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Posted on: May 19, 2009 10:36 am
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Michael Waltrip Update and a Surprise!!!!!!!

Well, Mikey has put himself in a position where he has going to have to make a decision,  Does he sign someone to drive the 55 next season or does he and his team get their act together and improve their position in the standings.  Now for some defense for Michael, he was running well at 'Dega when he got caught up in the second big one and that killed him in the standings, along with his engine exploding at Darlington.  However, Mikey started off well and has fallen off bad here lately and that puts him in a postions of where he needs to really improve over the next 5 races and if he can't maybe he should seriously consider stepping down. 

As a fan that is hard to say but Mikey made a bold statement at the beginning of the season, to either put up or shut up, and if he doesn't improve he should step down.  Now who should he consider putting in the 55 next season if he decides to step down.  Well, there are two drivers who come to mind that will be free agents next season.

1.  Martin Truex Jr. - Martin is comtemplating leaving DEI and would be a good fit into the 55 car.  A strong driver who can help put NAPA back in the winner's circle.  Also, with Mikey having signed his brother, that may be just the thing to get Martin to come over.  Now you may ask why would Martin consider the 55 Car?  Well, all you have to do is look at how well David Reutimann and Marcos Ambrose are running and you know the equipment is there.  So I think Martin would consider it.  Martin could also be signed even if Mikey runs next season, especially if he brings Bass Pro shop with him.  Mikey has room for a 4th car and it would set up Martin running with his brother eventually.

2.  Jamie McMurry - Jamie is a free agent and I'm not sure he is happy with the whole Jack Roush situtation.  Plus Jamie and Mikey have made a couple of commericals together, food lion, and that may be the interaction that brings these two together.  So Don't be surprised if Mikey steps down, Jamie steps in.


I'm going to catch a lot of grief over this one so hang on.

Tony Eury Jr. will become Michael Waltrips Crew Chief if he is fired at HMS.  Now don't laugh.  but Mikey and Tony Jr. had a good releationship at DEI and Mikey liked the way he set up his car.  So if Tony Eury gets handed his walking papers after the 600 look for him to be in the MWR shop within a couple of days.  Booty will be given another assignment within the shop and will remain.  But right now Booty can't get the front end of the car to Mikey's liking and that is why Mikey has struggled lately.  I know I have maintained Junior would never do anything with Eury Jr as his crew chief, but I don't believe it has anything to do with Tony's ability it has to do with the bickering the two do when in each others company.  And I think Tony can keep up with the track if given proper feedback from the driver.  But listening to Junior this weekend it's like he expects Tony to read his mind.  And that doesn't work.  Anyway it would be best for Both I believe if Tony and Junior split. 

So you can say you heard it hear first.  That if Tony Eury Jr. gets fired he will end up at MWR.

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Posted on: February 8, 2009 10:14 am

Mikeyfan's Pre-Season Predictions (Dodge)

Kasey Kahne is probably Dodge's best chance to make the chase. He is a young aggressive driver that can win races.  However, the question is can Dodge give him a car to compete with?  The rest of the Petty Lineup consist of drivers trying to prove they belong in Reed Sorenson and A.J. Allmendinger or trying to impress another owner and catch on somewhere else for 2010, Elliott Saddler.

Outlook For Richard Petty Motorsports

Kasey Kahne is Dodges best bet to get a car into the chase.  To me the bigger question for Petty Motorsports is will what happened between Elliott Saddler and Petty cause a riff in this team and destroy the 2009 season?

Penske Championship Racing

Kurt Bush is the top driver at Penske but has been a disappointment the past few seasons.  For being a Past Champion Kurt is looking more like his championship was a fluke and a product of the "Chase" instead of a champion that is capable of winning anytime out.  Kurt is Penske's best chance to make the chase but I don't see that happening, in fact I see Kurt ending the season somewhere between 18th and 22nd in points, unless Penske steps up their game a whole lot.  Roger also has David Stremme in the 12 car and should be happy if David can end in the top 25.  And is this the make or break year for Sam Hornish?  It should be. Sam was not in the top 35 his first year and finished outside the top 35 last year.  I don't see him making much progress this year.  So the question remains if Sam is struggling to stay in the top 35 by Daytona in July will Roger replace him with a young driver from the Nationwide or Truck series?

