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Posted on: May 25, 2008 8:26 pm

Instability of Seattle's sports teams

Off the top of my head i cannot think of another major sports city that has more disarray than the Emerald City.  A quick synopsis of the teams:
Seahawks:  The remarkable stability of the Holmgren era has only a year left.  Mora Jr. is the replacement, but he struggled in Atlanta.  The team is also running into cap trouble and some of the stars are reaching the end of their prime.  I don't know how much longer the window of opportunity will last.

Sonics:  Well, besides the fact that they may not be in Seattle much longer, i actually like the direction that the GM Presti is taking them.  They have 6 picks in the draft, they will take their lumps for a couple more years but I hope they are in Seattle when Durant and company are all growed up.  No one really knows how much longer the coach, PJ Carlisemo will be around too. 

Mariners: What a train wreck.  A team with a $120 million payroll and they are on pace to lose 100 games.  Bill Bavasi is becoming the Matt Millen of MLB, and John McLaren will likely be gone before the All Star game, if not much sooner.  The one bright spot is that they can dump a few expiring contracts at the end of the year.

Huskies football:  Tyrone Willingham is 11-25 in 3 years.  There was considerable heat for him to be fired last year.  He now has a new D-coordinator and AD, but another tough schedule.  The team will need young players to step up and get the team to a bowl at least or Ty will hit the curb.

Huskies basketball:  the only team with reasonable stability.  Lorezon Romar has had 2 straight subpar seasons but he has a long contract and he continues to recruit well.  He is safe for now but it would behoove him to get the team back to the Dance soon.

All in all, it looks like the city that has had half a championship in amost 30 years will be hard pressed to win much anytime soon.

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