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Milwaukee Bucks Week 6 & 7 (2-0, 1-3) (3-3)

Its hard being a Bucks Fan...

They now stand at 10-15 and are 12th in the east, only better than Charlotte, Washington and Indiana

For the 1st week of December, the Bucks caught a much needed Lazy schedule and only had to play 2 games, both at home and both against beatable teams - AND THEY WON! Well I did not expect them to lose against the Bulls and Bobcats.

Last week the Bucks took a 3 game west coast road trip and got HAMMERED, losing to the Lakers, Suns and Warriors. Against the Lakers they had a good chance to steal a game. They were comming of of 2 solid wins and could have taken that momentum into LA; But they did NOT. The Lakers played poorly as well - this game was very sloppy. The Lakers did dramatically improve their shooting after the 1st half and the Bucks continued to build a mini ball park with all those bricks the laid.

Against the Suns, Shaq, once again, dominated? Yeah, his disdain for Scott Skiles takes 10 years off of his age. Shaq beat the drum known as the Milwaukee Bucks to the tune of: 35 points, on 14 of 19 shooting, 8 rebounds and 3 blocks all in 34 minutes.

Then the Bucks played the Warriors and got winded. I guess thats becoming a trend for theses back-to-back road games. In the Forth quarter the Warriors just poured it on and the Bucks enjoyed the oncourt seats.

So after getting a 2 day break, the Bucks were able to take care of business at home against the Pacers. Actually, the Bucks stuck their foot up the Pacers @$$. Four players scored 20+ for Milwaukee - Michael Redd lead with 27 pts, Charlie Villanueva dropped 26 pts, off the bench, Richard Jefferson had 20 pts and Andrew Bogut had 20 pts to go along with his 20 reb - yeah a dbl-dbl.

Tonight the Bucks are down in Miami to take on the Heat, who just got thumped by the Grizzlies yesterday. I can say with CONFIDENCE: the Bucks are a solid bet on taking out the Heat. I'm thinking 35 from Redd and 20 from Chuck V, Jefferson will get like 17 and Bogut will have like 17 rebounds... 101-95 Bucks.. ANY TAKERS?

I am thinking the Bucks will be a good sleeper team to Pick, the toughness of their schedule thus far is going unnoticed. Since last Sunday, against the Lakers, until Friday, against the Knicks, the Bucks are on a stretch where they will play 6 of 7 games on the road - with the one home game being against the Pacers last Saturday - which will give them 18 road games out of their first 28 this season! Therefore, if the can hang in there, they can make a late season push - they play 19 of their last 30 games at home.

Here's some Fun Facts

  • the Bucks are the LEAST valuable franchise at $278 Million
  • Only LeBron James and Shaq have scored over 30 points on the Bucks this season
  • the Bucks are 8-1 against teams at or below .500
  • The Bucks STILL lead the league in fouls per game with 25.64
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Milwaukee Bucks: Week 5 (0-4)

(sigh) Winless for the week... 7-12 for the season... Last place in the division... only better than the Wizards and Bobcats in the east.... (Sigh)

I can Hardly beleive the Bucks were not able to eek out at least 1 win. I will not beat up on my team though because, the truth is, there is a lot of upside to this Bucks team. We can not deny the impact of the injury to Michael Redd(who returned saturday against the Cavs); the adjusting to a new system under a new coach, Scott Skiles; and the 3 games Andrew Bogut has missed last week, hopefully he will return tonight against the Bulls). All this is compounded with the rather ruthless schedule thus far like: 4 game weeks all of November, playing 10 of 17 games on the road, and a 4 game road trip that ended with a back-to-back with later being a home game against the LeBrons Cavaliers. Excuses, excuses, excuses... Well the schedule will get a tad bit lighter and at least the Bucks will get to play consecutive games at home.

Mil @ Orl
Man this was a heart breaker. I was impressed with Andrew Bogut taking it to Dwight Howard scoring 16 point in the 1st half of play. I was thinking the rest of the crew would step up for the 2nd half but then Bogut went down as well as the Bucks chances for winning this game. Howard went on to pour on 20 second-half points, took over the boards and controled the paint for the duration of the game. Howard played free safety on Ramon Sessions and got to him every time he drove the paint in the second half - thus, 7 points on 3-14 shooting, but seesions did contribute 8 assist, 6 rebounds and 2 steals to circumvent his lack of scoring. We can through in that we already had not Luke Ridnour and no Michael Redd for the game too.

