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Power Rankings: After Daytona

Last week there was some chat on how I came up with the rankings. I said that I ranked them on their recent performence, but that is kind of viag. So starting this week I will try to rank them on perfomence from the last 5 or so races.

1.   Kyle Busch (Last Week: 1st)
Kyle Busch This guys number one no matter how I rank them.
2.  Carl Edwards (Last Week: 3rd)
Carl Edwards Nice 2nd place finish to bad he couldnt get the win. He has only missed the top 10 twice since Bristol.
3.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Last Week: 5th)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. I dont know what I was thinking say that Jr was slowing down. Jr has 3 top 10s in the last 5 races and a win. Plus now he is #2 in the points standings.
4...Matt Kenseth  (Last Week: 11th)
Matt Kenseth He's up to 9th in the standings and in the last 5 races he has two top 5s and four top 10s
5. Jimmie Johnson (Last Week: 4th)
Jimmie Johnson Besides this weeks 23rd the last few races has been pretty good for him.
6.  Jeff Burton (Last Week: 2nd)
 Jeff Burton Jeff only has one top 10 in the last 5 races, but four top 15s.
7. . Kasey Kahne (Last Week: 7th)
Kasey Kahne Kahnes been racing pretty decent lately. This week he finished 7th which moved him up to 8th in the standings. But at Michigan and Infinieon he struggled.
8. Jeff Gordon (Last Week: 6th)
Jeff Gordon He only has one top 10 (3rd at infieneon) lately, but he has come close a few times.
9. Martin Truex Jr. (Last Week: 12th)
Martin Truex Jr. NASCAR is probbably going to anouse a penilty for truex today (tuesday), but other then that truex hasnt finished out of the top 20 since lowes and he has two top 10s durning that period one of those being a 4th at new hampshire
10. Tony Stewart  (Last Week: 9th)
Tony Stewart Tony has been racing ok, but not as well as expected. Sure this week he wasnt feeling good and had to pass the car of to yelly, but since the all star race he only has two top 10s and he is still winless.
11.Clint Bowyer  (Last Week: 13th)
Clint Bowyer In the last 3 races he has 2 top 10s, but other then that he hasnt bee racing good lately. I do think this recent sucess will turn him around though.
12. .Denny Hamlin  (Last Week: 8th)
Denny HamlinFairly decent finishes for hamlin lately. 8th at new hamshire and 3rd at pocono was good, but other wise his finishes were avg. (14th,27th,26th)
13.   Kurt Busch (Last Week: 16th)
Kurt Busch His last 5 races has consist of a win a top 5 and three top 10s. He also has been moving up the standings.He's up to 17th.
14. Brian Vickers (Last Week: 18th)
Brian Vickers Since lowes his worst finish is 16th.
15.  Kevin Harvick  (Last Week: 14th)
Kevin Harvick Decent finishes for harvick lately. All top 15s except for a 30th at infineon.
16.Greg Biffle  (Last Week: 10th)
Greg Biffle I really droped this guy (perhaps too much). But he hasnt had a decnet run since dover. He has droped to 11th in the standings (only 10 points ahead of harvick whose in 13th) And he finished dead last this week
17.  David Ragan (Last Week: 17th)
David Ragan This weeks 5th is his 2nd best finish all season, but he had a 40th place finish the week before in new hampsire so they pretty much off set each other.
18. Bobby Labonte  (Last Week: 19th)
Bobby Labonte Got his first top 10 last week at new hampsire and followed it up with a solid 13th this week.
19Elliott Sadler (Last Week: Just Missed)
Elliott Sadler At New Hampsire he got his first top 5 all season, but he couldnt back it up this week. He finished 39th.
20   Ryan Newman (Last Week: 15th)
Ryan Newman He has one top 10 since richmond.His average finish for the last 5 races is 24th.

 Just Missed:
1. Jamie McMurray
2. Casey Mears
3.David Gilliland
4. Travis Kvapil 

Honorable Mention
Robby Gordon for his 6th place finish this week.


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Questions? Comments?

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NASCAR Power Rankings: After Richmond

Well, that sure was an intresting race under the lights. Carl rebounded from his tough finish in Talladega with a 7th place finish. Jr. 's lossing streak continues and Matt Kentseth's strugles continues

 1. Kyle Busch (Last Week: 1)
Kyle Busch I really don't believe that the wreck was anyone's fault. Kyle came in really hot and Jr. got loose. I do believe that Kyle could have backed off a little bit. Anyway, he got a second place finish and therefore deserves the number one spot. And oh yeah, he is now first in the standings.

