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Final Regular Season Poll

Well, here's the link to my pre-season poll so that you can compare this one to that one.  Hope you enjoy this and enjoy the bowl season.  I might have something special up for the bowl season, but we'll see...

Pre-season poll

1. Florida Gators (12-1) (8-1) - Counting the SEC championship game within the record, the Florida Gators had an outstanding season.  There were concerns about the defense to begin the year, but the Gators were able to go against these odds and are now SEC champs and in the national championship game.
Bowl Game: National Championship vs. No. 2 Oklahoma - Jan. 8

2. Oklahoma Sooners (12-1) (8-1) - The Sooners' only loss this was to a great Texas team who many felt should be in the national championship game.  The Sooners are recepients of the Big XII title once again, dominating a very overmatched Missouri team.  They are hoping for not another BCS choke.
Bowl Game: National Championship vs. No. 1 Florida - Jan. 8

3. Utah Utes (12-0) (8-0) - Many thought at the beginning of the season that it would be the Brigham Young Cougars busting the BCS, but instead it will be the Utah Utes facing Alabama in a BCS bowl.  The Utes had a terrific season, beating teams like Brigham Young, Texas Christian, and Oregon State.
Bowl Game: Sugar Bowl vs. No. 5 Alabama - Jan. 2

4. Boise State Broncos (12-0) (8-0) - Many also thought Fresno State had a good shot at busting the BCS out of the WAC.  I am one of the few that thinks that Boise State got snubbed, well, sort of.  Boise State still gets a great match up in their bowl game, against Texas Christian.
Bowl Game:
San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl vs. No. 11 Texas Christian - Dec. 23

5. Alabama Crimson Tide (12-1) (8-1) - The Crimson Tide's magical season came to an end when the Gators defeated them in the SEC championship game.  The Crimson Tide need to finish strong as they face a formidable Utah team in the Sugar Bowl.  I hope it is a great match up.
Bowl Game: Sugar Bowl vs. No. 3 Utah - Jan. 2

6. Texas Longhorns (11-1) (7-1) - Some Longhorns fans are upset with the selection of Oklahoma to go to the Big XII title game and also to the national championship game to face Florida, but they still had an outstanding season with Colt McCoy bouncing back from a sophomore year where he struggled a bit.
Bowl Game: Fiesta Bowl vs. No. 10 Ohio State - Jan. 5

7. Southern California Trojans (11-1) (8-1) - Once again, the Trojans are kings of the Pac-Ten and heading to the Rose Bowl.  It might not be so easy this time around as they get to face the Penn State Nittany Lions, who are the Big Ten champs.  Probably one of the better bowl match ups this year.
Bowl Game: Rose Bowl vs. No. 8 Penn State - Jan. 1
8. Penn State Nittany Lions (11-1) (7-1) - The Nittany Lions were just a few seconds away from a perfect season.  The Iowa Hawkeyes got them in the end, but still a very good season for JoePa as he continues to coach.  Now the class of the Big Ten will try to gain a Rose Bowl win, facing the Trojans of Southern Cal.
Bowl Game: Rose Bowl vs. No. 7 Southern California - Jan. 1

. Texas Tech Red Raiders (11-1) (7-1) - Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree are still the dynamic duo that they were last year.  I really thought that Michael Crabtree deserved a shot at the Heisman, but I guess it's too late now.  The Red Raiders now face a Rebels team that is much improved.
Bowl Game: Cotton Bowl vs. No. 17 Mississippi - Jan. 2

10. Ohio State Buckeyes (10-2) (7-1) - Terrell Pryor's freshman year was surely impressive.  The Buckeyes are rewarded with a BCS bowl berth, facing the Texas Longhorns.  It will definitely be a tough match up for the Buckeyes, who impressed me by coming back the way they did after suffering a beatdown against Southern Cal.
Bowl Game: Fiesta Bowl vs. No. 6 Texas - Jan. 5