So we lost

Final 108-101

Mil @ ATL
Another possible win. Another attribute to the value of a 7-footer playing solid defense and rebounding the ball. No way does Al Horford go for 21 points,  9 rebounds, 3 blocks and 2 steals, if Bogut plays; But the the Hawks took advantage and fed the ball to the post heavily. Joe Johnson ran decoy all game atempting only 12 shots but dishing out 9 assist by handling the ball and drawing double teams. Mike Bibby hung around the 3 point line all game and when his defender went to help he knocked the shots down - 18 points, hitting four 3 pointers. Marvin WIlliams did the same except he was in the paint and was able to get to the free throw line 10 times and only miss once. Ronald "Flip" Murray ran around, like a chicken withhis head cut off, and put in 16 points.

Despite all that the Bucks still kept it close. Richard Jefferson dropped 25 points - but when you take 20 shots and get to the line 10 times thats kind of expected. Ramon Sessions also was a big contributor, while playing heavy minutes for a limited Ridnour, he dropped 21 points. Charlie Villanueva 19 points were well appreciated.  What was not was his poor defense; I swear everytime Chuck took the bait on those double teams, which puzzles me because its not like he's going to block a shot. Dan Gadzuric earned some of the $6 mil that he's getting this year, and started for thte injured Bogut.

So the Bucks hung in there but did not have the muster to steal this on either...

Final 102-96

Mil @ Det
What a penalty for Allen Iverson not start against the Bucks for missing practice....

"We talkin' about Practice... Practice!, Not a game, not a game... Not a game, but PRAC-TICE"

Anyway, it wasn't like the Pistons were going to need him much. The Bucks are Andrew Bogut-less, Michael Redd-less, and starting a gimpy Luke Ridnour. So, this game was wachable, though, because Iverson did play; Richard Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace, and Tayshaun Prince played too; Richard Jefferson shot the ball a lot, got a great dunk, and Sessions drove the lane and made some sweet layups.


DAN GADZURIC earned some of that $6mil he's getting this year and dropped 10 points, grabbed 12 rebounds, swatted 3 shots and was a perfect 4-4 from the freethow line in his 32 minutes of play!

too bad the Bucks lost

Final 107-97

Mil vs Cle
Coach Skiles choose the following starting lineup...

C - Gadzuric
PF - Villanueva
SG - Sessions
PG - Ridnour

Charlie Bell and Andrew Bogut wer both out with injuries and Michael Redd made his return from his ankle injury. I can Imagine that Luc Richard Mbah a Moute did not start because Skile figured Redd would provide enough scoring from the bench. Thing is, Ben Wallace is going too punk Chuck V at the 4 spot (which he did) and it may have been better to bring in Chuck V against Anderson Varejao to draw some fouls and get to the line (Big Ben has never been foul prone).

The Bucks got Killed on the boards getting out rebounded 53-38. Zydrunas Ilgauskas dropped 23 points and grabbed SEVENTEEN ! (17) rebounds - another testiment to the void of having no Bogut leaves. I mean, Bogut is 6th in the league in rebounding with 10.9 per game. The Bucks never led at any point in this game. At Half time the Bucks were down by ten. Then at the end of the 3rd the got within 5 points. In the 4th they pulled within 2 point twice but anyway they lost.

Fan Story
The real sad thing about this HOME game is that they showed LeBron clips at the Bradley Center before the game started. Then when the Bucks were making a move in the forth quarter there was No cheering, No Rallying, No Chanting. IT WAS PATHETIC. It was nothing like the comeback game against the Wizards earlier this season. For that matter, its not even like what I remember from all the many many many times I went there from elementry to high school; From Terry Cummings and Alvin Robertson; to Todd Day and Eric Murdock; to Glen Robertson and Ray Allen (after that I moved from Milwaukee). I remember being there at the 2000 playoff when Reggie Miller broke out hearts and we lost game 5 at home (back when the 1st rd was only 5 game series); And next year, at game 6 of the ECF, when we pushed Allen Iverson and the 6ers to game 7.

Anyway, those teams equally sucked but we always cheered them on.

