Posted on: July 21, 2008 2:13 am

Can't wait for football season

This has been a long offseason,  Can't wait for the first preseason game.  There's alot of things I am looking forward to and I'lll name some.

1. Who will start at QB

Kyle Boller-  he is the most experienced QB the Ravens have.  IMO he's all arm strength,  maybe Cam's playbook will help him out but who know, right?

Troy Smith-I'm pulling for him,  He's my favorite QB that the ravens have and he also played well in the last 3 games of the season. The oline is young and with his speed he'll be able to get away from sacks.  One thing I don't like is he is inexperienced and doesn't think alot before he throws the ball.

Joe Flacco-  He is strong and can throw a nice pass,  He's doing a lot better than the scouts thought he could do.

2. what's up with  The oline

 we got fid of mike flynn(thank go) JO retired.  Our oline will not be like last season with a bunch of changes.  Jason Brown being moved to center yanda moving to guard and as far as I know Gaithers and Terry WIll be the starting RT.  I think the oline will have a hard to for the first part of the season till they can get in thier grove.  Not much I can say that you don't already know.



The number 1 will be Derrick Mason,  Numer 2 will be Mark Clayton or williams,  Both had bad easons last season and bot want to rebond. I just hope the WR's play better than last season.


One of our biggest problems,  Tood heap had a hard time staying healthy and wilcox was also injured last season,  If Todd Heap can stay healthy he could have one of his biggest seasonsif not we will have a hard ime looking for soild TE's to replace him.

5. Willis McGahee

He needs to be in shape this season, Last season he took alot of breaks  because he was tired,  the ravens are going to need him if our offense is going to improve.

Yeah and that's a few things i'm wondering about. 

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