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Posted on: September 15, 2010 5:58 am
Edited on: September 15, 2010 5:59 am

Jets, Sainz and a Long Buried Can of Worms

Early this morning, a friend of mine, that I’ll call T, popped up on my instant messenger.  Now I had became acquainted with T when he emailed me to comment on one of my CBS Sports blogs from several years ago.  So it wasn’t a surprise with how the conversation went.  

T:  So what do you think about what’s going on with the Jets?

Me: They have no offense

T:  No not that.

Me:  Rex Ryan looked like he had eaten rotten crow at his press conference?

T:  No, no, not that

Me: Look T, I can’t read my families minds and I live with them, what makes you think I know what you’re talking about, especially since there’s a lot going on with them right now.

T:  About the woman reporter, I‘m sure you have some thoughts about it

Me: Oh, okay…I don’t know just yet.  I haven’t looked at it too closely

T:  You’re going to blog about it, right?  It’s perfect for you

Me:  Why, because you believe I have this fantasy of being in a locker room with 52 naked men?..puh leeze

T:  Well, there is that.  No, remember that series you did on sex?

Me:  Yeah but that was because Gregg Doyel had to write about Danica Patrick and the SI Swimsuit edition.  Doyel’s been rather quiet on this one, and so has Freeman

T:  Honestly D, it’s right up your alley

Me:  Let me think about it.

T:  So D, what if it were you who had gotten the cat calls?

Me:  I’d probably turn around, smile sweetly, thank them and comment if I was able to illicit that kind of response, I could only imagine what kind of welcome John Madden might get.

(Thank you T for agreeing to let me use this btw)

The investigation by the NFL into allegations of  conduct inside the Jets locker room by players.  Apparently,  Ines Sainz of Mexico TV Azteca had tweeted about being made to feel uncomfortable while waiting to interview Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez

While the internet is buzzing with talk about this, it has once again brought to the surface of a debate that’s been raging for decades.  How much access to players should women sports journalists be allowed?  There’s an added twist to this debate now, how much access should any journalist be allowed to sports figures?

T was right in mentioning the Sex, Sexuality and Sports series that I wrote a couple years ago on CBS Sports.  In a way, as Clinton Portis was quick to point out (and apologize later), it’s kind of a natural thought process when seeing someone of the opposite sex to believe that thoughts of a sexual nature wouldn’t cross someone’s mind.  However, the issue goes beyond the sexuality and goes into professionalism. 

For some reason I have a feeling that this is going to turn into as an extensive project as the SSS did.  Okay T, I see the challenge, I’m up for it…

Stay tuned….

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