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I know my more recent posts were about good food (burgers, pizza, fried chicken, steak sandwiches) but there are definitely foods we absolutely hate.  Let's take a trip down memory lane (that's a road often-walked by me) and revisit your youth: as a kid, you're sitting at dinner, and the minutes keep on ticking and you're the last one at the table.  Why?  Because a noxious helping of "food" that you utterly detest is still sitting on your plate, and you don't dare introduce it to your digestive system for fear of it being shot back out.  Now these could be foods that you now can stomach (or God forbid, have come to like!) or these can be foods you never ate again.

Parents seemed to find it insulting that kids didn't want to eat these "foods", but I still personally believe that it's inhumane to force them to eat foods that their digestive systems won't tolerate.  There is always another way to get the same nutrients to be ingested.  If your kid ralfs after scoffing it, stop feeding it to them!

Ahem.. back to the topic.  What foods were you incapable of holding down back then, and perhaps still hate?

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Heh.. I personally find it more fun to rag on TV shows than to praise them.  Throughout television history there have been many bombs.  Especially ones that were highly touted, chock full of guest appearances, or were expensive to produce, or all of the above.  If you're a tv trivia nut, you can state the station it aired on, the year(s) it aired, who was in it, why it didn't last, any juicy tidbits about stars not getting along with the producer/director/each other, or some or all of the above.

I will put down one huge bomb:


NBC, Feb to May 1979

A nuclear-powered bullet train was the site of all the goings-on in this show that dealt with the passengers' social lives with each other and the crew of the train.  The train was ridiculously huge, and was able to house swimming pools and shopping centers.  Guest stars abounded, much like Love, American Style or Love Boat.  All for naught as the show derailed quickly and faded into television obscurity.

Starred Edward Andrews, Nita Talbot and a billion famous guest stars.

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Hey gang,

Since I like food so dang much, I'm doing yet another food blog, while I'm waiting for my steak/potato/veggie soup to boil.  I was wondering the above query, when I realized that in my opinion you can make the best steak sandwiches at home.  But I'm sure a lot of you disagree, so I'd like to know your favorite place to get the best ones.  Probably gonna be some posts from actual Philadelphians.

Fire away!

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Keep in mind this can be for EITHER arcade or home console (or cpu if you like).  What were the best codes or tricks you put in on your favorite games? 

My first nomination (and I think kmgonz offered this in another blog): The Galaga cheat on the arcade machine, where if you leave the bottom 2 bees on the left column alone and shoot all the other enemies, then let them dive at you (and dodging, of course) for about 15 minutes or so, until they stop shooting at you.  Kill them, and from then on no enemies ever shoot at you.

A second nomination would be Konami's UpUpDownDownLeftRightLeftRightBASta
rt trick for many of their games.  I realize that's not stating a particular game, but I'll leave that up to others.

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Hey gang.

I'm currently thinking back to the days of pizza restaurants, getting finished with little league baseball season, and celebrating with a pizza party.  While waiting for the pizza or after scarfing the pizza, we would pop all the dollar bills we had into the change machine to get handfuls of silver, head over to the arcade room and spend some quality time immersed in video game heaven.

Or back to the days when summer vacation arrived, and you and your friends would get a lift from mom to the local roller-skating rink.  You'd work up a sweat flying around the rink to the dance tracks blaring overhead, then step off the rink, take off your shoes and head over the arcade room.  Roller skating to me was like a sundae of good times, and the arcade was the cherry on top.

Some of the bowling lanes I used to go to had great arcade rooms, too.  Or I'd go with my dad and he'd bowl league while I went to.. of course, play the video games.  My allowance disappeared quickly, needless to say.

And of course, I often just went straight to the arcade without any extra activity.  I had the pleasure of a number of nickel arcades within my vicinity.  Good times!

Back when I was a preteen, Mouse Trap, Frogger, Scramble, Star Wars, Joust, Spectar, Super Cobra, Phoenix, Tempest, Ms. Pac Man, Pac Man, Donkey Kong Jr., Galaga, Donkey Kong, Galaxian, and many others were ones I dearly loved and still like a lot.  But some were on an even higher plane of awesomeness for me:

Dig Dug, Mr. Do!, Moon Patrol, Crazy Climber and some others I can't think of right now.

As I got into my early 20s, I still loved them: Fatal Fury Special, Mortal Kombat II, Street Fighter II and other fighting games were great fun for me.  I thought the Neo Geo system games were the bomb!  This weekend I am purchasing an arcade Neo Geo machine for my living room.  Can't wait!

So folks... what were your favorites way back then, when you were a kid, and still get warm fuzzy feelings when you play 'em today?

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Let me state right up front that I mean movies that made it hard for you to watch (often in stomach-churning ways) yet the moments that you DID watch will never be erased from your mind.  These may be underground films, independent films, or mainstream flims, any of which may have been banned in a number of countries.   Describe how the film made you react, and what particular scenes did it to you.  I have seen many, many of these films (and a LOT of them are foreign).  These could be extreme slasher films, they could be documentaires, they could even be traffic safety films, I suppose.  They could just be regular films with some extreme sexuality or violence that the MPAA had a snit over and refused to give the film a rating unless it was cut, resulting in, of course, the producers of the film refusing to snip their film and us getting to see every controversial morsel. 

Y'all tell me your nasty movie stories!

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Hey movie mavens!

You know those actors or actresses that couldn't act their way out of a wet paper back if given a pair of scissors?  They can be from B movies or may have won awards for reasons you will never understand (unless they were raspberry or turkey awards).

Get the rancid produce ready and start firing away!

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Yet another food blog!  From the sounds of it you'd think I weigh 250 pounds or something, but I only weigh a buck seventy.  I can eat like nobody's business though; I just have high metabolism.  When I speak of great burgers, pizza, etc. you can bet I've eaten my fair share of them.  So without further ado, the subject is now fried chicken.  Where do YOU go for great clucky?  It can be a national chain, or it can be a little hole-in-the-wall shop.  Some people like it greasy, some like it so crispy you can hardly tell there's actual meat in the chicken, some like it so spicy that fire alarms all over the city go off simultaneously as you eat.  Whatever your preference, where do you go for dead bird?
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