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Another "Dream Team?" Or gold medal?

As the Olympics are approaching, I began to think about USA basketball (since the Finals are over and I'm ready for more basketball). If someone told me that the Dream Team is dead and we will never see another one again and that the USA will never win in the Olympics again I would react similar to Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 3........minus the gun to the head (mainly because I do not own a gun). But to be honest, the USA team will never be like it was in the days of Jordan, Magic, and Bird. There most likely will never be another Dream Team.

It's not because we don't have good players on the team. Sure we don't have all the best, but you can't some players for not wanting to play because of the injury and fatigue risk. Still, we have some of best players like Kobe, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, etc. That's not the biggest problem though; it's team work. Back in the day, superstar players did have egos, but nothing like today. When they got together in the Olympic games, they were able to work together and set aside their egos (for the most part). Players now days just worry about what's best for them, and let their egos get the best of them. Another issue is lack of patriotism in players and fans now a days. It's nothing like it use to be. Fans and players are not as passionate about their country's teams as alot of other countries are.

If they could ever just work together like they do with their NBA teammates, they could easily win another gold medal. The NBA has the best players in the world, and it's no question that they have what it takes to beat anyone else in the world. It's just that they don't want to work together. They just want try and do it all by themselves to make them look better. I wish that maybe one year, all the NBA's best players: Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, KG, LeBron, etc., all get together on the Olympic USA team and work together to win the gold medal again. I really want to see another "Dream Team." I just don't think we will ever see one again.

What do you think? Also (not in poll) what do you think is the biggest problem with the USA basketball team?
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Big B's Bad Boys

Since everyone else is posting there teams, I guess I will to.

PG- Jason Kidd

Top 5 All Time PG that has everything you want in a point guard. He is a great passer, good defender, and great floor general/leader. He can penetrate the D and kick it out to the open man, or he can run up the court and dish to the streaking man or alley oop it to the big man. He can play good D on any type of PG and has some good speed (this when he was in his prime, not now). He's not a great scorer, but he's not as useless any Ben Wallace either. He can shoot the 3 ball very well, and can make some good drives throw the lane sometimes.

SG- George Gervin

The Iceman. At first he was called "Iceberg Slim" because he looked like a pimp with that name, but it eventually became "Iceman" because he had ice in veins when he shooting. He won 4 scoring titles in his career, and only MJ and Wilt got more. Jerry West said that Gervin was the only player he would pay money to watch. Some of his former teammates and coaches said he could score so well, sometimes it looked too easy for him. They said sometimes it looked like he got bored out there because it was too easy. One coach even said he thought Gervin could score any time he wanted to. He is one of the Top 5 SG of all time, and one of the greatest scorers in history.

SF- Grant Hill

In Grant's first 6 years with the Pistons, he did things only a few have done in their careers. He became only the 3rd player behind Wilt and Elgin Baylor to lead his team in points, rebounds, and assists more than one year. Wilt and Hill are the only 2 players in history to lead their team in points, rebounds, and assists 3 times. After his first 6 season he got 9,393 points, 3,417 rebounds and 2,720 assists. Only Oscar Robertson and Larry Bird have done better in their first 6 years. In his 95-96 season he amassed 21.4 ppg 9.0 rpg 7.3 apg and 1.8 spg. He became only the 2nd player besides Larry Bird to ever have over 20 ppg 9 rpg and 7 apg in a season. Hill was much like Scottie Pippen, as he assumed the role of "point forward" where he ran the offense. After those season he became injury prone after hurting his ankle in the 99-00 season, but this tourney is when guys were in their prime. When he was in his prime, he was a great all around forward.

