Posted on: January 16, 2008 12:23 am

Rate the new CBS rating system...

How 'bout dem rating changes? Wow! This will really make a difference!

I rate it 3 stars for fair, or the same...  no improvement.

Other than losing such memorable ratings as "Bad"... I think I will miss 6 and 9 the most.

Not meaning to be sarcastic, BUT I was really hoping for a "Graranimals" rating system.

You know... like the clothes for kids to dress themselves with that Sears made in the '70's? ( match the giraffe shirt with the giraffe pants, etc...)

Top rating to Bottom: (Keep in mind anything less than 10 is bad, just like always.)

10.Magical Unicorn

9. Possom

8. Groundhog

7. Jackal

6. Baboon

5. Turkey

4. Lemming

3. Buzzard

2. Rat

1. Donkey (Jackass)

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