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Posted on: September 3, 2008 6:50 pm

2008-09 NFL Predictions - AFC West

So I'm making my way across the AFC.  Right now I have the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts the champions of their respective divisions.  Pretty safe and no brain picks, right?  Okay I'll agree.  For the most part, I think we look at the previous year and try to determine the current year. 

So while I have chili thawing for dinner I figured I'll pick a few more no brainers for the AFC West.  (Bet you thought I'd be chomping at the bits to put the AFC North in there).  No real changes to the AFC West except a switch in positions for the Chiefs and the Raiders.

AFC West:

#4) Kansas City Chiefs - With an aging running back in Larry Johnson and with me not being sold on either Brodie Croyle or Damon Huard under center, I'm seeing the Chiefs struggling for an identy this year (much like the renaming of Arrowhead).  Though the Chiefs did pick up some good talent in the draft, I'm seeing at least a year for them to gel and settle down enough to make the Chiefs a contender in this division again.

#3) Oakland Raiders - After all these years in the cellar, I see the Raiders advancing up one slot and finishing the division at #3.  JaMarcus Russell will have settle down a bit, picking up Darren McFadden to open up the running game, the offense has improved. 

#2) Denver Broncos - This team will be finishing better the .500, Jay Cutler has shown he can handle the pressure. Their schedule include Miami and Atlanta and Shanahan has been known to set up defensive plays that will exploit young offenses.  One thing they don't have to worry about, Devon Hester and not being afraid to kick to him this year.

#1) San Diego Chargers - Barring no injuries, this team should make it to the AFC Championship.  Phillip Rivers found his rhythym last year and looks to carry it through this year.  With Nick Hardwick back as center, should help with opening the running game.  Look for Jacob Hester to make an impact on the rush.

AFC West Division Champions - San Diego Chargers
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