Outlook for Penske Championship Racing

The outlook for Penske is bleak to say the least.  I really do not see anyone on this team with a shot at the chase. Kurt has not been impressive the past couple of years, although I will say with Ryan Newman being gone that may help Kurt and his team as they should get the majority of Penske's attention


Well there you have it.  Mikeyfan's predictions.  I am showing 8 locks for the chase and the last 4 positions should be a shootout amoung as many as a dozen drivers.  This season should be fun.

Again, give me your take on all my blogs.  Thanks

Posted on: February 6, 2009 11:19 am

Mikeyfan's Pre-Season Predictions (Toyota)

Last season JGR brought Toyota to the forefront and almost won them the Manufacture Championship.  So how do the Toyota teams do this year?  Here are my thoughts.

Joe Gibbs Racing

Can Kyle Bush repeat last years regular season domination?  Will Denny keep his cool and stay in the chase?  What happens to JGR with Tony no longer in the fold?  Is Joey Lagono the Real deal or a dud?  These are the questions a lot of folks have.  JGR should have another good year.  Both Kyle Bush and Denny Hamlin should make the chase without a problem.  Joey on the other hand is a wild card.  Will he listen to a proven crew chief in Greg Zipadelli or will he figure, as a lot of 18, 19 and 20 year old do, that he already knows everything and starts tearing up equipment?  I guess time will tell

Outlook for Joe Gibbs Racing

You can lock in Kyle Bush and Denny Hamlin into your chase picture.  These two team are solid and should have another solid year.  The question remains the 20 car.  They are a wild card to make the chase, but I think Zippy and the gang should be happy with a solid top 20 run this season and think about the chase at a later time.  The biggest question for Joey is will we see the Joey we saw in the Nationwide series or the one that struggled in the cup series?

Red Bull Racing

Brian Vickers had a great showing for Toyota and for their second year team.  Brian was consistently in the top 20 all year and brought some legitimacy to this race team.  Brian should challenge for a chase spot but I'm not sure he'll make it.  Red Bull also made a driver change this year bringing in Phoenom Scott Speed and releasing AJ Allmendinger.  This upset a lot of people but we will have to see who was right at the end of the season. 

Outlook for Red Bull Racing

I see Brian Vickers as having a chance to sneak into the top 12 and make the chase, The bigger question is can he win a race for Toyota and Red Bull this season.  As for Scott Speed he needs to worry about staying in the top 30 this year, make every race and learn the tracks and drivers.  If he starts pressing to run with the "big dogs" he could find himself in the go or go homers after 5 races.

Michael Waltrip Racing

David Reutimann played the Brian Vickers role at MWR last season.  David was consistent and showed signs at the end of last season that he was going to be a force to reckon with in 2009.  David is also one of the many who could find himself making a run for the chase.  As for Michael Waltrip, well Michael put a lot of pressure on himself this year by stating if he doesn't make some major improvement he will probably step down and turn the car over to a younger driver.  I personnelly don't think that will happen, Michael finally figured out how he like the COT to feel and once he and Bobby Kennedy figured that out Michael ran well.  And even though he has a new crew chief in Bootie Barker, Bobby Kennedy will be their to help Bootie learn what Michael wants in a car.  Last the 47 car of Marcos Ambrose.  Marcos is a young driver and should hopefully put the car in the top 25.  He will contend for a victory on both road courses and could surprise some on the cookie cutter track.

Outlook for Michael Waltrip Racing

I think the outlook is positive for MWR this season.  Look for Both David and Michael to have cars in Victory lane and both viaing for the chase.  I see a top 20 for both the 00 and the 55 and look for the 47 to have a good top 25 season.

Robby Gordon Racing

Robby moves from Dodge to Toyota in 2009.  Robby wants to get back to the top 20 and win another race or too.  I admire him for being on his own for so long but I think its starting to take its toll. 

Outlook for Robby Gordon Racing

Robby should finish somewhere between 22nd and 30th in points.  As always he will be a force on the Road Courses.

Rest of the Toyota Teams and Their Outlook

I'm just going to list the rest of the Toyota teams as they are all new teams.  Don't expect any of these teams to contend for a chase spot.  Most will be battling for the 35th spot to stay out of the go or go homers.

27 Kirk Shelmirdine - Kirk has done well in the past qualifying on the plate tracks but don't expect him to last the season.

34 Tommy Baldwin Racing - Tommy has Scott Riggs as a driver and has a solid chance of making the top 35.  A new team with a craft veteran crew chief as owner.  This team could surprise and end up in the top 30 by seasons end.