Tonite we face the Bulls at Home and we need some "get back". They were able to pull one on us during te season opener but not this time. Plus they played last night and the Bucks had 3 days off - they should be able to run them out the Bradley center.The only other game this week is against the Bobcats Friday. The Bucks need these 2 badly becasue Sunday they start a 3 game West Coast Road Trip Starting with the Lakers, then the Suns  and Finihsing up with the Warriors.

Being optimistic the Bucks can use the momentum from the Bulls and Bobcats to possible steal 1 from the Lakers. If we have All our starters for this week we should get at least a 3 game winning streak going


Snap and Roll I'm outta control!!!!

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Milwaukee Bucks week 4 (2-2) continued...

Since I did not get to fully complete my original post, instead of editing, I'll continue anew...

Mil @ Den
This has to be the worst game by the Bucks, thus far, in the season. I mean, Renaldo Balkman had 10 pts, 2 rebs, 4 blk, 2 stl, was 4-4 ft and 50% from the field in 20 minutes. No one on the Nuggets roster played over 29 minutes, no starter worth mentioning played more than 2 quarters. Good ol' Charlie Bell led the Bucks with 25 points.

I'm pretty sure that in the locker room at half time, when the Bucks wer losing 64-50, Coach Skiles said, "Ok guys, we will not hold them under 100 points, so we have no chance in hell. Charlie, Joe, Ramon this is going to be your half have fun." Then he rested RJ, Bogut, Mbah a Moute for the Jazz (which didnt help).

O yeah the Bucks Lost

Final 114-105

SO... The first quarter the Bucks came out rusty and the Jazz too a 10 point lead after 1, 26-16. Second quarter the Bucks got their second wind and took a 2 point lead at half time, off of a 26-8 run at the end of the half. In the third quarter the Buck held on to the 2-point lead; but after 8 missed shots and 6 turnovers, Old Coach Jerry Sloan knew a winded bunch we he sees one. I guess, knowing that the previous night your opponet played in a mile high altitude help too.

The Jazz came out in the 4th running. Sloan Made frequent sustitutions and ran the Buck ragged for the last 12 minutes of the game. Utah took a 3 point lead with about 5 minutes to play and that was all she wrote. The Bucks only managed to score 8 more points, while the jazz piled on 16 points and got the "W".

Resting the player was a smart move by coach Skiles but with a shallow bench its only a band-aid on a gun shot wound.

Final 105-94

Mil vs NYK
I must say that the Bucks were happy to be playing a short-handed Knicks squad, who like to run. With only 8 players there was not much running and gunning by the Knicks. The Bucks were salivating like a volture over a dead carcass, they knew the Knicks were theirs for the devouring. Charlie Villanueva returned from a "hamstring injury" and was glad to play in his hometown, so he dropped 20 points in 13 minutes. No Buck played over 29 minutes, which means they'll were rested for the Bobcats.


Final  104-87

Mil @ Cha
Well, I had to turn away from this game and just kept checking every now and then. This was like watching a group of over-sized high school kids play an all-start game. Nonetheless, the Bucks did hold on for the win. Since there is nothing great, or even merely good, to talk about on this game, I'll mention some good facts.

Did you know

  • The Bucks are 1 of 2 teams that have played 16 games thus far
  • The Bucks are 5th in rebounding for (44.75)  and against (39) as a team
  • The Bucks have the 2nd hight rebound differential (5.75)
  • The Bucks are 5th in turnovers (16.56)
  • The Bucks are NUMBER 1 in fouls with 26.25 fouls per game
  • The Bucks have lost every game where the opposing team has scored over 100 points(except in OT)

Final 79-74



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Milwaukee Bucks week 4 (2-2)

Again the Bucks have split their 4 games this week and stand at a 7-8 for the season. This week was tough with 3 of 4 games on the road and 3 of 4 teams above .500. Next week will be even tougher as the Bucks are on a 4 game road trip, that started saturday in Charlotte, followed by trips to Orlando(monday), Atlanta(wednesday) and Detroit(friday) and ends the week Saturday in Milwaukee against the Lebrons Cavs.


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Milwaukee Bucks Week 3 (2-2)

This was a tough weak for the Bucks. Thtey had to face 3 of the top teams in the NBA (Cavaliers, Spurs and Celtics) along with a young upstarting Grizzlies team. SO completing the week 2-2 is pretty good. I am starting to see the strides the Bucks are making defensively. They held 3 of 4 teams under 100 pts last week and the 1 team that did get over 100 pts needed overtime. Therefore I will be letting up on Coach Skiles, players are starting to buy in his system and once Michael Redd is back, his consistant scoring will get the Bucks a nice win Streak going.

