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Posted on: February 4, 2009 5:34 pm

Phoenix Suns Experience

Phoenix Suns


Just ok.  Medium level prices, ok fans, not the best food, not the best beer, probably the third worst parking out of the teams. The trendy team in town, so you tend to get less knowledgable people just going because it's the place to be.  After the game they won't be going to Cooperstown for a beer, but to a Scottsdale club for an apple martini. 

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Posted on: February 4, 2009 5:30 pm

Arizona Diamondbacks Experience

Arizona Diamondbacks


Fans at the Diamondbacks games are usually pretty well mannered.  Certain teams, i.e. Dodgers, bring out fans that really behave poorly.  There are a few intoxicated people, and you may sit next to someone swearing, but in my experience that is rare.  It is a great place to take a family.  The fans generally respond to exciting situations, but many times there will be two strikes and two outs on an opposing batter and the crowd will be silent. 


The Diamondbacks also have very good prices.  Upper level seats can be had for under $20; most lower level seats are under $40. 


The Diamondbacks have the best food and the greatest variety of food of any team.  Burritos, subs, burgers, foot long chili dogs, pizza can all be found at Chase Field.  This is really the only stadium that I feel the food is decent.  There is also the greatest variety of beer.  There are specialty beer stands everywhere, selling 24 oz. bombers of Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, Corona, etc.  The large bombers go for $10, a regular domestic draft is $7.50.


The traffic is also ok at Chase Field.  The real benefit is that there are a large number of smaller lots scattered around the field so it spaces out the cars.  Depending on where you park you can get out very easily.  If you park in the Washington St. garage you have to wait a little longer to exit, but it flows pretty steadily.  Parking within a half mile of the stadium goes between $10-20, with the majority of lots being the former. 

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Posted on: February 4, 2009 5:29 pm

Phoenix Coyotes Experience

Phoenix Coyotes


Hockey is a niche sport in Phoenix, and as such the fans at Coyotes games are very dedicated to the team, but only take up about 60% of the seats.  The game is quiet for the most part, but the crowd does respond to goals, power plays, and big hits.  This is a place where you don’t have to worry about unruly fans (not including the Red Wing games), and you can definitely take your kids.


The Coyotes have very reasonable prices for the upper bowl, and are always advertising specials.  The lower bowl seats go for about $50 normally, but you may be able to get a deal for less.


The food is ok at Arena.  A little variety is available including BBQ, Hooters, and Weinerschnitzel.  There is somewhat of a variety of beer there, but you have to look for it.  Thankfully it doesn’t take that long to walk an entire lap around the arena.  There are usually just a couple stands with premium beer, but you can get domestic beer at any stand and Molson at some stands.  Large beers go for about $8.


The traffic and parking are also OK.  The parking is free (for now), and access to the 101 is pretty good. 

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Posted on: February 4, 2009 5:28 pm

Arizona Cardinals experience

By far the most intense atmosphere with the most intense fans.  The feeling inside U of P Stadium is electric.  70,000 people all on their feet screaming their heads off to try and throw the opposing team’s offense off count.   It feels really good to be a part of that.  On the other hand, with intense fans, you get negative things too.  Fights, intoxication, swearing.  If you mind your own business and are rooting for the Cardinals you won’t have any problems.  If you like to run your mouth you may have issues.  If you are wearing another team’s jersey you will also draw some fire, even if you are not provoking it.  I’m not condoning that behavior, just saying I’ve seen it happen. 


The Cardinals also have the most expensive tickets in the valley.  Lower level tickets can go for almost $100, but the upper bowl tickets are more reasonable. 


The U of P Stadium also has the worst food, and the most limited food selection of any of the teams.  The beer selection is also limited, you have Budweiser products, one stand that sells Bass and a Hefenweisen, but that is it.  The large domestic beer goes for about $8.


The biggest downfall of the Cardinals games is the parking and traffic.  By far the worst.  The parking is atrocious, and the traffic is a mess.  You need to get there at least an hour or two early and plan on just hanging out for an hour afterward to avoid the masses.  Just relax in the parking lot and have a beer to avoid a lot of unneeded stress.

