and has played through countless different injuries and has been banged up on many occasions while still playing big minutes in games.

Plain and simple facts are AI is one of the greatest scorers the NBA has ever seen in it's entire history. Pound for pound, he is the most athletic player of all time. Pound for pound, he is one of the greatest players we've ever seen play the game. He could play 5 on 1 and still win and make it all the the NBA Finals in 2001. You can't blame him for being a ball hog when he became one out of necessity when playing for those horrible 76ers teams. And then later in his career with the Nuggets and Pistons, it's hard to ask him to change at 30+ years of age; I'm sure the old saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" really applies here. Regardless of whether he needed the ball in his hands alot or not, so did all the great scorers. Did MJ, Wilt, Kareem, West, etc. not have the ball in their hands for most of the game when they were in their prime and scoring a ton? It's just an excuse to hate on AI because you don't like him because he could beat your team all by himself.

Allen Iverson is my 2nd favorite player of all time behind Ben Wallace, and unless the HoF voters are a bunch of haters then there should be no question this guy gets into the HoF and is a Top 50 NBA player of all time.
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