11. Texas Christian Horned Frogs (10-2) (7-1) - The Horned Frogs of TCU had a nice year.  They were able to beat Brigham Young, but couldn't keep up with Utah.  Nonetheless, a good year for this non-BCS team and they get Boise State in the Poinsettia Bowl.
Bowl Game: San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl vs. No. 4 Boise State -
Dec. 23

12. Cincinnati Bearcats (11-2) (6-1) - The Bearcats win the Big East title in football for the first time in school history and there may be more to come if Brian Kelly stays.  He's done a nice job, turning this team in a Big East contender.  They get rewarded with a BCS bowl match up.
Bowl Game: Orange Bowl vs. No. 19 Virginia Tech - Jan. 1

13. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (9-3) (5-3) - The Yellow Jackets may have not won their conference, but they had an outstanding year under first year coach Paul Johnson.  The triple option offense does still work, as Johnson proved.  The Yellow Jackets now get Louisiana State.
Bowl Game: Chick-fil-A Bowl vs. Louisiana State - Dec. 31

14. Oklahoma State Cowboys (9-3) (5-3) -
Aside from the whole "I'm a man!  I'm 40!" stuff, you can't help but be impressed with what Mike Gundy has done with the Cowboys.  The Cowboys may not have been able to pull out a win against the big 3 of the Big XII south, but they kept it close against Texas and for awhile against Oklahoma.
Bowl Game: Holiday Bowl vs. No. 15 Oregon - Dec. 30

15. Oregon Ducks (9-3) (7-2) -
Despite all of the quarterback shuffling the Ducks had to go through, they had a respectable season and are rewarded with a match up against Oklahoma State.  Their win against Oregon State helped make this year very satisfying for Ducks fans.
Bowl Game: Holiday Bowl vs. No. 14 Oklahoma State - Dec. 30

16. Northwestern Wildcats (9-3) (5-3) -
Pat Fitzgerald has done a great job turning this team around.  The Wildcats made a very nice turnaround from last year as they propelled themselves to a 9 win season.  The Wildcats hope for ten wins when their bowl game rolls around.
Bowl Game: Alamo Bowl vs. Missouri - Dec. 29

17. Mississippi Rebels (8-4) (5-3) -
Houston Nutt's first year at Mississippi was certainly an impressive one.  They were able to upset Florida early in the year, and then finished strong, including a big win against Louisiana State, to go 8-4 on the season.  A very big turnaround, one in which Jevan Sneed was also a part of.
Bowl Game: Cotton Bowl vs. No. 9 Texas Tech - Jan. 2

18. Georgia Bulldogs (9-3) (6-2) -
Matthew Stafford and Knoshown Moreno both had terrific years this year and are looking like they're headed for the draft.  They have to finish off the year against a tough Michigan State team as Stafford and Moreno (maybe) look to go out winners.
Bowl Game: Capital One Bowl vs. No. 21 Michigan State - Jan. 1

19. Virginia Tech Hokies (9-4) (6-3) -
The Hokies are once again ACC champs thanks to Beamer and Bud Foster.  The Hokies recovered from a slow start, making the decision to remove Tyrod Taylor's redshirt and allow him to run and pass all over the field like he should.  Their reward: a BCS bowl.
Bowl Game: Orange Bowl vs. No. 12 Cincinnati - Jan. 1

20. Ball State Cardinals (12-1) (8-1) -
The dream of a perfect season ended when the Cardinals ran into a feisty Buffalo Bulls team led by Turner Gill.  Coach Hoke, though, fielded a team that look destined for a perfect year.  It wasn't the case.  Nate Davis is one quaterback that is definitely worth watching.
Bowl Game: GMAC Bowl vs. Tulsa - Jan. 6

21. Michigan State Spartans (9-3) (6-2) -
Michigan State didn't look very good in their losses (Penn State, Ohio State, and California (close)), but they have looked good in general on the year.  Javon Ringer is a definite workhorse as he'll hope to tire out the Georgia defensive line and linebacker corps.
Bowl Game: Capital One Bowl vs. No. 18 Georgia - Jan. 1