PF- Jerry Lucas

Jerry was not an athletic freak or flashy player, but was a hard worker and had great determination that helped him do what few have done. He was able to win a championship at every level of basketball; high school, college, and the pros (60's Olympics, not NBA title). Lucas was a great rebounder, and one of the great history in fact. His 15.6 rpg over his career ranks 4th all time behind Russell, Wilt, and Pettit. He even averaged over 20 rpg a few times as well in his career. Him and Pettit are the only forwards to ever do that. He is also the only forward in history to ever pull down 40 rebounds in a game. He was also a good scorer as well. To go along with his post moves, he can shoot very well from deep. In fact, the majority of his points were from long range. What's even more impressive is his 49.9% FG over his entire career while shooting mainly from outside the paint. Jerry could have won an NBA title, but was on a divided team when he was on the Cincinnati Royals with Oscar Robertson. This was when racism and prejudice were still a big deal. Even though most knew Robertson was the better player, Lucas was marketed as the team's star and leader. This upset Oscar because he felt it was due to him being black and Jerry being white.

C- Hakeem Olajuwon

Hakeem "The Dream" was one of the greatest players in history and one of the greatest defenders as well. He was one of the most athletic and versatile centers in history (if not the most). He is one of only 4 players to get a quadruple double in game; thus proving his versatility. He could score so well in the post with his great footwork and soft touch around the rim. Combine that with his great fakes and great offensive rebounding, he was feared force in the post on offense. But everyone knows it was his defense that really stood out. 2 time DPOY, Hakeem was a Top 3 all time defender. Not only could he block and rebound, but he could put pressure on his man and got quite a bit of steals as well. He could shut down the paint and could guard the perimeter as well. His great all around game earned him 2 titles and a MVP as well. In his 93-94 season, he became the only player in history to win the MVP, DPOY, and Finals MVP in the same year.

BE- G Alvin Robertson

Robertson was known for his great defense. He was one of the best defensive guards in history. He also has some versatility being 1 of only 4 players to have a quadruple double in a game. He led the league in steals 3 times in his career, and has the all time best steals per game average with 2.71 over his career. In 1986 he became the inaugural of the Most Improved Player award.

BE- G Mo Cheeks

Mo was one of the greatest defending PG's in history. He was much like Jason Kidd in not being know for his scoring, but more for his defense and great floor general/leader abilities. He took the 76ers to 3 NBA Finals winning 1 in 1983. His career numbers speak for themselves. He amassed 7,392 assists over his career putting him 9th all time in that. He also got 2,310 steals over his career putting him 4th all time in that; also with a 2.10 spg average putting him 10th all time.

BE- F Michael Cooper

Another great defender (it's kind of trend going on my team) that won the DPOY in 1987. His defense helped in the Lakers 5 championships. He could play both guard positions and the SF position on offense, and always covered the other team's best scorer at the 2 or 3 spot on defense. Larry Bird has always said the Cooper played better defense on him than anyone he ever faced. He was not a great scorer, but was used a lot in the Laker's offense. They even designed a play such for him, where he streaked to the basket and got a alley oop. It was dubbed the "Coop-a-loop." He was a good 3pt shooter as well shooting 34% from the 3pt line in his entire career.

BE- F Elton Brand

Brand is good in the post on both offense and defense. He doesn't have monster height only standing at 6'8", but uses his size (254 lbs) and surprising athleticism to out play his opponents. He has great post moves, is good rebound, and a good shot blocker as well. He averages 20.3 ppg 10.2 rpg and 2.1 bpg over his career.

BE- F/C Pau Gasol

The Spaniard is not a great defense by any means due to the fact that he is "soft." There's no getting around that, so I'm not going to even try use any excuses. Instead I will focus on what he is good at....his offense. He is a good post scorer as well as having a good mid range shot as well. He is near ambidextrous making him even more difficult to defend in the post. He is an underrated shot block though averagign 1.8 over his career. So he can play some defense once in awhile.

