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Didn't really like to word the blog that way but space constrictions wouldn't allow a more pleasant title.

But you get the gist: Who would you like to have met in the music field that have passed on?  Heck, this could go back to classical music if you like, or further back even.  Or of course, it could be from the 20th or even 21st century.

Would've loved to have met John Lennon (as long as Yoko was gone shopping or something; she was a freak) or George Harrison.  They seemed to be nice guys.

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Posted on: July 4, 2008 6:22 am


Self-explanatory, I believe.  What was your first porn or extreme content film you ever saw?  NC-17 also qualifies.  If your memory isn't too hazy, where did you see it, and which venue?  VHS/BETA/LASERDISC/DVD, drive-in, movie theatre?  How old were ya?

I think my first was "Blue Ribbon Blue", rated XXX back in 1988 at my friend's house, borrowed from his dad's stash.  It dates back to about 1981, I think, and I was 17.  It was a comp tape and I think I only saw "Blue Ribbon Blue", or at least that's the only one with the title I can remember.

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Hey guys,

Every kid has looked forward to the day they get to see their first "forbidden" theatrical pleasure (well, not counting X-rated/NC-17/straight up hardcore porn, that's for a different blog).  What was the one you finally got to see?  This could be due to a relenting parent, or you sneaking in (which was criminally easy to do), or your folks let you rent it.  What was it?  Was it worth waiting for?  Where did you see it, and was it rental/drive-in/cinema?

I don't know what my folks were thinking, but I believe my first was "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" in 1975 at the Family Drive-In in Tigard, OR.  I was 4.  I guess they figured I wouldn't understand it, and fortunately for them, they were right.

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Uh.. I don't think I did this one yet for a blog, so I'll throw this one out.  What are songs you hear that you feel should NEVER be sung nearly as much as it is?  It doesn't have to be a song that sucks (though that is often the case), it could just be overused so much you can't stand to hear it anymore.  My first pick:

Sweet Caroline-Neil Diamond

It's especially irritating because people add "BAA BAA BAAAAA" after the chorus of "Sweet Caroline...." and then "SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD!" after "Good times never seemed so good".  Shut up, you drunken fools!  That's not in the original song!

Well, enough ranting.  What do you hate to hear?

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Posted on: July 1, 2008 3:13 am

Movie scenes where a hero kicks MUCH ass.

Hey Gang,

For those of us who love action scenes, THIS IS YOUR BLOG!!!  Submit your favorite moments (doesn't have to particularly be from an action movie per se, sometimes the best ass-kicking scenes come from other genres).  But the scenes where impossible odds face the hero, and the bad guys get their backsides handed to them, with one or more of the following:

Crashed/blown up cars

Exploding buildings

Broken bones/noses/splattering of the red stuff

People full of holes

Ridiculous property damage

Something on the order of the above is often action scene criteria.  I'll give you my example of a good whuppin':

A film called "The Ninth Configuration" is generally a drama, from 1980 starring Stacey Keach (who later provided ass-whuppin' as Mike Hammer) as a very troubled Vietnam vet who acts as a psychiatrist for other vets at a tower somewhere in the Northwestern US.  He is generally a nice guy; a kind, sensitive spirit.  But when he goes to a bar to help his friend who is beset by a gang, whose scummy leader wears mascara, he is beaten and humiliated to the point where his personality does a complete 180.  His rage knows no bounds, mercy, or gender (as 2 women in the gang find out).  Not a single gang member is left alive.  Stacey Keach, you're my hero!!!

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Posted on: June 27, 2008 6:11 am


This blog is pretty self-explanatory.  Did your team draft who you wanted?  Did they make the right moves to trade up/trade down?  How is your team set now?  What else do they need to do?  Are you in better/worse shape than last year?  Should your GM be praised/run out of town?  Details, people!
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More food blogs!  Yippee!

Now, let's explore the sweet side of life, complete with all the calories, sugar, fat, etc. that makes it so damn good.

I have a restaurant not far from me called "The Claim Jumper" that has an unbelievable eclair dessert (one of my faves).  It's a giant eclair bursting with Boston creme, dripping with chocolate sauce, and drowning in a veritable sea of whipped cream.  DAMN IT'S GOOD!

Hot Fudge Brownies are also money, with nuts and whipped cream and a cherry.


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Posted on: June 25, 2008 5:45 am


Hey dudes and dudesses:

Surely you've seen some films where there was an actor that played bad guys a lot, and this doesn't necessarily have to be the same villian, but it can be.  Could be they were just born to play all different bad guys, seedy types, shifty, slimy, cruel, or just downright evil sickos.  Who would get your vote?  Since not everyone will have seen all the actors/actresses (yes, there were some evil women out there in film history) that we post, it might be helpful to state which characters they were famous for portraying, and what the films' titles were.

Bring on the villians!

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