22. Brigham Young Cougars (10-2) (6-2) -
At the start of the year, many felt the Cougars had the best shot at busting the BCS.  The Cougars were two losses away (TCU and Utah) from making that happen.  Now they face Arizona in the Las Vegas Bowl, which could be a good game.  Max Hall and Austin Collie look to return for next year and continue their dominance.
Bowl Game: Las Vegas Bowl vs. Arizona - Dec. 20

23. Iowa Hawkeyes (8-4) (5-3) -
Not a bad year for Iowa considering where they were at before the season started.  It seems as if Kirk Ferentz has been given chance after chance after chance.  The win against Penn State was the exclamation mark this year as Ferentz hopes to build on this good year.
Bowl Game: Outback Bowl vs. South Carolina - Jan. 1

24. Nebraska Cornhuskers (8-4) (5-3) -
This is slightly biased, but the Huskers finished strong, winning 5 of their last 6.  They had a close loss to Texas Tech and Virginia Tech.  A couple of mistakes that weren't made could've put Nebraska at 10-2 on the year.  Bo Pelini did a great job turning a 5-7 team to an 8-4 team in one year.
Bowl Game: Gator Bowl vs. Clemson - Jan. 1

25. Boston College Eagles (9-4) (5-4) -
Give credit to Jeff Jagodzinski as he helped turn this team back into contenders even though they lost Matt Ryan.  The Eagles lost yet again in the ACC championship game to Virginia Tech, but exceeded expectations in the jumbled up ACC.
Bowl Game: Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl vs. Vanderbilt - Dec. 31
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NCAA Football Conference Standings Predictions

Well..the first time I tried this, it got totally messed up.  So anyway, here are my predictions as to how teams will finish record-wise and in their respective conferences.  Have fun reading, enjoy, and hopefully you'll have some comments to share.  I'm liking how this football season is shaping up to be a good one.  I apologize for the unevenness.

Atlantic Coast Conference
Atlantic                                  W-L   Conf.
Florida State          10-2    6-2
Wake Forest          10-2    6-2
Clemson                  9-3    6-2
Boston College       8-4    4-4
Maryland                   8-4    4-4
N.C. State               2-10    1-7

Virginia Tech          10-2    6-2
North Carolina         6-6    5-3
Miami (FL)                7-5    4-4
Georgia Tech           5-7    3-5
Virginia                      4-8    2-6
Duke                        2-10    0-8

Champion: Virginia Tech Hokies

The Hokies will be looking for another ACC Title.

North                                       W-L   Conf.
Missouri                   11-1    7-1
Kansas                      8-4     5-3
Colorado                   7-5     5-3
Nebraska                  7-5     4-4
Kansas State           4-8     1-7
Iowa State                 3-9     0-8
Oklahoma               11-1    7-1
Texas                       10-2    6-2
Texas Tech               9-3    5-3
Texas A&M                8-4    4-4
Oklahoma State       7-5    3-5
Baylor                         3-9    1-7

Oklahoma Sooners

Oklahoma is looking to make it to another BCS bowl.

Big East                                    W-L   Conf.
West Virginia              12-0    7-0
Cincinnati                    10-3    5-2
South Florida              10-2    5-2
Louisville                       9-3     4-3
Rutgers                          8-4     3-4
Connecticut                   8-4     3-4
Pittsburgh                      5-7     1-6
Syracuse                      2-10     0-7

Pat White looks to win another Big East title.

Big Ten                                         W-L   Conf.
Wisconsin                      10-2    7-1
Ohio State                      10-2     7-1
Michigan                           8-4     5-3
Illinois                                8-4     5-3
Purdue                               8-4     5-3
Michigan State                  6-6     4-4
Iowa                                    7-5     4-4
Penn State                         7-5     3-5
Indiana                                7-5     3-5
Minnesota                           3-9     1-7
Northwestern                      3-9     0-8

Will Wisconsin dethrone Ohio State?