I'm loving my team right now, and it may not look like the best team but I believe it is the best evenly balanced team. I just hope the voters will see the same way even though I have some older guys from the 60's and 70's (Gervin and Lucas) that many might not be too familiar with.
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Petition to the NBA

A few of our best NBA posters have decided they've had enough of the Stern/Donaghy conspiracies of fixed games. The NBA needs to make big changes and get the NBA it's integrity back. These posters have decided to start an actual petition to the NBA, and is officially started now. It can't get much recognition unless we get big numbers of people to sign this.

So for anyone who has ever been a fan of the NBA and wants to see the league get it's integrity back and wants to see changes made, please sing the petition. We as fans deserve better than this, and we don't want to see the NBA turn into the WWE or anything like that. If you feel the same way, and are a passionate NBA fans (or former NBA fan), please sign the petition. If we can get big numbers of people signing this, who knows it may actually reach Stern and the NBA's front office.

Again, please sign this petition if you are a NBA fan (or former NBA) that wants to see the league get better and make changes. Here is the link to the petition:
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All Time NBA Mock Draft Rosters

Since Harst hasn't updated the rosters in awhile, I figured I'd do it so everyone can see the rosters. So here they are:

You Still Don't Want It With Us (wildcatsfan1)

PG- Nate Archibald
SG- Clyde Drexler
SF- Bobby Jones
PF- Kevin McHale
C- Wilt Chamberlain

BE- Chris Mullin
BE- Arvydas Sabonis
BE- Detlef Schrempf
BE- Jo Jo White
BE- Dennis Johnson

Sulphurous Nonentities (b100d_baller)

PG - Fat Lever
SG - Mitch Richmond
SF - Scottie Pippen
PF - Spencer Haywood
C - Dikembe Mutombo

BE - Michael Ray Richardson
BE - Sidney Moncrief
BE - Buck WIlliams
BE - Dale Ellis
BE - Larry Nance

Chrisper and Friends (ChrisperJ10)

PG- Isiah Thomas
SG- Dave Bing
SF- Shawn Marion
PF- Elvin Hayes
C- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

BE- Jermaine O'Neal
BE- Rolando Blackman
BE- Tom Chambers
BE- Glen Rice
BE- Deron Williams

The Mad Dog Madsens (Bad news wolves)

PG- Kevin Johnson
SG- Jerry West
SF- Jamaal Wilkes
PF- Charles Barkley
C- Bill Walton

BE- Marcus Camby
BE- Bobby Dandridge
BE- Drazen Petrovic
BE- World B. Free
BE- Tracy McGrady

Tha Jello Jigglers (lakers2408)

PG- Oscar Robertson
SG- Reggie Miller
SF- Paul Pierce
PF- Jerry Lucas
C- Robert Parish

BE- Rasheed Wallace
BE- Dwyane Wade
BE- Mookie Blaylock
BE- Rik Smits
BE- Anthony Mason

The Railcats (Nuggets_SOS)

PG- Gary Payton
SG- Fred Brown
SF- Larry Bird
PF- Kevin Garnett
C- Bob Lanier

BE- Gail Goodrich
BE- Robert Horry
BE- Cedric Maxwell
BE- Stacy Augmon
BE- Ralph Sampson

Who Got Next? (SumTNews41)

PG- Tim Hardaway
SG- Allen Iverson
SF- Bernard King
PF- Alonzo Mourning
C- Shaquille O'Neal

BE- Mark Price
BE- Mark Eaton
BE- Glenn Robinson
BE- Cliff Robinson
BE- David Thompson

Big B's Bad Boys (The Big B)

PG- John Stockton
SG- Ray Allen
SF- Grant Hill
PF- Karl Malone
C- Patrick Ewing

BE- Chris Paul
BE- Alvin Robertson
BE- Michael Cooper
BE- Chris Webber
BE- Elmore Smith

UFW's (axesstar)

PG- Walt Frazier
SG- Manu Ginobili
SF- Rick Barry
PF- Dave Cowens
C- Nate Thurmond