2.Jeff Burton (Last Week: 2)
Jeff Burton Wow! Jeff is just amazing this year. His worst finish is 13th.
3.Denny Hamlin  (Last Week: 5th)
Denny Hamlin He should have won the race. It was clear he had the best car. But there is nothing you can do about a tire going down
4. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Last Week: 3)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Even though Kyle spun him and his winless drought continues he came back for a 15th finish.
5. Carl Edwards (Last Week: 4)
Carl Edwards The top 10 finish helps him overcome what happened at Talladega,
6. Clint Bowyer  (Last Week: 7th)
Clint Bowyer Nice job Clint with the win. This guy has not finished out of the Top 10 since Las Vagas.
7.  Jimmie Johnson (Last Week: 6th)
Jimmie Johnson Jimmie hasn't been has dominent has he has been in the past few years and the 30th at Richmond doesn't help. But overall he is 7th in the standings and does have a win.
8.  Tony Stewart  (Last Week: 8th)
Tony Stewart Rebounding nicely from a 38th at Talladega to a 4th at Richmond
9.Kevin Harvick  (Last Week: 9th)
Kevin Harvick Another top 10. And besides Burton, Harvick has got to be the most consistent driver. (5 top 10s and only two finishes out of the
10. Ryan Newman (Last Week: 11th)
Ryan Newman A 6th place finish gives him back-to-back top 10s
11. Greg Biffle  (Last Week: 10th)
Greg Biffle He has been having a really good season. 5 Top 10s and 0 DNFs. Plus he is 9th in the standings
12.  Jeff Gordon (Last Week: 12th)
Jeff Gordon He's coming back. Richmond was his 4th top 10 of the year.
13. Kasey Kahne (Last Week: 15th)
Kasey Kahne Another top 10, but still no top 5s.
14.  Martin Truex Jr. (Last Week: 17th)
Martin Truex Jr. A top 5 this week and he is up to 15th in the standings.
15. David Ragan (Last Week: 16th)
David Ragan 14th in the standings, but only a mediocore 17th finish at Richmond.
16.Travis Kvapil (Last Week: 19th)
Travis Kvapil This guy is up to 19th in the stadnings. I wouldn't be surprised if he made it into the top 12 by the end of the season.
17. Juan Pablo Montoya (Last Week: 16th)
Juan Pablo Montoya Yeah, I know he should be a little higher, but I couldnt figure out where to tie him in. He did get the 2nd place in Talladega, but he failed to back it up in Richmond finishing 32nd. .
18. Brian Vickers (Last Week: 14th)
Brian Vickers He losed a spot in the standings after finishing 28th.
19. Bobby Labonte (Last Week: Not Ranked)
Bobby Labonte Pretty decent season for Labonte so far. He is yet to have a top 10, but has no DNFs and 4 Top 15s.
20.  Matt Kenseth  ( Last Week: 18h)
Matt Kenseth Matts struggles continues. This weeks 38th place finish gave him 3 stright weeks of 38th or worse.


Just Missed

Paul Menard
Elliott Sadler
David Gilliland 
Casey Mears

Another week done. Darlington this week guys. Can't wait.

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NASCAR Power Rankings: After Talladega

Wow what a race that was at Talladega. That has really mixed up my power rankings for this week. I dont really have a lot of time, so I might not have a lot of comments. If you want to know why I placed a guy where I did just post or If you have any other comments, negetive or postivie don't be afraid to post.

1. Kyle Busch (Last Week: 4)
Kyle Busch The win this week at Talladega proves that this guy can do just about anything and oh yeah he is second in the standings

2. Jeff Burton (Last Week: 2)
Jeff Burton Another decent finish at 12th keeps him first in the standings

3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Last Week: 3)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Looked like he was going to win till he got caught up in the wreck, but he came back to finish 10th , so nice job Jr.
4. Carl Edwards (Last Week: 1)
Carl Edwards Bad luck for Carl moves him down to 10th in the standings, but the 3 wins keeps him pretty high in my power rankings
5. Denny Hamlin  (Last Week: 8th)
Denny Hamlin This guy keeps getting better and better. A solid 3rd place this week moved him from 6th to 4th in the standings. Also in the 4 starts he has at richmond he has 3 top 10s and has never finished worst then 15th.
6. Jimmie Johnson (Last Week: 5th)
Jimmie Johnson Nothing really to say. 13th and 5th in the standings, but he has been staying relitively quit this season.
7. Clint Bowyer  (Last Week: 10th)
Clint Bowyer What happened to his face in this photo?
8. Tony Stewart  (Last Week: 7th)
Tony Stewart Not much to say, he was going to have a solid finish till one of those final wrecks, but he still is 9th in the standings.
9. Kevin Harvick  (Last Week: 6th)
Kevin Harvick 4 top 10s and has only finished outside the top 10 once.
10. Greg Biffle  (Last Week: 9th)
Greg Biffle 5 top 10s and I believe the only Roush guy without a DNF.
11. Ryan Newman (Last Week: 11th)
Ryan Newman Another top 10. Wow! cant think of anything else about newman. Anyone have any thoughts on our Daytona winner?
12. Jeff Gordon (Last Week: 13th)
Jeff Gordon He is starting to come back, but I was hoping for a little better finish then 19th. (I picked him as my dark horse in the "pick 3 league" and I had him at least one other league)
13. Juan Pablo Montoya (Last Week: 16th)
Juan Pablo Montoya Wow, I dont think anyone excpected Montoya to finish 2nd this weekend, that sure was a surprise.
14. Brian Vickers (Last Week: 20th)
Brian Vickers This guy continues to amaze me. He moved up 3 spots in the standings to 16th this week with that top 5 finish
15. Kasey Kahne (Last Week: 12th)
Kasey Kahne Wow! I have nothing to say for Kahne ether?
16. David Ragan (Last Week: Just missed)
David Ragan I was shocked this guy could finish in the top 5 . He is a sophmore for pete sake!
17. Martin Truex Jr. (Last Week: 15th)
Martin Truex Jr. He has one top 10 since California and a 37th place finish at Talladega didnt help
18. Matt Kenseth  ( Last Week: 14th)
Matt Kenseth This guy's year cant get much worse. Another 30+ finish. I cant believe it! That makes 4.
19. Travis Kvapil (Last Week: Just Missed)
Travis Kvapil Wow! This guy is for real. Nice job to the 28 team on a 6th place finish plus he is up to 23rd in the standings with 2 top 10s.
20. David Gilliland (Last Week: Just missed)
David Gilliland 18th in the standings and 15th this past week. Yates has really figured something out


Just Missed:
Kurt Busch
Paul Menard
Casey Mears
Elliott Sadler

Last Weeks Rankings: http://www.sportsline.com/mcc/blogs

Wow! another week is in the books, cant wait till racing under the lights at richmond. Dont forgot to feel free to post comments.


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