41 Jeremy Mayfield - Jeremy is starting his own team and has solid sponsorship with "Big Red" Soft drinks.  Jeremy is a good driver and could end up in the top 35 by seasons end.

64 Todd Bodine - "Cue Ball" is moving up from the trucks to tackle the Cup series once again.  If he has the proper backing and lands sponsorship he could contend for a top 25 spot.

66 Prism Motor Sports - With Terry Labonte and Dave Blaney driving for this team I hope they do well.  I like both drivers but with Phil Parsons just starting out this team will struggle making the top 35.  I hope they end the season in the top 35.

87 Joe Nemechek - After being ousted from Furniture Row, Joe is going to try it on his own.  I don't see him making it through an entire season, unless he can find some major sponsorship.


Well there you have it the Toyota teams.  Toyota should have 2 in the chase and there are several possiblities for more.  The outlook for Toyota is looking better each year as more teams are moving in their direction.

Posted on: February 3, 2009 8:15 am

Mikeyfan's Pre-Season Predictions (Ford)

Ford Racing is down to Two Full Time Teams and they have cut their support to the truck series. Ford will be sporting their 2010 Ford Fusion and will also be using their new FR9 Engines.  Ford appears to have put all their eggs into the Roush Racing Basket, with that here is what I predict for Ford this season.

Roush Racing

Roush Racing should be a lock for 2 teams making the chase, the 99 of Carl Edwards and the 17 of Matt Kenseth, and could very well end up with 4 to 5 cars in the chase.  Greg Biffle had an impresive run in the chase last year but he is kind of a Wild Card as his aggressive driving style can get him into on track trouble and lose valuable points during the season.  David Regan had a very impressive 2nd year, finishing just outside of the chase at 13th in the points, David will also be a free agent after this season so he his fighting for a job.  Speaking of fighting for a job, Jamie McMurray is also in his last season under contract.  With Jack having to cut back to 4 teams Jamie appears to be the odd man out.  Rumor is that Jamie will move to either the Wood Brothers or Robert Yates but the question remains what has happened to this promising driver?

Outlook for Roush Racing - With Carl Edwards and his talent Roush Racing should contend for the championship, the question really is how many cars with Roush field in the Chase.  This is Fords only hope in NASCAR and therefore, I see all the engineering help from Ford going to this team.

Robert Yates Racing

Last season RYR did a yeomens job in keeping two cars in the top 30 with little to no sponsors, however, it was this lack of sponsorship that lead to major changes at RYR.  Paul Menard moved to RYR along with his Menard's Home Improvement sponsorship.  Paul will be driving the 98 Ford but he got the points from the 28 car insuring he is in the first 5 races of the season.  RYR then drew an alliance with Hall of Fame racing and their new driver Bobby Labonte replacing the 38 and getting the 38's points thereby insuring the 96 will be in the first 5 races.  RYR has announced Travis Kvapil will run the 28 car for the first 5 races this season and more if sponsorship can be found.  The problem is Travis will have to qualify his way into the show each of those first 5 weeks. 

Outlook for Robert Yates Racing - I don't see any team from this organization competing for a spot in the chase.  In fact if both cars stay in the top 25 and get the bonus money at the end of the season they will have accomplished a lot, as not only is the funding not really there but the manufacture support will be at Roush and very little if any will be passed down to RYR.

Wood Brothers Racing

It is a sad day as the Wood Brothers will not be racing a full schedule for the first time since 1973.  Of course in 1973 they won a championship with a part time driver by the name of David Pearson.  The Wood Brothers are scheduled to run 12 races this year with Part Time Driver Bill Elliott and possibly 20 races if sponsorship dollars can be found.  The Woods have stated they are going back to old school and trying to develop their own equipment and thier own data for a future comeback into full time competitive racing in the cup series. 

Outlook for Wood Brothers Racing

The Wood Brothers are at a crossroads this year.  Will they survive the cutbacks and the economic down turn?  Will they be able to survive only running a part time schedule?  Will they be able to secure sponsorship for the future?  Only the future can really tell us, here's hoping this team does survive and we will see them compete for wins again in the near future.


