Posted on: January 24, 2008 5:41 pm

Super Bowl

Is this not the worst 2 weeks in sports? Waiting, sleepless nights just trying to get to that Big Sunday! I love the sports pages and love all the articles on line, but the last 7 days before the game there is nothing left! They have all done the articals on every player on the teams, recycled all old articals from the past, talked about every other Super Bowl! Aggg, its just boring! I love the fact its 2 week break when my team is in it because it gives them more rest and more time to prepare! When my team is noit in it I want it on the following Sunday! I cant wait for the game, to pray my squares hit, and watch my team be crowned the greatest of all time! When Sunday has gone its off to root for my Celtics, and prepare for the Sox Spring training!
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