Next week is looking like it will be another 2-2 record. The Bucks face the Nuggets and Jazz on the road back-to-back, that will be tough. They finish up the week against the Knicks(at home) and Bobcats(on the road), those are two game they are likely to win. They also start a 4 game road-trip(only 2 home games the rest of this month.

These next 2 weeks the Bucks have there work cut out for them and will have to beat some very good teams if they do not want to fall more than 1 game under .500.

Mil @ Cle
This was a game that could have used the scoring punch of Redd. LeBron James went for 41 points on the Bucks. Despite that the game was pretty close. This is just an example that Richard Jefferson can not carry the scoring load (he had 19 points). I was surprised to see the major minutes went to Luke Ridnour, Skiles must love his defense. Bogut was a no show(only played 20 minutes) but you have to believe Coach Skiles rested him for Tim Duncan and the Spurs.

Milwaukee Lost

Final 99-93

Mil vs Sas
The Bucks showed remendous heart against a depleted Spurs team(no Tony Parker, no Manu Ginobili). Andrew Bogut clocked in 43 minutes, scored 10 points, grabbed 17 rebounds, along with, 4 assist and 3 steals. So I must say, it was a great move to rest him against the Cavs. The Bucks took this game over with 1 minute left in the 3rd, when they were trailing by 11. From there they went on a 21-2 run to take an 8 point lead. This is where the heart came in, for the remaining 4 minutes the Bucks held off the Spurs, who rode a 14 point onslaught by Tim Duncan, and got within 2 points.

Final 82-78

Mil @ Mem
This was a very odd ball game. Memphis came out firing with rookie O.J. Mayo, who had a great 1st half with 15 points. The Grizz also ended with 2 players over 20 points: Mayo with 25, Rudy Gay had 24(18 in the 4th and OT), and Marc Gasol was not far behind with 18 points. The Grizzlies could not win this game because the were bably out rebounded by the Bucks 62 to 36, who had 3 players with double digit rebounds: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute had 17, Bogut had 15 and RJ with 10.

The Grizz control the 1sy half very nicely but when the outside shots stopped falling, they had no other option. At the start of the 3rd quarter the Grizz were ahead 51-37 (14 points). Brick after brick, that was put up by the Grizz, the Bucks chipp away all quarter until it was tied at the end of the 3rd, 64 to 64. Then the Buck mount a 5 point lead with 5 minutes left in the game, only to commit 3 consecutive turnovers and need a Ramon Sessions 3 pointer, with 9 sec left, to send the game to overtime. THE BUCKS ALMOST GAVE THE GAME BACK!

Sigh... In overtime the Bucks hit 10 consecutive freethrows to seal the deal.

Final 101-96 OT

Mil vs Bos
One week after being demolished by the Cetics in Boaston the Bucks looked for revenge at the Bradley center in Milwaukee. The Bucks did jump out early in the 1st quarter but after a 12 to 11 point lead the never lead the game again in regulation. The Bucks did grind out to erase a 12 point 4th quarter deficit and send the game to overtime on a Ridnour last second layup; But in the end the Celtics were just too much, in this extremely physical game(62 total fouls, 9 techs).

Back-toback OT is never good.

Final 102-97 OT

I'll finish with some nice photos...

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Dallas: Any Other Night

   Last night the Mavericks played the Lakers and any other night, against any other team, you would have to believe they would have pulled this one off. The Mavs had 6 players in double figures. Eric Dampier had a double-double with 11 points and 16 rebounds, which accented Jason Kidd with his tripple-double - 16 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assist.

So what went wrong?

     For starters, following a 60 point 1st half scoring output with a 39 point second half is eye popping. More importantly the Mav leading scorer had a horrible night, in the worst way. Most times great scorers find a way to get the ball in the bucket, or should I say, at least get to 18-20 points. Even if that not the case, the great leaders know how to take over in those closing moments of games to put opponents away, especially when they talk about their team lacking "fire".