There you have it.  Ford's best bet is Roush Racing but is that a good thing?  Or should Ford try to build up other teams like RYR or WBR so they can attract more of the better drivers and all Ford teams being able to compete like the top 3 Chevy teams are able to compete against each other?  You decide

Posted on: January 30, 2009 10:35 am

Mikeyfan's Pre-season Predictions (Chevy)

I am going to do a blog on each of the major teams by manufacture.  This one will be on the Defending Champion Chevorlet.  Then I will do Ford, Toyota, and last Dodge.  Here's my take on the Chevy teams

Hendricks Motor Sports

The question with HMS is how many drivers they will have in the chase.  We know that Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon will probably be there, but the question is will Junior or Mark Martin be the third or will HMS actually get 4 drivers in.  I understand that Junior was running 3rd when the chase started, he was very consistent last year, however, I still have issues on his communication with his crew chief when it comes to the late stages of the race.  The question is was the regular season what we should expect to see from Junior or did what happen in the chase really show the state of that team.  The other big question is Mark Martin.  Here is a good driver that hasn't raced a full season the past 2 years.  Question is can he do well and make the chase in a car that did not make the chase last year or the year before.  Rick has seemed to always have an R&D car and the biggest question is what car will be his R&D car this year or will they finally all get it together.

Prediction for HMS - HMS should have 3 cars in the chase again this year, maybe 4, JJ and Jeff should be a lock with either Dale Junior or Mark Martin the third party.


Richard Childress Racing

This is Richards First year as an owner of 4 cars.  The past two seasons he has been able to get all 3 cars in the chase but will he do it again this year?  The 29 of Harvicks and 31 of Jeff Burton should be a lock to make the chase, the questions lie with Clint Bowyers move to a new team with a new crew chief, in the 33 car and can Casey Mears live up to his hype and make the chase with a crew that made it with a rookie and sophomore driver the last two year?

Prediction for RCR - RCR should have 2 cars locked into the chase and a third car should make it.  I don't believe they will get all 4 cars in the chase meaning either Mears or Bowyer will not make it.  This season could be a turning point for Casey as Richard's grandson is starting to make his way into the lower NASCAR circuits.


Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing

Will the merger of DEI and GR bring success or failure to the new team?  Both Truex Jr and Montoya have an outside chance to make the chase but for this organization the main question is can they field a 3rd full time team in order to keep Turex Jr. and more importantly Bass Pro Shop for another year?  It appears that John Andretti will be using the points from the 15 and will run full time with an alliance to EGR.  Will BASS Pro Shop recognize this alliance as a full filling thier agreement with EGR?

Prediction for EGR - This is a team sorely in need for another full time sponsor for the 8 car.  It is possible that we may see this team close its door at years end.  Montoya and Truex Jr. should battle for a chase spot but right now I'm not sure either will make it.


Stewart Hass Racing

Repeat after me:  Tony is not a teammate of Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Mark Martin.  He does not race for Rick Hendricks and never will. Now with that out of the way......

Will Tony be successful on his own?  How will he do without Zippy in his corner to keep him under control?  These and many other questions will be answered the first half of this season and should prove interesting.  The other question is what chance does he and Ryan Newman have at making the chase?  Very little if you ask me.  I know most don't agree with me, with the exception of Hawks, most are in a wait and see mode.  But I cannot see Rick Hendricks selling equipment to Tony that will take money out of his pockets.  Tony is an outstanding driver and could win a race this year, (plate track being his best bet) but I look for Tony to finish somewhere between 15th and 20th in points with Ryan finishing outside the top 25.  New team, growing pains and not building their own equipment will hurt this team this year.  Hopefully, Tony is getting things set up to start building his own in the future.

Prediction for SHR

I believe Tony will struggle more this year than most will think.  Tony is a great driver and I am a fan of his, my number 2 driver behind Mikey, but I think he will have his plate full trying to keep his car in the top 20 and getting Ryan in the top 25.  Don't look for too much from this team.

Well there you have it.  I have covered all the major Chevy Teams now it is your turn to let me and others know what you think.

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Posted on: November 18, 2008 1:30 pm

A Small Change in the NASCAR Points System

Everyone complains that the points system in NASCAR isn't really conducive of running up front.  So what if there was a small tweak in the way points were scored.  No not giving the winner more points, I'd keep the basic structure the same but what I would do is give a point for each lap lead.

That's right you'd still get 5 points for leading a lap and 10 for leading the most laps but you would also get 1 point for each lap you lead during the race.  Say your at Martinsville and you lead 300 of the 500 laps, and win the race well you'd get your 195 points for the win, leading the most laps and 5 points for leading a lap but you would also gain 300 points for leading 300 laps making your point total for the day at 495 points.  This would mean each lap had meaning and you wouldn't see drivers just riding and being content with where they are.  Could you imagine a driver 300 points out of the chase going into Richmond could very well make the chase if he lead 300 to 350 laps and won the race. 

