Posted on: May 18, 2008 12:03 pm

Hockey Is the New Baseball- It's Awesome

Hockey may be the most exciting sport on the planet. It combines the grace of skating and the skill of target shooting with bone-breaking hits and regular fistfights.

Hockey is America's new pasttime, though Canadians are probably wondering what took us so long to come around. With expansion bids in Winnipeg, Kansas City, and Las Vegas, and some fringe interest in San Diego, Seattle, Milwaukee, and Quebec City, hockey is the most rapidly expanding sport in North America.

Winnipeg had the Jets, who relocated to Phoenix and bacame the Coyotes; the American cities all had successful and wildly popular IHL teams.

Picture this: San Diego adopts the minor league team's name and becomes the Gulls. IHL alums Ray Whitney and Corey Stillman are lured back to SoCal, where both played at 19, with Gulls legend Lindy Ruff to coach.

Las Vegas, a gambling mecca, turns hockey into a huge moneymaker, as it signs the flashy Stars such as Jarome Iginla (if the Flames ever let him get away). 

KC picks up Keith Tkachuk from the nearby Blues, adding a recognizable face to the new franchise.



I'd love to see it. Baseball has fallen from the throne- now hockey is king.

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