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2008-09 NFL Projections - NFC (and year) Recap

Well, here it is, I’ve laid it all out for ridicule.  Only time alone will tell.  So with my NFC division leaders picked, what I see the outcome for the NFC will be.

NFC East Division Champions – Dallas Cowboys
NFC North Division Champions – Minnesota Vikings
NFC South Division Champions – Carolina Panthers
NFC West Division Champions – Seattle Seahawks

The Packers, Buccaneers and Saints all have the ability to take a wildcard slot, however, my wildcard slots go to:

The Green Bay Packers
The Arizona Cardinals.

In the end, I see the Dallas Cowboys finally advancing to the Superbowl this year.  Care to guess who I see as their opponent?

I do want to note.  When the Pittsburgh Steelers went 15-1 and were heading to the AFC Championships, I had my doubts that they would make it.  I had hope, but in the end, was proven right. At the end of that year I commented on this very board that I had the feeling that the next year that the Steelers would win.  It was just a feeling, a very strong feeling. 

I had for a long time had a feeling that the next time the Cowboys and Steelers met up in the Superbowl, that the outcome would be different then the last match up.  He who shall not be named and really should have been tested for color blindness, is no longer leading the Steelers offense.  Both teams are ripe to go all the way.  So, the end of this year, I see the Steelers and Cowboys in the Superbowl…with the sixth ring going to

The Pittsburgh Steelers. 
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2008-09 Projections - NFC East

Talk about a stomach bug coming on quickly.  As I type this up, all of the sudden I feel really ill.  Okay, I’ll admit it, it’s because I can only say nice things about the Dallas Cowboys and it’s making me ill. 

NFC North: 

#4) Washington Redskins – Nope this has nothing to do with last nights game, although I think the Jim Zorn will be good for the quarterback, I think that this will be an instance where a rookie coach is going to need to get acclimated and his players are going to have to get accustomed with their system.  Yeah, and Clinton Portis isn’t the key to this team, their defense is.  They do have the best looking coach in the NFL though.

#3) Philadelphia Eagles – somethings missing with this team.  Not sure what it is and it’s definitely not Brian Westbrook or Lito Sheppard.  Just a feeling, you know.

#2) New York Giants – No doubt that what the Giants did last year was remarkable, not only to go on to the Superbowl on the Wildcard, but to beat an undefeated Patriots team to win the trophy.  Those of us who’s teams have been to the Superbowl will tell you, it’s extremely difficult to do back to back unless you have an awesome team.  Giants definitely are a good team with the Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress go to, and no doubt that Brandon Jacobs is a beast.  But the Giants have a bulls eye on their back now and they’re the team to beat and they’ll be seeing the A games from most everyone they meet.

#1) Dallas Cowboys – God this pains me to say this.  The Cowboys have everything it takes to get to the Superbowl this year.  Tony Romo has now settled down and become comfortable, they’ve got a very good defense, Patrick Crayton and Terrill Owens as passing weapons.  Keep an eye on Felix Jones.  He’ll make an impact for the team this year.

NFC East Division Champions – Dallas Cowboys 
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2008-09 NFL Projections - NFC West

You are the weakest link.  Okay that tv show drove me nuts.  However, the NFC West, like the AFC West, is considered one of the weakest divisions in their conference.  Interestingly though the lower three are making progress.

NFC West

#4) – San Francisco 49’ers – Sorry, even though I think that having J.T. O’Sullivan is the best bet for this team, instead of Alex Smith (yes, I know Smith got a raw deal), I don’t see them adding enough just yet to advance up the division.

#3) – St. Louis Rams – An older Torry Holt, Marc Bulger is questionable at getting it done and well Stephen Jackson, okay so we’re not going to hold your hold out over your head, but I see them still a little weaker then the top two.

#2) – Arizona Cardinals – aka the Steelers West.  Honestly, if you doubt that bringing in Ken Wisenhunt and Russ Grimm wasn’t the best thing that could have happened to this team you need to have your head examined.  Cardinals are now developing a Russ Grimm oline.  Do you know what a Russ Grimm oline is?  Remember the oline from Pittsburgh that up till a few years ago was deemed as one of the best olines in the NFL?  That’s a Russ Grimm oline.  Now add J.J. Harrington, Hightower, a quarterback in Warner, when given enough time can be damn good and some star wide receivers.  I see this team taking a wild card slot.

#1) -  Seattle Seahawks – sadly I think this is the last year you’ll be seeing this team in the top of the division with the impending retirement of Mike Holgrem.  However, given it’s his last year, I see Matt Hasselbeck giving it his all.  Great defense,  Watch Justin Forsett, he’ll be the key to this team.

NFC West Division Champions – Seattle Seahawks
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2008-09 NFL Projections - NFC South

I’m wondering, while I watch tv, if I’m going to once again see Jake Delhomme hawking Bojangle chicken.  Don’t get me wrong, Bojangles has good chicken for a fast food chicken joint.  But it was kind of funny seeing the Carolina Panthers quarterback throwing a box of chicken on a football field, when he should have been throwing a football.  Maybe that’s the real reason for his elbow surgery?

NFC South:

#4) – Atlanta Falcons – this team has been hurting since the loss of Michael Vick and the subsequent rats abandoning ship.  The pickup of Matt Ryan was definitely a plus, but let’s face it, this kid is a rookie in a division that three other teams have playoff potential.

#3) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I was originally going to place this team 2nd in the division, however, I noticed they just acquired Sean Mahan from the Pittsburgh Steelers.  If no one noticed, Mahan was on that Steelers offense that allowed Roethlisberger to get sacked, how many times?  Okay so they have a good defense, however, the question will be, can Tampa Bay keep it’s quarterbacks from getting hurt?

#2) – New Orlean Saints – This team was going to be 3d however, I had to bump them up seeing the new acquisition to the Bucs.  I know, how can I put this team so low with the likes of Drew Brees, Marquis Colston and Reggie Bush, one word, defense.  So I see a duel between #2 and #3 in this division.  Don’t get discouraged, this team has the possibility of picking up the wild card.

#1) – Carolina Panthers – Jake Delhomme is healthy, Julius Peppers promises to be a beast on defense.  Jeff Otah definitely helps the oline and Johnathan Stewart is going to be a fantasy football freaks dream. 

NFC South Division Champion – Carolina Panthers
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2008-09 NFL Projects - NFC North - Adrian

I was going to talk about the NFC East, but being a Steelers fan and my obvious disdain for the Dallas Cowboys, they’re going to be the last one’s I show for the NFC.   Anyhow, even though we’ve hit the first game of the season, there’s still so much more football to play. 

NFC North

#4) – Chicago Bears – The defense and special teams of this team is awesome, however, until Chicago can protect it’s quarterback, there’s not going to be much productivity from it’s offense, which is a shame because with the pickup of Matt Forte at running back  and the hands of Desmond Clark, this team has potential.

#3) – Detroit Lions – Picking up the bagless Rudi Johnson was definitely a plus to the Lions offense.  I’m not sold on John Kitna, however this team is starting to head in the right direction.

#2) – Green Bay Packers – This will be Aaron Rodgers first full year under center.  The good news is, the Packers are complete on offense and defense, the bad news is that it’s Rodgers first full year and I see him making enough mistakes to drop them down to the second spot in this division.  No worries, I see Green Bay making the Wild Card. 

#1) – Minnesota Vikings – I’m putting them here strictly on their running game.  Adrian Peterson is a beast and promises to be the key offensive weapon for their team.  Vikings defense can be stifling, but can they be consistent. 

NFC North Division Champions – Minnesota Vikings
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