BE- Dirk Nowitzki
BE- Ron Artest
BE- Tony Parker
BE- Ben Wallace
BE- Terry Porter

Michigan Sports (Michigan Sports)

PG- Magic Johnson
SG- Joe Dumars
SF- James Worthy
PF- Dennis Rodman
C- Hakeem Olajuwon

BE- LeBron James
BE- Bill Laimbeer
BE- Chauncey Billups
BE- Richard Hamilton
BE- George McGinnis

Pistol & Co. (Cain=CYYoung)

PG-Bob Cousy
SG-Pete Maravich
SF-Carmelo Anthony
PF-Willis Reed
C-Amare Stoudemire

RE-Mark Jackson
RE-Byron Scott
RE-Kiki  Vandeweghe
RE-Larry Johnson
RE-Mark Aguirre

Squeezy Sleazies (Bluejays4ws)

PG- Lenny Wilkens
SG- Adrian Dantley
SF- Alex English
PF- Walt Bellamy
C- David Robinson

BE- Connie Hawkins
BE- Billy Cunningham
BE- Calvin Murphy
BE- Dan Majerle
BE- Bob McAdoo

Hooch's Hustlers (g8trfan_1)

PG- Steve Nash
SG- John Havlicek
SF- Bruce Bowen
PF- Tim Duncan
C- Bill Russell

BE- Wes Unseld
BE- Penny Hardaway
BE- Walter Davis
BE- Michael Redd
BE- Chris Bosh

Team 1 Large Hawaiian Thanks (North Harbour)

PG Mo Cheeks
SG George Gervin
SF Julius Erving
PF Horace Grant
C Moses Malone

BE Artis Gilmore
BE Yao Ming
BE Dave DeBusschere
BE Latrell Sprewell
BE Norm Van Lier


PG- Earl Monroe
SG- Kobe Bryant
SF- Dominque Wilkens
PF- Shawn Kemp
C- George Mikan

BE- Reggie Theus
BE- Carlos Boozer
BE- Allan Houston
BE- Vinnie Johnson
BE- Tree Rollins

David Stern's Jowel (goodfellas31)

PG- Jason Kidd
SG- Hal Greer
SF- Elgin Baylor
PF- Bob Petit
C- Dwight Howard

BE- Elton Brand
BE- Dan Issel
BE- Vince Carter
BE- Paul Arizin
BE- Marques Johnson

Mock Draft thread:

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Please Pistons, win the ECFs

I really want them to win more than ever now. Of course I have been wanting them to win all along since the Pistons are my favorite team, but now I think it will be an even sweeter victory if they win the series. Everyone seems to think the Lakers vs. Celtics Finals are already set, and if the Pistons win, I can't wait to see the reaction from everyone here.

The Lakers are already in after dominating the defending champs Spurs in 5 games in the WCFs. Big time congrats to them for playing so great and only losing a total of 3 games so far in the playoffs. They really want another title, and Kobe Bryant is giving everything he's got to make sure they get it. These Lakers are looking great, and may soon be the 2008 NBA champs.

Since the playoffs start, the majority of everyone across the country wanted to see the Lakers play the Celtics in the Finals. They wanted to see the old rivalry of the 80s begin again, and they might get their prayers answered. This is what most people wanted, and definitely what the league wanted. Wouldn't it be a shame if the Pistons were to ruin everyone's dreams? (the look on everyone's faces) -----------------------------------

Please Pistons, if the is any ounce of goodness left in this world, please beat the Celtics in 7 and cause an uproar across the nation. I wanted to see everyone begin crying because their dream Finals didn't come true this year.



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ECFs Pistons vs. Celtics: The Final Showdown

It's finally time for the 2008 Eastern Conference Finals. It's exactly what we've been waiting for all year long: Detroit Pistons vs. Boston Celtics. The #1 and #2 teams in the in the East, and in the regular season as well. Also, the two best defensive teams throughout this year. They played 3 times throughout the regular season, with the Pistons winning the first game in Boston, and the Celtics winning the next two games in Detroit and Boston. All 3 were very exciting and close games, and were some of the best games this season. These two teams were just destined to face each other in the ECFs this year, and now it's finally time to see them go at it.

