Posted on: February 25, 2009 6:12 am

Protesting the changes blog

This Blog is for all members to sign to show cBS that you disagree with the changes from this past month.  cBS states they made these changes because the majority of the people were complaining.  Well, if you disagree with the changes just add a comment,  copy the list and add your name.  Evently the list will be so long that cBS will have to recognize they made a mistake.  Oh, by the way don't complain too much they will lower your rating too.

CBS we as members of the message boards are voicing our disagreements with the recent changes.

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Posted on: September 30, 2008 10:12 am

The Bitch, Gripe and Complaint Blog

I know everyone on this board gets to the point where they want to get something off of their chest.  So here it is, The spot where you can complain about anything in the sports world,  Whether its you don't think your team gets enough TV coverage, or you don't like a particular trade.  The fans of a team gets on your nerves.  Your team isn't playing well, etc.  A spot where you can vent without worrying about what others really think about what you say. 

Since this is my blog, I do have some rules that must be followed or I will delete your blog.

1.  We must all agree to disagree - If you don't like what someone wrote then respond about what they wrote, not about the poster.

2.  Keep it as clean as possible - No F-bombs, F*ck you's, or anything like that

3.  No name calling - Again, I cannot stress that this is not a place for you to get into a pissing contest with another poster.  If you disagree about what they say about your team, them respond to defend your team.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Simple Jib-Jabs to posters are ok.

So you see there are not many rules, but I would like for this Blog to be a place to get things off ones chest about sports not about each other.  Have fun with it. And let the blogs begin.

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