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Posted on: January 18, 2008 9:43 pm

Trailbazers poised beyond years.

The exciting thing about the Blazers is how poised and controled they are. They had a big lead in Miami late in the third and early 4th. The Blazers didn't panic at any point kept their composure and promptly went on a 19 to 2 run. They are young but play that half court game which is going to help them out come playoffs. People better get it in thier minds they ain't playing for a playoff spot but rather seeding.

And as always what can I say about Brandon Roy. I know That I'm always screaming about him being on the All star team. Forget that I'm screaming he better get MVP votes. He's leading this year at a pace folks thought would be years away. He's lighting Dwayne Wade up in the 4th. Recognize.

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