This is the Pistons 6th straight ECF appearance, but it's the Celtics 1st since 2002. The Celtics and the Pistons have a lot of great player matchups that make the series even more entertaining:

Kevin Garnett vs. Rasheed Wallace - Both are their teams best player and have been been of the team's leaders and heart of the team. They can both post up in the paint very well, and both play good defense. Rasheed has the long range shot, but Garnett has the mid range shot. They have had had some good and bad games in this year's playoffs, and it will probably be the same in this series as well.

Rip Hamilton vs. Ray Allen - Battle of the UConn guards. These two played very physical on each other in each game this regular season. They are always keeping the game heated, and are both great shooters. Rip has been shooting great in the playoffs, but has been turning the ball over too much. Ray hasn't been all that great so far, but will definitely heat up when he goes against Rip.

Tayshaun Prince vs. Paul Pierce - This will be the most important and most interesting matchup of this series. They have both been the best and most consistent players for their teams so far this year in the playoffs. Pierce definitely has the edge on the offensive side of the ball, but Prince is the better defender. Both have stepped up their game on the opposite side of the ball that they are not known for being strong at (Pierce stepping up on D, and Prince stepping it up on O). Keep your eye on this one folks.

Jason Maxiell vs. Kevin Garnett - Not really one you would expect, but will definitely interesting to see what happens when these two face off. In the regular season games, Maxiell defended Garnett very well and got him frustrated a lot. Maxiell will be very physical with him all series long, and Garnett should be ready for it this time. I think in the regular season he was surprised a smaller defender good guard him so well, but now he will know what to expect from Maxiell.

Chauncey Billups, Rodney Stuckey, and Lindsey Hunter should be able to have their way with Rajon Rondo, Sam Cassell, and Eddie House at the point. This a matchup where the Pistons should be able to just dominate at, but all the other ones will be very close and great matchups.

I have been saying it all season long that the East will win the title this year, and I still stand by that. So (to me) this is the pre-battle for the NBA title this year. Whoever wins out of the Pistons/Celtics will be the NBA champions this year; I'm sure of that. The Celtic have been struggling big time on the road, going 0-6 thus far, but they have been dominant at home. No team has even won the title without winning at least 3 road games. The Pistons are one of the best road teams as well, and can easily win on the road just as well as at home. I know there is a first time for everything, but it's not looking good for the C's if they can't win on the road. They won't be able to play like they did against the Hawks and Cavaliers if they want to win this series. I'm sure they will step it up though because their "Boston 3 Party" really wants that title. I expect it to go no less than 6 games, and will most likely go 7.

I just can't wait for Game 1 tomorrow. It's the Final Showdown in the East!
Posted on: May 11, 2008 12:16 am

NBA Coach Madness

Recently there has been alot of shaking up going on with coaches in the NBA. Coaches leaving and going to other teams, and other coaches finally getting a job again. Let's take a look at what has gone on so far:

Larry Brown to the Bobcats:

Larry Brown was hired to become the new coach in Charlotte. He is a highly prestige coach that has alot of experience and has been very successful; most recently winning the 2004 NBA Finals with the Detroit Pistons. He is a defensive minded coach which just adds to how valuable he is because of the importance defense has on being successful in the NBA. The Bobcats are a young team that has lots of young talent. If Brown can get these guys to play defense, and work together as a team like he always has been able to do, don't be surprised to see them in the playoffs next year. He was able to take the 76ers to the playoffs almost every year and all they had was Allen Iverson. He has Gerald Wallace, Jason Richardson, Emeka Okafor, and Raymond Felton to work with here. This was a very smart move by MJ, and should help the Bobcats to finally have some success

