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Posted on: January 16, 2008 1:45 pm

2007 Final LOCK Thread Standings

OK guys.  Here are the Final LOCK Thread Standings from last year.  I am posting these to give you an idea of who are the guys who "get" it.  These guys understand what a LOCK is and know when to make one.


Minimum of 18 LOCKS picked, ranked in percentage order.

Listed LOCKers LOCKed at a rate of 60% or higher.


1.  USC Holmey  ---  26-8-2  (76.5%)

2.  metsfaninnj1  ---  25-9-1  (73.5%)

3.  CONSENSUS  ---  33-14 (These are the TOP CONSENSUS plays of each day)  (70.2%)

4.  ohiostbucks1  ---  28-12-1  (70.0%)

5.  HAWKi  ---  14-6-1  (70.0%)

6.  letsgobows  ---  24-11-1  (68.6%)

7.  ezweightloss  ---  23-11-1  (67.6%)

8.  ShadyJ  ---  27-13  (67.5%)

9.  JUSROLN  ---  14-7  (66.7%)

10.  OH_CANADA  ---  21-11-1  (65.6%)

11.  EddyNineToes  ---  19-10  (65.5%)

12.  J-Dog  ---  13-7-1  (65.0%)

13.  BOBNOXIOUS  ---  22-12  (64.7%)

14.  PattyCakes  ---  18-10-2  (64.3%)

15.  kgiangreco  ---  21-12-3  (63.6%)

16.  Big Time Durant  ---  14-8-1  (63.6%)

17.  umass8662  ---  16-10-1  (61.5%)

18.  NAIAallamerican  ---  19-12  (61.3%)

19.  bankonit, Beatdj79, and bigplays4b  ---  11-7  (61.1%)

22.  WeBetForYou  ---  23-15-1  (60.5%)


Other of note who didn't have enough LOCKS to qualify:

KayneEast (12-4),  bcvino11 (9-3), Dr. Lock (8-3-1), txelwayfan (7-3), tnuts19 (9-4), Tailback U (15-5), WSU Tbone (10-5), pickles (9-5), bearcubs (7-4-2), CU TIGERS81 (7-4), Dabird (10-5-2), BADDLE (6-0), joepo (6-1), finman13 (5-1), sportdinaco (4-0)

If you aren't on the list, please ask me for your total from last year.  I can PM it to you or post it for all to see!


Good luck to everybody!  Hope to improve on these Standings this year!  

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Posted on: January 16, 2008 1:15 pm

Results/Standings After LOCK Thread - Day 2

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OK everybody.  Here are the results from Day 2.  A GREAT comeback for The Thread!

LOCK Thread Results - Day 2

OVERALL RECORD  ---  60-35-1

TOP CONSENSUS PLAY  ---  Kentucky (8 for-0 against)  ---  CONSENSUS is now 1-1

ALL CONSENSUS PLAYS  ---  6-0!!!!!! (Kentucky, Creighton, BC, Baylor, ND, and Wisconsin were all winners!!)

LOCK of the Day  ---  Goes to The ADD-Boy for the LOCK of the under on the NHL Grand Salami, which he capped at 54.5 total goals and it finished at 54!!



OVERALL RECORD  ---  78-67-1  (53.7% - A LOT better than where we wer yesterday at this time!)





NCAA - 61-41-1 (59.8%)

NHL - 4-3 (57.1%)

NBA - 13-23 (36.1% - at least that is better than last year's 34%!!!!!)


And a special shout out to our five guys who are 2-0 so far:

Romigh12, Bearfan#one, txelwayfan, AGCC Ohio Fan, & wedabest7


Let's keep it up tongiht everyone!  Good luck!

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Posted on: January 15, 2008 9:51 pm

Message the all the LOCK Thread Participants

Hey guys.

This new blog option gave me an idea on how we can use it to help out the efficiency of the LOCK Thread.  I know many or most of you have me in your Favorites.  Well, whenever I post a blog submission, I believe it shows up on your Profile page under the 'Favorite Blogs" sections.

So, I figure I will put up Standings, CONSENSUS plays, and any other important info on the LOCK Thread as well as making it a blog post.  This way, you can always check from your own Profile page to see if there is any important LOCK Thread information that you might miss in the 20+ pages of posts.  This will also making it OK to post chit-chat or whatever on the LOCK Thread because the really important stuff can be found in my blog posts, and then on your Profile page.

Does this make sense to everybody?  I can use the blog system as a "Bat Signal" to all the LOCK guys, and you can then find the important info from your own Profile page.

When you guys get this and read it, can you reply by posting a "Comment" at the bottom of this blog submission?  I'd like to see how many people this post "hits" and how quickly you guys see it.

Thanks and good luck to all,


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