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Posted on: July 9, 2010 12:36 pm


Mock drafts are fun, but they're never a perfect science. This point was proven Friday when I mocked with 11 of my Twitter followers (follow me @daverichard).

We realized something was up when we saw Andre Johnson go first overall, then Jason Witten in Round 3 and Jets DST in Round 5. All of those picks -- reaches in every regard -- were taken by someone with the ID kalebJORDAN.

What could I do? Stop the draft? Start another? Kick him out of the draft room? The reality is that in every league, there's a "wild card," an owner who doesn't think like the rest of the world and his picks always make the other owners laugh or whine. So I thought it would be a good idea to let the draft play out with kalebJORDAN making his picks.

Suffice to say, I typed "LOL kalebJORDAN" in the chat window quite a bit. Here are the results of our mock draft complete with the rationale behind my picks:

Round 1
1    kalebJORDAN        Johnson, Andre (WR HOU)
2    MOE_UNIT        Johnson, Chris (RB TEN)
3    Wu-Tang Forever        Peterson, Adrian (RB MIN)
4    Dominators        Jones-Drew, Maurice (RB JAC)
5    Whippers        Rice, Ray (RB BAL)
6    Bucs            Turner, Michael (RB ATL)
7    Multiples        Manning, Peyton (QB IND)
8    G.O.W.            Gore, Frank (RB SF)
9    Bears            Rodgers, Aaron (QB GB)
10    Dave Richard        Jackson, Steven (RB STL)
11    dstnbldwn        Moss, Randy (WR NE)
12    Huevos Rancheros        Brees, Drew (QB NO)

My pick: Steven Jackson
Jackson might not be the most popular first-round pick, but he's an every-down back. That's a rarity in and of itself. The Rams also have a fairly easy schedule and not much else on offense to take the workload away from Jackson. The only issue with picking Jackson this year is getting a good third rusher to put in his place when/if he gets hurt. Landing him 10th overall is pretty good value.
I also considered: Drew Brees, DeAngelo Williams

Round 2           
13    Huevos Rancheros    Williams, DeAngelo (RB CAR)
14    dstnbldwn        Wayne, Reggie (WR IND)
15    Dave Richard        Jackson, DeSean (WR PHI)
16    bears            Mendenhall, Rashard (RB PIT)
17    G.O.W.            Schaub, Matt (QB HOU)
18    Multiples        Mathews, Ryan (RB SD)
19    Bucs            Marshall, Brandon (WR MIA)
20    Whippers        Austin, Miles (WR DAL)
21    Dominators        White, Roddy (WR ATL)
22    Wu-Tang Forever        Johnson, Calvin (WR DET)
23    MOE_UNIT        Grant, Ryan (RB GB)
24    kalebJORDAN        Brady, Tom (QB NE)

My pick: DeSean Jackson
You know I'm super-high on D-Jax this year. I think he's going to be phenomenal in a pass-aggressive Eagles offense. Plus it's his third year and he's motivated to land a big contract. He's the perfect storm of Fantasy wideouts.
I also considered: No one. Jackson was my guy all the way.

Round 3           
25    kalebJORDAN        Witten, Jason (TE DAL)
26    MOE_UNIT        Romo, Tony (QB DAL)
27    Wu-Tang Forever        Fitzgerald, Larry (WR ARI)
28    Dominators        Greene, Shonn (RB NYJ)
29    Whippers        Rivers, Philip (QB SD)
30    Bucs            Rice, Sidney (WR MIN)
31    Multiples        Smith, Steve (WR NYG)
32    G.O.W.            Addai, Joseph (RB IND)
33    bears            Moreno, Knowshon (RB DEN)
34    Dave Richard        Colston, Marques (WR NO)
35    dstnbldwn        Benson, Cedric (RB CIN)
36    Huevos Rancheros    Jennings, Greg (WR GB)

My pick: Marques Colston
I looked to lock up two elite receivers, and with a couple of surprises earlier in the round (notably Witten and Rivers going early), Colston fell into my lap. Should be the most productive wideout in New Orleans by a mile.
I also considered: No one.

