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Posted on: October 13, 2008 8:50 am

Who is the all-time best driver - Round 5

OK, now here we are at the Final Four. Who will move on, who loses out. I didn't notice it when I set up the groups, but this round pits some old school drivers against each other, and two modern era drivers against each other, guaranteeing that the finals will have a driver from each era. If I was choosing, I think my final 4 would have wound up just like this. I know many people consider David Pearson the best of all time, can he beat The King. And of course from a fan perspective the Gordon/Earnhardt battle should be very interesting. I am a Earnhardt fan, and I am happy to see him still alive, can he make it onto the finals?

Old School

#1 Richard Petty vs. #1 David Pearson

Modern Era

#1 Dale Earnhardt vs. #2 Jeff Gordon

Here is a link to the last round.

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