Posted on: January 24, 2008 3:49 pm


This topic has been done a million times before, but it's always fun!  Which players, in your mind, were much-heralded due to outstanding college play and were looked at as a "franchise savior" when they came to the NBA via lottery, and did absolutely nothing for their team?  Boy, have there been some doozies that are no doubt bagging groceries somewhere nowadays.
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Posted on: January 21, 2008 11:03 pm

NES Sports Games: The Good, Bad and Unplayable

I've posted threads about this in the past, but it's time to drag it ouit again, blow on the connections, and pop it in the control deck for another go at it.  What were your favorite, not-so-favorite, and just plain despised NES games you ever played?

I'll start off:

My faves: Tecmo Bowl, Kings of the Beach, Bases Loaded, NES Ice Hockey, Blades Of Steel, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, Rad Racer, RC Pro-Am, Pro Wrestling, Track & Field II.

Sucked: 10 yard fight, John Elway's Quarterback, American Gladiators.

Can't wait to hear your favorites and dislikes.

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Posted on: January 16, 2008 5:24 am

Dependable but not quite a superstar

I envision Oden to never quite be an all-star, but he should put up reliable numbers from the center position (and that's leaps and bounds more than what Pryz could give us).  I see him being a 15 and 10 kind of guy, and those numbers are just fine.  This team is winning despite the absence of any real center, and I see us being a fantastic team when Oden finally gets to play.  I don't think he'll ever be great due to the knee surgery but he'll definitely help strengthen one of the team's biggest (if not THE biggest) weaknesses: rebounding.

That's my 2 cents; if he turns out to be a perennial all-star and is indeed the best young center since Shaq's debut, I'd be in heaven.  But I don't quite see it happening.  Though he will be a very important piece of what appears to be an eventual championship team.  I still think we must address the PG spot in the offseason and pick up some more reliable veteran bench players, and some good rebounders off the bench.  This year I see us as the 7th seed in the playoffs, losing a 6-game 1st round series to the Spurs, who go on to lose to Dallas in the Conference Finals.

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