Conference USA
East                                                W-L   Conf.
Central Florida                 8-4     7-1
East Carolina                   8-4     7-1
Southern Mississippi     7-5     6-2
Memphis                           7-5     4-4
Marshall                          2-10     1-7
Alabama-Birmingham  2-10     1-7
Tulsa                                11-1     8-0
Houston                             7-5     5-3
Texas-El Paso                  3-9     3-5
Rice                                     5-7     3-5
Tulane                                5-7      2-6
Southern Methodist        1-11     0-8

Champion: Tulsa Golden Hurricane

Tulsa will look to follow up a great 2007 season.

Division I-A Independents         W-L
Navy                                   9-3
Notre Dame                      5-7
Army                                 2-10
Western Kentucky         2-10

The Midshipmen look to make another bowl game.

East                                             W-L   Conf.
Bowling Green              8-4     6-2
Ohio                                7-5     5-3
Buffalo                             7-5     5-3
Miami (Ohio)                   6-6     5-3
Akron                                4-8     3-5
Temple                            3-9     3-5
Kent State                        3-9     2-6
Central Michigan            9-3     8-0
Western Michigan          7-5     5-3
Ball State                          6-6     5-3
Eastern Michigan            4-8     3-5
Northern Illinois             2-10     1-7
Toledo                             2-10     1-7

Champion: Central Michigan Chippewas

LeFevour will look to lead the Chippewas to another title.

Mountain West                           W-L   Conf.
Brigham Young             12-0    8-0
Utah                                 10-2    7-1
Texas Christian               8-4    5-3
Air Force                            7-5    5-3
Colorado State                 6-6    4-4
New Mexico                       3-9    3-5
San Diego State               5-7    2-6
UNLV                                2-10    1-7
Wyoming                          0-12    0-8

Brigham Young hopes to bust the BCS.

Pacific Ten                                 W-L   Conf.
Southern California     12-0    9-0
Arizona State                   9-3    7-2
Oregon                             8-4    6-3
UCLA                                7-5    6-3
California                         7-5    5-4
Oregon State                   6-6    4-5
Washington State           6-7    4-5
Arizona                              6-6    3-6
Washington                      3-9    2-7
Stanford                           2-10   1-8

Southern Cal looks to continue its Pac Ten dominance.

Southeastern Conference
East                                             W-L   Conf.
Florida                          10-2    7-1
Georgia                        10-2    6-2
South Carolina              8-4    4-4
Tennessee                    7-5    4-4
Kentucky                         5-7    2-6
Vanderbilt                       3-9    0-8
Auburn                           10-2    7-1
Louisiana State           10-2    6-2
Mississippi State           8-4    4-4
Alabama                          7-5    4-4
Mississippi                     6-6    3-5
Arkansas                       2-10    0-8

Champion: Florida Gators

Tebow looks to add more awards in 2008.

Sun Belt                                       W-L   Conf.
Florida Atlantic              10-2    7-0
Troy                                   8-4    6-1
Louisiana-Monroe         5-7    4-3
North Texas                     5-7    4-3
Arkansas State               4-8    3-4
Louisiana-Lafayette       5-7    2-5
Middle Tennessee         3-9    2-5
Florida International     1-11    0-7

Florida Atlantic looks for the 2nd ever Sun Belt title.

Western Athletic                        W-L   Conf.
Boise State                    10-2     7-1
Fresno State                  10-2     7-1
Nevada                              8-4     6-2
New Mexico State            7-5     4-4
Hawaii                                5-8     4-4
San Jose State                 4-8     3-5
Louisiana Tech                 5-7     3-5
Utah State                         1-11    1-7
Idaho                                  1-11    0-8

Boise State looks to hold off a tough Fresno State team for the WAC.
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