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Posted on: February 4, 2009 5:27 pm

Best Value in Phoenix Sports

The Phoenix area has all four major sports teams, all vying for the fans money.  Where is the best value, which venue provides the best experience for the money?  I’ll take a look at the ticket prices, fan atmosphere, parking, and stadium amenities to determine where you are most likely to have a good time.  This does not take into account the actual sport being played, just the atmosphere at the game.

I'll post this in four parts, one for each team. 

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Posted on: February 4, 2009 4:25 pm

A fool and his money are soon parted

Just like everyone bought into the housing boom because they thought that it was a sure fire get rich quick endeavor, the same fools bought into all the hype that the Cardinals were going to get destroyed in the Super Bowl.  They felt that seven points was a narrow spread for these lucky Cardinals who supposedly didn’t’ deserve to be there in the first place.  And just like their big house flip, their bet against the Cardinals came up short. 


Vegas cleaned up this year.  They should thank all the talking heads and sports writers around the country who most likely didn’t watch one Cardinals game all season until the playoffs, but they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Steelers would walk all over them in this game.


As we all know, that did not happen.  Nearly 100 million people tuned in to see the Cardinals narrowly defeated by the heavy favorites.  They saw their sure thing bet go down the drain as the Steelers pulled out a win with less than one minute to go and a miracle catch in the end zone.  The Cardinals, criticized the entire post season, proved that they absolutely deserved to be there.

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Posted on: January 30, 2009 5:54 pm

Cardinals fans representing in Tampa

It's been great hearing the condesending comments from ESPN and other national media about the lack of Cardinals fans in Tampa thus far.  Not surprising, the Cardinals are not one of the handful of ESPN's favorite teams whereas the Steelers are.  But the national media has been killing the team all season, why would the week off inbetween games be any different.Just like the rest of the season ESPN and the pundits look at only what is right in front of their face, and really don't have any extensive analytical thoughts. 

So why have only the Steeler fans been visible this week?  Maybe because Pittsburgh is not a desirable place to be right now.  Cold, wet, dark, might as well head south to Tampa for a week in the sun.  Phoenix has been great this week.  High sixties, not a drop of rain, and the FBR (Phoenix) Open is currently going on.  Why spend a week in the same, if not worse, weather that you have back home.

But what about all the fun parties and Superbowl experiences and activities that have been going on all week?  What, like the same parties that were here last year that all the local residents went to?  There were actually more parties that took place in the Phoenix area last year due to the economy being in a better condition.  People have been there and done that.  There will likely not ever be a Superbowl in Pittsburgh so they probably want to take advantage.

Then there is the issue of advance planning.  If I am a Steeler's fan I can have a fair amount of confidence that there will be a good chance the Steelers will be in the Superbowl.  Some fans may have booked their travel arangements a month ago.  The Cardinals fans don't have that confidence, especially if it means putting down a deposit for a hotel.  Not only that, but I would contend that the Phoenix economy has been hit harder than Pittsburgh.  There are so many forclosures and so many companies that have gone under due to the housing problems that many fans who could have made the trip last year my not be able to this year.

So national idiots, you can all repeat the same crap over and over again, but if some of you tried indepented thought once in a while it may help your ratings or circulation.

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Posted on: May 20, 2008 9:59 am

The NBA has the worst possible senario

The Pistons, Celtics, Lakers, and Spurs are left.  Some of the least likable teams for everone outside of their own fans.  What's not to like?  Everything.

The Spurs, Bruce Bowen, the gerbil Manu, and a boring, flopping, free throw intensive style. 

The Lakers, Kobe Bryant, a bs trade getting a top center for some spare change and a ball of lint they had in their pocket, and some of the worst fans around.

The Pistons, boring style, and the Red Wings are in the Stanley Cup.  Two teams in the respective championships, well at least the Tigers are bad.

The Celtics.  Another Boston championship??? The Boston fans are deflated a bit after blowing the superbowl and now here are the Celtics to pick them back up.  What would the world do with out Boston fans blowing hard and talking crap.

The NBA finals will be one of the lowest viewed championships since, well, last year.

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