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Posted on: July 26, 2009 8:36 pm
Edited on: July 26, 2009 8:58 pm

From the World Of Twitter

With over 55 million visitors a month now on twitter, twitter is fastly becoming the most popular social networking website out there. Everybody from Shaq to President Obama to your next door neighbor uses it. The thing that gets me is all the dumb stuff said on it. And thats what this blog/ page is for. I am gonna show some of the stupid stuff i found and if you guys find anything else or have anything to say just add it.

First of all why is glammerskills the second threading topic right now. Thats just stupid. 

Terell Owens is trying to gain support to get Michael Vick playing football again. So far at least Shawm Mariaman, Antonio Cromartie and Larry Fitzgerald is on his side. 

And while T.O is doing that Chad "Ochocinco" is trying to figure out how to work his new iphone with twitter.

On another note child stars continue to get more stupid by the day heres a quote from Taylor Swift : Conversations with myself while shopping: "Put the candle down. You already have too many candles. PUT IT DOWN. But it smells so pretty..." Really shes famous why the heck is she going shopping by herself. 

Bill Simmons said the other night: Said his fantasy team was killin him bc he had Nick Adenhardt and the player just dignosed with swine flu. (he has since deleted the post) He then releazed how stupid he sounded and came back with this : "FYI: Shouldn't have made the AL keeper post, just thought that was a crazy coincidence. The Adenhart thing was devastating. I feel bad." I dont know about an appoligy, but i guess thats close. 


Well thats it for now. If anyone likes to add something leave a commit. (doesnt have to be a stupid quote but something cool would be nice) I need more followers for mysleft so add me here: http://twitter.com/sPoRtSfAnGaRt if you have a twitter

More dumb things people say more often i will do this. Enjoy!

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