The flip side of this is you lose a point for each lap you do not finish.  So if you finished 43rd and only completed 300 of 500 laps then you deduct 300 from 34 and you'd have a negative 266 points which could take you from say 25th to being in a go or go home status, or take you from being in the chase to out of the chase just like that. 

Give me your thoughts of this little tweak in points.

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Posted on: November 10, 2008 2:29 pm
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Mikeyfans End of Year NASCAR Awards

Most of you remember I did a mid year awards blog, so now I'm going to do an end of year awards blog.  Using the same categories and I will even show who my mid season winner was.  Please feel free to comment as usual.


Mid Season Winner: Kyle Bush

My how fortunes change - at mid season there was no question who should get this award Kyle Bush had it locked it seemed, but something happened at the start of the chase and well, to the joy of Junior fans everywhere, Kyle hit a rough patch and may not make the banquet table, imagine that. 

So who is this years MVP,  Well the obvious would probably be Jimmie Johnson, he has his 3rd championship virtually locked up, he would win the points battle even it was under the old system so why not JJ.  But no one ever accused me of going with the obvious.  My pick for this years MVP is:

CARL EDWARDS - Carl has been consistent all year, he won races in the begining of the year, mid-year and the end of the year.  And if it wasn't for a 100 point deduction at Vegas this year Carl would be leading under the classic points system by 46 points. 

Most Improved:


At the mid season I toyed with Brian and David Reutimann as the winner of this award, and while both have had great years my winner had a better year, we just didn't really hear about him until  the later part of the season.  So the end of year award goes to:

David Regan -  David looks like he will end up 13th in points and the last half of the season has consistently run in the top 10.

Most Disappointing:

Mid Season: Ryan Newman:

I based my mid season selection on the fact that Ryan did nothing after his 500 win and while he didn't win a race and did not compete for a chase spot, and yes while his season has been somewhat a disappointment I'm giving him a break for having his mind on his move to his new team the latter part of the season.  But the winner, in my opinion has no excuses and that person would be:

Elliott Sadler:  Elliott didn't do a thing this year,  Even when his teammate, Kasey Kane went on a small streak at the end of May, Elliott never threatened for anything.  others considered, Ryan Newman, Tony Stewart, Kyle Bush and Juan Pablo Montoya

Biggest Surprise:

Mid Season - David Regan

And the winner is:

David Regan: Not only was he my Most Improved but he remains my biggest surprise.  It seemed the latter part of the year everytime you looked at the final results David was in the top 10.  So Coodoos to David

Rookie of the Year:

Mid Season -Mike McDowell -

Boy did I get blasted for this pick and as it turned out rightfully so, Mike took a dive starting at Daytona and dove so far that he no longer has a ride.  This year there really wasn't a rookie that stood out like we have had in the past.  So I am going to go with:

Regan Smith: - Regan is currently 34th in points but more importantly he kept the 01 car in the top 35 all year.  Plus one has to consider where would Sam Hornish be if he hadn't had the points from the 2 car to guarantee him being in the first 5 races.

Now for Team Awards:

Most Improved Team:

Mid Season - MWR

Well I got blasted for my pick at mid season, everyone was saying it should have been "Red Bull"  Well guess what? I'm going to get blasted again because my winner is:

MWR: Michael Waltrip has put a lot of effort into this team and has all three cars in the top 35 at this time.  Plus the last half of the season MWR cars have been competitive a lot of the times.  With the 00 moving to the 47 next season and Mikey Bringing in some major engineers from F-1 and other personnel I expect bigger and better things for next season.  Also, one thing that turned me off on Red Bull, is how they handled AJ Allmendinger.  The 83 car is 20th in points but Brian sits 19th in Drivers Points and David 22nd so not a whole lot of differences there. 

Most Disappointing Team:

Mid Season - Ganassi Racing: 

Again I have to stick with my Mid Season Pick here and go with:

Ganassi Racing - Chip lost the 40 car early, Now he lost sponsors for his top driver with Texaco leaving and is looking to merge with another team.  

