Posted on: June 17, 2010 5:10 pm

Prospect Grades

Prospects are graded on some of these factors
Their age

- If you have a 20 year old player putting up the same kind of numbers as a 22 year old player. The 20 year old's performance will be weighed heavier because it shows the 20 year old has the same kind of discipline as a 22 year old.

Scouting Grade

- Usually are based on factors such as these

Pitchers: Control, Fastball, Offspeed, and Number of Plus Pitches.

- Control is based on his command of the strike zone
- Fastball based on speed, control and deception
- Offspeed based on control and deception
- Number of plus pitches are the number of pitches are above the average he has.

Hitters: Power, Discipline, Defense, Speed and Average.

- Power is based on how much power the player has compared to others at his position
- Discipline is based on how well he can read the strike zone and not chase bad pitches
- Defense is based on how good his defense is compared to others at his position
- Speed is based on jow fast the player is and how many stolen bases he will be projected to have.
- Average is based on a player's projected batting average compared to others at his position.

Their ceiling

- Is what the player's potential is for his position based on age and scouting grades

Their ability to reach that potential

- Is what there chances are of actually reaching their ceiling at the MLB level

How they perform each year

- Each year a player's value can rise or fall based on what they did the year before.

The position their projected to play it in the majors

- Will the player end up a top CA or an above average 1B?

Other factors that can contribute to a prospect's grade and if he reaches his potential

- Mindset: Is he a team player or all about himself? Will he get shaken when he or his team is struggling?

- Injuries: Has he had injuries in the past or are his mechanics something to be concerned about?

- Promotions:  Has been been promoted too quickly? Is his performance related to inexperience?

- Current Level: Is the guy's age above or below the typical player on that level?

- Perfomance On Current Level: Is this guy performing as he should for his age and level?

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