Rick Carlisle to Mavericks:

Mark Cuban decided to get rid of his young coach Avery Johnson because of their struggles in the playoffs recently. First he gets rid of Nelly, and now Avery? Does anyone see a pattern here? New coaches yet same old struggles? Maybe it's him and not the coaches that should be punished

Anyways their new coach, Carlisle, is also another experienced NBA coach. Won the COY with the Pistons in 2002 and led the Pacers to league leading 61 wins in 2004. He also took them all the way to the ECFs, but only to lose to the Pistons in their championship run. Is he the answer for the Mavericks? Probably not. The Jason Kidd trade destroyed the Mavs future, and next year will be their last to compete for the title for along time. It's probably only a matter of time before Cuban gets upset again and fires Carlisle.

Mike D'Antoni to the Knicks:

Oh boy this should be interesting. The Knicks finally decided to answer the pleas of their fans and finally get rid of Isiah. Now, with Walsh running the show, things have gotten interesting. Walsh has definitely going to go after one of these big name coaches from the beginning. When the "D'Antoni to the Bulls" rumors started, I thought for sure he was going there. When I saw today that Mike had decided to go the Knicks, I can't say I was completely shocked. It did take me by surprised, but it's kind of a perfect fit for him. D'Antoni has always been a guy that doesn't preach defense has a "short" bench. With the Knicks, he probably won't have to change much. They already don't play much any defense, and their bench just sucks anyways.

Can he turn them around? I'm sure they will improve from the pathetic year they have had this year, but don't expect him to have the same results, or anything close to it, that he had in Phoenix. He might be able to sneak them into the playoffs somehow with how well he can run the offense, but don't expect him to do wonders in New York.

Scott Skiles to the Bucks:

This is an "okay" sign by the Bucks. They have a playoff caliber team with guys like Michael Redd, Andrew Bogut, Mo Williams, and Ramon Sessions. Skiles was able to have some success with the Bulls, but the team gave up on him and fell apart this year. He may not be the best of coaches, but he is better than Larry Krystkowiak. He should be able to help Bucks improve from they way they have been playing recently. Will he get them to the playoffs? Who knows? Maybe, maybe not. We will see what happens. This isn't a huge sign for the Bucks, but it's not like Krystikowiak is going to do any better.

Erik Spoelstra to the Heat:

Pat Riley has called it quits again. He's going to step down from the coaching job and resume only his GM duties. The guy taking over the job is Erik Spoelstra. He has been a video coordinator for the Heat since 1995, and has become an assistant coach/video coordinator for the Heat. He is the youngest head coach in the league at 37, and has never been a head coach on any level besides the NBA Summer Leauge. He is inexperienced, and is taking over the league's worst team this year. Though it's not all bad. Dwyane Wade should be at full health again next year, they have acquired Shawn Marion in a trade with the Suns, and alot of the Heat players are confident in Spoelstra and believe in him.

Can he make the Heat bounce back next year? I think he can. He is inexperienced, but with the great players the Heat have, a high draft pick coming, and the confidence his team has him, I believe the Heat could be a back in the playoffs next year. Who knows, they might even be contenders again very soon.

There are still some coaches out there and teams that need one. The Bulls still need a new coach, and Avery Johnson still needs a job. Rumors of Avery becoming the Bulls new coach have come up. Rumors of college Michigan State Spartans head coach, Tom Izzo, taking over for the Bulls has also been talked about. Mark Jackson was rumored to be looking to head coach, and was at one thought to go to the Knicks, but that isn't happening anymore.
Posted on: May 5, 2008 8:55 am

Decline and Fall of the U.S.?

Last night, Viktor Krapper and I had a great discussion about how messed up our country is. It all stemmed from coaches being interviewed at the end of quarters and went on to things to may become the fall of our civilization. It was a great discussion that could have went on forever, but we have other things to do besides post on CBS all night.