Round 4           
37    Huevos Rancheros    Boldin, Anquan (WR BAL)
38    dstnbldwn        Smith, Steve (WR CAR)
39    Dave Richard        Charles, Jamaal (RB KC)
40    bears            Ochocinco, Chad (WR CIN)
41    G.O.W.            Gates, Antonio (TE SD)
42    Multiples        McCoy, LeSean (RB PHI)
43    Bucs            Thomas, Pierre (RB NO)
44    Whippers        Davis, Vernon (TE SF)
45    Dominators        Favre, Brett (QB MIN)
46    Wu-Tang Forever        Wells, Beanie (RB ARI)
47    MOE_UNIT        Clark, Dallas (TE IND)
48    kalebJORDAN        Brown, Ronnie (RB MIA)

My pick: Jamaal Charles
I consider this pick a steal as Charles has 1,200-yard, seven-touchdown potential and a guy I've seen drafted as high as late Round 2. After analyzing Thomas Jones a bit more this week, I like Charles' chances to keep playing strong and getting a lot of work in 2010.
I also considered: Pierre Thomas, Beanie Wells

Round 5           
49    kalebJORDAN        Jets (DST NYJ)
50    MOE_UNIT        Bowe, Dwayne (WR KC)
51    Wu-Tang Forever        Ward, Hines (WR PIT)
52    Dominators        Jackson, Vincent (WR SD)
53    Whippers        Welker, Wes (WR NE)
54    Bucs            Driver, Donald (WR GB)
55    Multiples        Best, Jahvid (RB DET)
56    G.O.W.            Harvin, Percy (WR MIN)
57    bears            Sims-Walker, Mike (WR JAC)
58    Dave Richard        Celek, Brent (TE PHI)
59    dstnbldwn        Portis, Clinton (RB WAS)
60    Huevos Rancheros    Finley, Jermichael (TE GB)

My pick: Brent Celek
This pick was based on the needs of the two guys drafting after me. I didn't have a huge desire for any of the quarterbacks left, the running backs left all looked the same and the receivers were good but neither of the owners picking after me really needed one. Celek would fill a void in my lineup and I wouldn't have to sweat getting a tight end later. Maybe a smidge of a reach, but I was confident he wouldn't come back to me for my next pick.
I also considered: Jonathan Stewart

Round 6           
61    Huevos Rancheros    Stewart, Jonathan (RB CAR)
62    dstnbldwn        Jacobs, Brandon (RB NYG)
63    Dave Richard        Garcon, Pierre (WR IND)
64    bears            Floyd, Malcom (WR SD)
65    G.O.W.            Nicks, Hakeem (WR NYG)
66    Multiples        Wallace, Mike (WR PIT)
67    Bucs            Manning, Eli (QB NYG)
68    Whippers        Forte, Matt (RB CHI)
69    Dominators        Mason, Derrick (WR BAL)
70    Wu-Tang Forever        Jones, Felix (RB DAL)
71    MOE_UNIT        Crabtree, Michael (WR SF)
72    kalebJORDAN        Flacco, Joe (QB BAL)

My pick: Pierre Garcon
My plan worked and the receiver I wanted the most fell into my lap. Garcon should go about here in drafts, and because I think he'll play a lot this season, my expectations are high. Best of all, he's my No. 3 receiver, so I don't have to rely on him a lot if things happen that change his Fantasy value.
I also considered: Michael Crabtree, Joe Flacco

Round 7           
73    kalebJORDAN        Cowboys (DST DAL)
74    MOE_UNIT        Williams, Cadillac (RB TB)
75    Wu-Tang Forever        Kolb, Kevin (QB PHI)
76    Dominators        Gonzalez, Tony (TE ATL)
77    Whippers        Vikings (DST MIN)
78    Bucs            Daniels, Owen (TE HOU)
79    Multiples        Aromashodu, Devin (WR CHI)
80    G.O.W.            Breaston, Steve (WR ARI)
81    bears            Shiancoe, Visanthe (TE MIN)
82    Dave Richard        Cutler, Jay (QB CHI)
83    dstnbldwn        Ryan, Matt (QB ATL)
84    Huevos Rancheros    Barber, Marion (RB DAL)