    If your oblivious to the player I'm referring to, its Dirk Nowitzki, who put up 6th-man numbers in his 37 minutes of playing time - 14 pts on 5-17 shooting(29%), 8 reb, 1 ast, & 2 blk. Seemed like the only one who lacked "fire" last night was Dirk. The Mavs organization has been adding and subracting players around Nowitzki for 10 year now. It seems as if he may be the rotten apple in the bunch. Against the Cavaliers Dirk only scorede 8 point on 3 of 11 shooting. I think Dirk's happiness if gaged by his touches and field goal attempts. Nonetheless, there is a serious chemical imbalance on this Mavericks squad - Coach Carlisle may not be araound for long, because we all know that Dirk is Mavs owner Mark Cuban's "Cash Cow".

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Milwaukee Bucks: Week 2 (2-2)

Well, well, well...

    This week there seemed to be a trend developing with the Bucks, start off the 1st quarter great, suck for the 2nd and 3rd quarter, and hope to have enough to battle back in the 4th quarter. Let me say, what a horrible trend to start developing. This week it seems that the Bucks forgot that there is 4 quarters and 48 minutes in the NBA baskletball games because they have only been playing about 20 minutes per game. I cant blame Coach Skiles for this.

   I actually want to commend Skiles. Eventhough the Bucks have no played great, or even decent for that matter, he has kept them at a 50% record for the week (one game below for the season). Also I like that he is playing around with the roster. I do not like the 3 forward line ups he loves to try but he gets an "A" for effort, plus we only have 3 active guards right now so I understand.

  •  Luke Ridnour(9.4pts, 6.2ast, 2.8TO) Ramon Sessions(17.2pts, 6.2ast, 2.8TO)
         The point guard situation, right now, seems to be a coin toss. Coach Skiles is hell bent on giving Ridnour the nod and I can understand why. Ridnour is experienced and has his best seasons in Seattle under a similar system, with a similar SG SF tandem (Ray Allen/Rashard Lewis vs Michael Redd/Richard Jefferson). Plus Skiles needs a scoring option with the second unit and Sessions can be that guy, whereas Ridnour is far from a scorer. They both share the same assist-to-turnover ratio so there is no difference in effeciency. The only noticable difference, right now, is in there scoring ability. As for now, the concensus is that Ridnour will be the starter. Right now they both are averaging slightly over 30 minutes per game and Redd averages about 35 minutes per game. When Redd returns they both will see about a 8-10 minute reduction in playing time because I do not see Charlie Bell playing less that 18-20 minutes per game (Skiles will not bench a guy who makes the money Bell does, $3.3 mil, and he playes 26 minutes per game now).


  • CODE REDD - On Sunday, against the Knick Michael Redd went down. Now this has had no effect on the guards, its actually great for them becuase they have seen increased minutes and numbers. Where is does hurt, though, is with the post players, Andrew Bogut and Charlie Villanueva. With no Redd commanding double teams or help defense, teams have been able to collapse the paint. Thus, rendering this pair, for lack of better words, useless scoring options. Over the past 3 games, they have averaged a combined 15 points on 33% shooting - YUCK!


  • Joe Alexander(1st rd, 8th pick) - If Redd sits this week then we should see more Joe and he can get big time minutes, if he stays out of foul trouble (8 pts on 3-5 shooting, 2 ast, 1 stl, 2-2 ft% and 5 FOULS in 24 minutes). If he lessens the fouls he can see consistant minutes and he showed flashes against the Suns saturday night. Notable that fast break dunk on a pass from Sessions.
    White men can jump!

 Mil @ NYK
In this game we seen leading scorer Michael Redd go down late in the 3rd quarter with a sprained ankle. This had little outcome on the game because the Bucks we already ahead by 16 points. Redd started the 3rd quarter charge, unfortunatley he went out but Richard Jefferson and Ramon Session hung in there to close the deal. This was a flash of the Bucks capabilities because all the starters scored in double digits, Bogut was the low man with 13 points.

This was also Sessions 2nd start of the season and he was masterful in Ridnour's absence -
18 pts, 7 reb, 8 ast & 3 stl - in a Bucks Win

Final 94-86

Mil vs Was
The Bucks had to battle back from a 14 point, 4th quarter, deficit. They were able to do so on the heels of an unsung hero, Luc Mbah a Moute, who scored 7pts, during a 10-2 Milwaukee Bucks run that got them within 4 points. The game went to overtime and the Bucks were able to steal the game back on our home floor.