Check it out, you might be interested:


Why the heck do people need to be entertained every waking second of a game? Please for goodness sake, let a basketball game be a basketball game. How do you expect the game to have any credibility if you turn into a circus, which is pretty much what they have done. If you want to see morons jump through flaming hoops, go to the circus. If you want to see scantily clad women dance, go to a strip club.

It's the same with this bullcrap interviewing of coach's between quarters.This has got to stop immediately. It is a complete joke. What do you expect coaches are going to say? Actually meaningful insight towards the game? Let the coaches focus on the game for goodness sake.

This is the NBA playoffs for goodness sake. If you need all this crap to keep your interest, you have no business watching basketball.

When's the last time you've seen a halftime show at a European soccer match? Stop embarrassing our nation. I bet the international audience had to be cracking up at our stupidity.

And they wonder why so many kids are being diagnosed with ADD?

If people can't sit still at a frickin basketball game for 90 seconds without being entertained, how do they expect kids to manage in class?

Stop trying to turn this into entertainment. It's a basketball game. I watch basketball to see basketball, not to see morons jump through flaming hoops and sideline reporters ask ridiculous questions to coaches who want to get out of there as soon as possible.

Please somebody tell David Stern to stop hijacking the game of basketball with his crap. There have been some well played games for the most part for once, and they have to drag this crap into it. Just stop already.

Big B:

That's great Viktor, but as long as we are controlled by the media, this will never change. It's a sad realization, but it's unfortunately inevitable.


Yip. It is.

It's just sad to see our intelligence go down before our very eyes.

I just feel that we are owed to see basketball being played, not this fabricated entertainment package. But you're right, it will never happen.

Big B:

I've been watching this new show from Lewis Black, "Root of all Evil" that has really shown how bad America has gotten. With things like YouTube, reality shows like "A Shot at Love" and "Flavor of Love", etc. it just goes to show how much the IQ of our nation has dropped.

It is really sad to see this kind of stuff happening right before us, but as long as there are a few us of still sane enough to realize this, we will survive....but who knows how long.


That's the problem when money is valued over wisdom.

In our society money is used as a scorecard to dictate who the winners and loser are. It's not what you contribute to society, it's how much money you make.

My dad's theory is that the reason the US will face a hefty decline is that our "brightest" are going into law rather than something more useful...

Big B:

You're dad's exactly right. Now days, or smartest people are going into business or whatever career will pay the most money. If those people would actually try to go into government or politics and take a leadership role, we wouldn't have to deal with people like George Bush as our leaders.


Yip. Why is the US falling way behind Japan or even the socialist Scandanavian countries in terms of technology? Because you have to be a sucker to go into an engineering or technological field in the US.


The American goal has become to make as much money doing as little as possible.

It was inevitable we were going to face an economic because you can't ride high without putting the work in like we were doing. That was completely false.

Maybe we can reassess our priorities.

I think these "Elite" colleges have a lot to do with our downfall. That's why I wouldn't be caught dead going to one of them. Elitism is killing our country.

Big B:

It's sad to realize it, but we as a civilization are on a decline.

I am a history guy, so I once had to do a paper on the compare and contrast on the Fall of the Roman Empire to the U.S. now. They are almost eerie similar to each other. We are heading on the same path as the Romans were. We peaked, and are now declining and heading towards the end of our civilization. It's kind of scary to think about, but its unfortunately and very real scenario.


You know I'm from South Africa, and our country is going down the absolute krapper.

The sad thing, is the same stuff seems to be happening here. The time has come where it's not even news that someone got shot and killed in Chicago. The lower class has become so disillusioned that life no longer has value. It's just a matter of time until the violence spreads.

Big B:

Another eerie similarity to the fall of the Roman empire as well. I just hope I'm not around when things get really bad.

As I said before, we could have went on with this forever, but decided we would continue this discussion at a later time. Look for more of this discussion to come in the future.......
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