My pick: Jay Cutler
Awesome value, and another reason why waiting on a quarterback isn't such a bad idea. Cutler's arm mixed with Mike Martz's playbook should result in some epic passing stats. That might include a lot of interceptions, but I'll take the bad with the good in this case. I probably would not have gone this route had I not drafted Steven Jackson in Round 1.
I also considered: No one. I was going Cutler all the way.

Round 8           
85    Huevos Rancheros    Maclin, Jeremy (WR PHI)
86    dstnbldwn        Bush, Reggie (RB NO)
87    Dave Richard        Collie, Austin (WR IND)
88    bears            Meachem, Robert (WR NO)
89    G.O.W.            Packers (DST GB)
90    Multiples        Hardesty, Montario (RB CLE)
91    Bucs            Ravens (DST BAL)
92    Whippers        Moss, Santana (WR WAS)
93    Dominators        Hartley, Garrett (K NO)
94    Wu-Tang Forever        Bush, Michael (RB OAK)
95    MOE_UNIT        49ers (DST SF)
96    kalebJORDAN        Holmes, Santonio (WR NYJ)

My pick: Austin Collie
I love him. If you've been listening to me or reading me this offseason you'd know this. I think he's going to be awesome, and with the receiver pool drying up faster than LeBron James jersey sales in Ohio, I had to take one more guy. Now I could platoon either of the Colts' receivers opposite Reggie Wayne all season long. And, Anthony Gonzalez can't possibly play in place of both of them, so I am completely locked in with a capable Colts wideout who won't see double coverage. Sweet!
I also considered: No one. Jeremy Maclin went two picks ahead, making my choice easier.

Round 9           
97    kalebJORDAN        Bryant, Dez (WR DAL)
98    MOE_UNIT        Tomlinson, LaDainian (RB NYJ)
99    Wu-Tang Forever        Forsett, Justin (RB SEA)
100    Dominators        Eagles (DST PHI)
101    Whippers        Akers, David (K PHI)
102    Bucs            Longwell, Ryan (K MIN)
103    Multiples        Tate, Ben (RB HOU)
104    G.O.W.            Crosby, Mason (K GB)
105    bears            Spiller, C.J. (RB BUF)
106    Dave Richard        Palmer, Carson (QB CIN)
107    dstnbldwn        Miller, Zach (TE OAK)
108    Huevos Rancheros    Steelers (DST PIT)

My pick: Carson Palmer
Nothing is promised with Cutler like it is (figuratively) with Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees, so I needed a backup. I loved getting Palmer here because he has No. 1 quarterback potential. I'm fortunate he lasted this long, though I suppose I might have been able to wait one more round. In retrospect, I could have done better getting Thomas Jones here to back up Charles and then get Palmer.
I also considered: Thomas Jones

Round 10           
109    Huevos Rancheros    Jones, Thomas (RB KC)
110    dstnbldwn        Gostkowski, Stephen (K NE)
111    Dave Richard        Bradshaw, Ahmad (RB NYG)
112    bears            Slaton, Steve (RB HOU)
113    G.O.W.            Hightower, Tim (RB ARI)
114    Multiples        Houshmandzadeh, T.J. (WR SEA)
115    Bucs            Jackson, Fred (RB BUF)
116    Whippers        Gonzalez, Anthony (WR IND)
117    Dominators        Taylor, Chester (RB CHI)
118    Wu-Tang Forever        Berrian, Bernard (WR MIN)
119    MOE_UNIT        Cotchery, Jerricho (WR NYJ)
120    kalebJORDAN        Cooley, Chris (TE WAS)

My pick: Ahmad Bradshaw
Let the backup running back talent build begin! Bradshaw is on my short list of breakout candidates and felt that he was a good choice here. I also would have been happy with the other rushers available at this point, and they went right after Bradshaw did.
I also considered: Tim Hightower, Fred Jackson, Steve Slaton, Chester Taylor

