Posted on: September 5, 2008 6:05 am

2008-09 NFL Projections - NFC South

I’m wondering, while I watch tv, if I’m going to once again see Jake Delhomme hawking Bojangle chicken.  Don’t get me wrong, Bojangles has good chicken for a fast food chicken joint.  But it was kind of funny seeing the Carolina Panthers quarterback throwing a box of chicken on a football field, when he should have been throwing a football.  Maybe that’s the real reason for his elbow surgery?

NFC South:

#4) – Atlanta Falcons – this team has been hurting since the loss of Michael Vick and the subsequent rats abandoning ship.  The pickup of Matt Ryan was definitely a plus, but let’s face it, this kid is a rookie in a division that three other teams have playoff potential.

#3) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I was originally going to place this team 2nd in the division, however, I noticed they just acquired Sean Mahan from the Pittsburgh Steelers.  If no one noticed, Mahan was on that Steelers offense that allowed Roethlisberger to get sacked, how many times?  Okay so they have a good defense, however, the question will be, can Tampa Bay keep it’s quarterbacks from getting hurt?

#2) – New Orlean Saints – This team was going to be 3d however, I had to bump them up seeing the new acquisition to the Bucs.  I know, how can I put this team so low with the likes of Drew Brees, Marquis Colston and Reggie Bush, one word, defense.  So I see a duel between #2 and #3 in this division.  Don’t get discouraged, this team has the possibility of picking up the wild card.

#1) – Carolina Panthers – Jake Delhomme is healthy, Julius Peppers promises to be a beast on defense.  Jeff Otah definitely helps the oline and Johnathan Stewart is going to be a fantasy football freaks dream. 

NFC South Division Champion – Carolina Panthers
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