Most Shocking Event of the Season:

Mid Season - Ryan Newman leaving Penske Racing:

While Ryan leaving Penske was a shock, I think the biggest shock to NASCAR is:

Sponsors leaving by droves: A lot of sponsors have bailed on NASCAR for the upcoming season.  Army leaves DEI, Ganassi loses Texaco, No sponsors for the 43, 22 and others.  It appears NASCAR's Cash Cow is drying up and it will be interesting to see what, if anything, Brian France does in the off season.

Best Move by NASCAR:

Mid Season:

1.  Ryan Newmans 25 Point penalty for being too high.  To me this was consistent to all the past penalties.  Even though it was the COT it was nothing that kept the car from meeting the templates.

2.  The no penalty to the 66 car of JJ Yealy last week.  Initially, it was reported the team had put lead in the water bottle and then when they changed the water bottle the car would weigh about 30 pounds lighter.  Well it turned out that the bags contained Water and when they took the bag out the car was within standards but, the a violation had taken place by placing the bag in the car prior to tech, thereby changing the attitude of the car.  The penalty was a drive through on lap 1 and did not result into a loss of a lap. 

End of Year:

Boy its hard to come up with a Best Move by NASCAR but other than the two above I will have to say the Best Move is:

The changing of the Chase Schecule:  I'm not real crazy about California having a chase race and Atlanta losing it.  What the move did was bring the Labor Day Race back to the south where it belongs but it also pushed Talladega back to the 6th race in the chase.  This could make it very interesting with the 'Big One' lurking at every lap.  Make Contenders from Pretenders and make Contenders,  Pretenders.

Well there you have it.  Agree, Disagree,, but remember if you disagree let everyone know why and who you would pick for that category.  After all your opinion counts too.

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Junior vs MWR Who had better Year?

Back to racing and anyone who has read my post or a lot of my blogs know by now I'm not a big fan of Junior Nation.  I have a lot of friends on this board that are fans of Dale Earnhardt Junior, but its those that think their driver is the greatest and can do know wrong that I like to get under their skin.  Anyway, being a Michael Waltrip fan I get a lot of ribbing and bashing about how bad Mikey is and how he is a failure after one year with his new start up team, with a new manufacture, on the other hand I have always maintained that Rick Hendrick signed Dale Junior for the money he would bring in.  So what the heck lets look at who has had the better season.

On paper you would say Dale Junior had the better year hands down, 1 win vs 0 wins for MWR, made the chase while 2 of the 3 MWR cars are in the top 30, 1 top 25 and the third car basically moved to another team sitting as the first go or go homer, in 36th.  But (did both Jr . and MWR meet their fans expectations) I want to break it down by expectations and see how both stack up.

When Junior was signed by HMS last year all I saw was how Junior was going to win 2 to 3 races a year and be fighting for a championship and be a top chase contender.  So lets look at what happened this year.  Junior ran consistent all season, I will give him that, but he only won 1 race, fuel mileage and if not for a lucky yellow, would have run out of gas on the backstretch and lost the race, but a win is a win and I will not take anything away from him just wanted to point out all the factors.  He finished the first 26 races in 4th in points and if the classic points were being used  he would be in 6th, but the way the points are reset Junior is sitting in 11th position with a very good chance that he will not make the podium.  Junior has led several races this year but his communication with his crew chief and some questionable calls from his crew chief, have lead to his demise in the later portions of the race.

Now lets look at MWR.  MWR started the season great for a second year organization.  All 3 cars were locked into the top 35 after the first 5 races of the season and for 1 week with David Reutimann, right after he moved to the 44 car, the 55 and 44 have been locked in all season.  The 00 fell out of the top 35 somewhere around the 26th race and is battling to get back in. MWR did have a sit back though as they lost the sponsorship of the 44 to Roush Racing.  But we are seeing sponsors moving to all the established teams and leaving the startups and some established teams without sponsors.  At least MWR has sponsors for the 55 and 00 (prior 44 car) for next season.  Anyway getting back to MWR they have been competitive somewhat throughout the year.  Mikey had a strong car a 'Dega in the spring and would have contended for the win but him motor gave up on the last lap.  Rain kept him from winning a fuel stragey race in New Hampshire, but he finished second, and David Led the most laps at Richmond in the fall and has, along with Michael, been running very well the later part of the season. 

So what was my expectations of MWR.  3 cars locked into the show, with the David and Mikey in the top 25 in points.  Well, David is in the top 25 but Mikey is in 29th so he has fallen short of expectations, But overall I am happy with the progress MWR has made this year and am looking forward to them competing for wins consistently next season. 

So who had the better year, MWR or Junior? : PUSH

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