Round 11           
121    kalebJORDAN        McFadden, Darren (RB OAK)
122    MOE_UNIT        Bironas, Rob (K TEN)
123    Wu-Tang Forever        Carlson, John (TE SEA)
124    Dominators        Maroney, Laurence (RB NE)
125    Whippers        Harrison, Jerome (RB CLE)
126    Bucs            McGahee, Willis (RB BAL)
127    Multiples        McCluster, Dexter (WR KC)
128    G.O.W.            Williams, Ricky (RB MIA)
129    bears            Williams, Roy E. (WR DAL)
130    Dave Richard        Brown, Donald (RB IND)
131    dstnbldwn        Bears (DST CHI)
132    Huevos Rancheros    Knox, Johnny (WR CHI)

My pick: Donald Brown
Another pick, another backup rusher. Simple as that.
I also considered: Dexter McCluster (snaked three picks before me -- blast!), Larry Johnson

Round 12           
133    Huevos Rancheros    McNabb, Donovan (QB WAS)
134    dstnbldwn        Smith, Kevin (RB DET)
135    Dave Richard        Johnson, Larry (RB WAS)
136    bears            Saints (DST NO)
137    G.O.W.            Evans, Lee (WR BUF)
138    Multiples        Winslow, Kellen (TE TB)
139    Bucs            Smith, Alex (QB SF)
140    Whippers        Sproles, Darren (RB SD)
141    Dominators        Chambers, Chris (WR KC)
142    Wu-Tang Forever        Henne, Chad (QB MIA)
143    MOE_UNIT        Britt, Kenny (WR TEN)
144    kalebJORDAN        Westbrook, Brian (RB PHI)

My pick: Larry Johnson
Effectively my 12th-round pick in every league. I think he could be a dynamo this season with the Redskins, even if he's just a part-time player. He seemingly is a lock for the final roster.
I also considered: No one. I was locked in here.

Round 13           
145    kalebJORDAN        Hester, Devin (WR CHI)
146    MOE_UNIT        Cassel, Matt (QB KC)
147    Wu-Tang Forever        Chargers (DST SD)
148    Dominators        Washington, Nate (WR TEN)
149    Whippers        Bryant, Antonio (WR CIN)
150    Bucs            Burleson, Nate (WR DET)
151    Multiples        Giants (DST NYG)
152    G.O.W.            Edwards, Braylon (WR NYJ)
153    bears            Sanchez, Mark (QB NYJ)
154    Dave Richard        Dolphins (DST MIA)
155    dstnbldwn        Stafford, Matthew (QB DET)
156    Huevos Rancheros    Thomas, Demaryius (WR DEN)

My pick: Dolphins DST
I needed a DST.
I also considered: Titans DST, Lawrence Tynes

Round 14           
157    Huevos Rancheros    Kaeding, Nate (K SD)
158    dstnbldwn        Roethlisberger, Ben (QB PIT)
159    Dave Richard        Tynes, Lawrence (K NYG)
160    bears            Vinatieri, Adam (K IND)
161    G.O.W.            Jones, Julius (RB SEA)
162    Multiples        Reed, Jeff (K PIT)
163    Bucs            Walter, Kevin (WR HOU)
164    Whippers        Bell, Mike (RB PHI)
165    Dominators        Ward, Derrick (RB TB)
166    Wu-Tang Forever        Rackers, Neil (K HOU)
167    MOE_UNIT        Manningham, Mario (WR NYG)
168    kalebJORDAN        Carpenter, Dan (K MIA)

My pick: Lawrence Tynes
I needed a kicker.
I also considered: Nate Kaeding

My team:

Jay Cutler
Carson Palmer

Steven Jackson
Jamaal Charles
Ahmad Bradshaw
Donald Brown
Larry Johnson

DeSean Jackson
Marques Colston
Pierre Garcon
Austin Collie

Brent Celek

Lawrence Tynes

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