Richard Jefferson held it down with 32 pts, 3 reb, 9 ast, 2 stl, & 1 blk, in the overtime win

Final 112-104

Mil @ Bos
In reality you can not expect the Bucks to do much against the defending champs, Celtics, especially with no Michael Redd but they tricked us and had another great 1st quarter. If games were only 12 minutes the Bucks would be the best team in the league. Again this is the Celtics though. Paul Pierce was able to put the clamps on Jefferson. Kevin Garnett, Kendrick Perkins and Leon Powe dominated the frontcourts. Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen and Eddie House - c'mon Eddie House - yeah even Eddie House was able to severely limit the Bucks back court and force them into multiple turnovers. After the 1st 10 minutes it was not even a game any more.  

BUCKS LOSE no one really worth noting. Chuck V had a double-double, 13 pts 12 reb.

Final 101-89

Mil vs Pho
OMG!, Shaq dominated - 29 pts on 12-16 shooting, 11 reb, & 4 ast  - Charlie Bell was the leading scorer for the first 3 quarters. This was the making for disaster.  Andrew Bogut, Charlie Villanueva and Luke Ridnour were all no shows. Richard Jefferson was a half show.

Bucks got thrashed, looks like Sessions was the only one who came to play - 23 pts, 4 reb, 6 ast, 10 of 14 in freethrows, 0 TO, in 35 min

Final 104-96

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Milwaukee Bucks battle back against the Wizards

I must say I was impressed by the resilience the Bucks displayed wednesday night. I also must say that this game should have not been as close as it was, and I point the finger on that to Coach Skiles. Yes, I am overly critical of Coach Skiles because I really dont like him. Anyway, his mistake was at the start of the 2nd quater. After the Buck played a great 1st quarter that ended with a 30-17 lead, Skiles decided to start the 2nd quarter with this lineup...

C - Dan Gadzuric/ Fransico Elson
F - Malik Allen
F - Luc Mbah a Moute
F - Richard Jefferon
G - Ramon Sessions

What is to be expected of this group? Dont blow the lead? Well they did

In the first four minutes, Washington made a run (10 to 2 can-o-whoo-pass) on this lineup, taking the 13 point lead down to 5 pts. That set the tone for Washing to end the half on a 13 to ZERO run and take a 45-39, 6 point, lead in to half time.

So after half time, Skiles realized that a 3 forward lineup was not the way to go. Half way into the 3rd quarter he decided to try a 2 PG lineup, which was masterful...

C - Andrew Bogut/Dan Gadzuric
F - Luc Mbah a Moute
F - Richard Jefferson
G - Ramon Sessions
G - Luke Ridnour

For the remainder of the 3rd quart this lineup kept the Bucks in reach for the comeback. They never got within 9-10 point of the Wizards but they did keep the lead from strecthing past 15 points, which what the Wizards open the 3rd quarter with.

At the beginning of the 4th quarter the Bucks started out looking like the would not have enough in the tank to make a come back. For the first 7-8 minutes the would get the lead under 10 only to have it pushed back to 11-12 points. I was starting to think that this would end up just like the losses to the Bulls and the Raptors

Then, Luc Mbah a Moute scored 7 points, with Richard Jefferson and Andrew Bogut contributing 2 points each,  which capped a 10-2 run and they got within 4 points with the score at 90-86. The Wizards push their lead back up to seven Like a flash the Bucks go on a 10-1 scoring run and take the lead at 98-96. Antawn Jamison gets an acrobatic shot to fall to tie the game and the Buck have the ball with 21 seconds left. Skiles designed a great play...

  • RJ inbounds the ball to Luke Ridnour. Ridnour dribbles the ball to opposite side ine drawing a double team, and RJ comes to the top of the key drawing a defender. Ridnour skip passes all the way to the opposite corner baseline to a wide open Luc Mbah a Moute... WHAT... Luc Mbah a Moute?!?!? He pump fakes, take a dribble step around the insuing defender and has an open 17ft shot.... AND...

We're going to overtime...

The Overtime was all Bucks. They took the fight out of the Wizard when Ridnour stole a pass from DeShawn Stevenson, took off and pass to a cutting Ramon Sessions, who tossed it back to a Streaking Richard Jefferson, and he finished with an emphatic slam and Yelled,

"C'MON LETS GO!!!!!!!!!"

That was RJ 32nd point and you knew the Bucks were not going to let the game slip away...


Welcome to the Bucks RJ

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