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Posted on: October 27, 2008 7:52 pm

Does NASCAR need Mulligans in the Chase?

I have posted this on the Racing Board, but I decided to do a blog.  NASCAR instituted the Chase to bring excitement to the final ten races of the season and to help with the ratings against the NFL.  The problem with the chase is that by the time you get down to the last 3 or 4 races the chase is down to  2 or 3 teams with a chance to win the title and by the time the last race is ran there is usually only 2 drivers if that, that have a realistic chance for the title. 

I know that the purest of fans don't like the chase and they certainly don't want to see another gimmick instituted by NASCAR to try to make the championship excititing but I think giving each team 2 mulligans prior to the final race of the season will do exactly what NASCAR wants and that is bring the number of potential champions down to 6 to 8 drivers. 

Why a mulligan you may ask, well, several things can happen to a chase driver that is beyond his control.  Let's take Kyle Bush for example he was tearing up the circuit going into the chase but the first race he had a part break that held the swaybar in place and he had a horrible finish and went from the lead to around 8th in the points.  The very next race his engine blows up and now he is 12th and basically a race behind.  Then there is 'Dega and the big one.  Several chaseres lost their chance by getting caught up in the "Big One" at 'Dega and with the way JJ is running he is now over a race ahead of his second place competition.  And unless he gets a 43rd place finish at Texas you can basically mail him the trophy. 

So how would the chase look if we used Mulligans today, the following points will be after the race at Atlanta.

  • CARL EDWARDS - 1065   -183
  • GREG BIFFLE - 1063   - 185
  • JEFF BURTON - 1030  - 218
  • KEVIN HARVICK - 941- 307
  • JEFF GORDON - 936  - 312
  • CLINT BOWYER - 934 - 314
  • TONY STEWART - 847 - 401
  • MATT KENSETH - 835- 413
  • DALE EARNHARDT JR - 829 - 419
  • DENNY HAMLIN - 823 - 425
  • KYLE BUSH - 783 - 465

Now this is how the points would look if we used the mulligans, I am only counting the chase points plus the bonus points.

  • CARL EDWARDS - 920
  • JIMMIE JOHNSON - 910    -10
  • GREG BIFFLE - 835   -75
  • JEFF BURTON - 809 - 101
  • JEFF GORDON - 761 -149
  • MATT KENSETH - 747  -163
  • TONY STEWART - 719 - 191
  • DENNY HAMLIN - 712  -198
  • KEVIN HARVICK - 709  -201
  • CLINT BOWYER - 704 -206
  • DALE EARNHARDT JR. - 690 -220
  • KYLE BUSH - 683 -227

Now even if JJ had 2 bad races in a row he would still be in the hunt, and if any of the other drivers have a bad race the last 2 races before Homestead then it could take them out of contention.  But right now we have at least 6 drivers with a shot at the championship and at least  the top 4 with a very legit shot.  And if any of the top 6 drivers win one of the next 2 races they will close the gap even more.  And then it would come down to the last race and there the drivers have to hope they don't have a bad race at Homestead.

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Posted on: October 23, 2008 11:40 am

Michale Waltrip and his 1000th NASCAR Start

Michael Waltrip will start his 1000th race this season in the NASCAR elite series, Cup, Nationwide and Trucks.  Not too bad for a driver that a lot of folks consider a clown and shouldn't be on the track.  Now Michael will be only the second in History to achieve 1000 starts, second only to the King, Richard Petty.

So how does a no talent like Michael Waltrip stay around long enough to make his 1000th career start?  Well, first you have to be able to drive a race car and give the owner the feeling that he/she has a chance to win. In Michaels early years he raced for Bahre racing.  This was a low budget team, similar to HAAS in todays world but Mikey was always capable of keeping the car in the top 20 in points.  No they never won a race but they were competitive.  After Bahre, dropped out of racing the Wood Brothers came calling.  The Wood Brothers, once one of the feared teams in NASCAR, hadn't done much the previous few years, even with drivers like Elliott Saddler, but in 1996 Mikey did something that no other driver had ever done.  He won the Winston Qualifying race then went on to win the Winston.  It was his very first victory in a cup car and although it wasn't a points race and therefore doesn't count in his record it showed that Michael could win at the top level against the best, when the best were going all out for the cash.

After a 3 year stint with the Wood Brothers, Michael went with another Start Up team, this time Jim Mattie/Jim Smith in the 7 car.  Being a start up team, the team didn't do a whole lot but Mikey was still competitive especially at the plate tracks.

Then came his big break,  Dale Earnhardt came calling.  When Dale hired Michael, a lot of questions as to why?  Dales response was that Michael had never had good equipment and given the equipment Dale fetl that Michael would win races.  He also went on to say that Michael would bring DEI their first Daytona 500 Victory.  Dale said Michael was one of the best in the draft and that past equipment was the only reason he had never won a plate track. 

Well we all know what happened the very first race Michael raced for DEI,  Michael won the Daytona 500 but didn't get to celebrate because of the tragic death of his friend and ledgen Dale Earnhardt.  Come July's race at Daytona, it was clear the 15 NAPA Chevy was the class of the field but he wanted his friend and the son of Dale Earnhardt to win.  So Michael did everything that he needed to do to make sure that Dale Junior won that race.  The last two laps Michael put blocks on Drivers that no one else would have attempted, putting himself at risk so Junior could celebrat at the track that took his dad's life.

After his stint with DEI Michael started his own race team.  He did this because Toytoa came knocking on the Door and asked him if he was ready to take his Bush team to the next level.  I know a lot of folks have really gotten onto Michael because of how his team ran last year and the first part of this season, but people forget this was a new team, working with a new car, new manufacture and those combinations take time.  I do believe though that Michael has shown that MWR is turning the corner and can/will be competitive in 2009 with David and Mikey.

But there is another side of Michael that keeps him in the cup series and that is his natural ability to pitch his sponsors.  Michael learned from his brother that the TV is your friend and he figured out that if you kept his sponsors in the forefront when being interviewed they will stay around.  This is what Michael has been able to do, he keeps his sponsors on the tip of your tounge.  How many people think of NAPA when you mention Michael's name.  Usually, the conversation turns to the commericals he makes.  Also, Michael welcomes the camera he doesn't want to hurry up the interview so he can run away, he wants the camera on him, his uniform showing his sponsors, as much as possible.  And as we all know air time is money, and money runs the show. 

So Here's to Michael, a good driver, not great, who has the charm and witt about him to last in the sport he loves for 25 plus years.  To take a talent and sell it to millions around the world not just for his benefit but for the entertainment that the sport is to bring.  May he and his organization have a very successful 2009 season, and many more success in the future. 

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Posted on: September 23, 2008 8:47 am

MWR Finally turning the Corner?

Well, I've been beaten up for being a Michael Watlrip fan and especially the fact that MWR hasn't been doing that well.  I have been defending by saying that this is a new team and you can't expect a new team to come out of the box and compete, it doesn't happen.  But now it looks like MWR is finally trying to turn that corner to respectability. 

I say this because when you look at the Runs David Ruetimann has made the past 5 races and then Mikey's top 10 last week, well there for a fan you can see light at the end of the tunnel.  It started when MWR finally started to make better, lighter chassis.  It took them awhile to pick upon the material other teams were using, and through Mikeys admission, this was learned with his relationship with JGR this spring. 

Now people are saying Michael doesn't have a chance because UPS just left the organization for Roush and the 6 car.  Well, while that hurt, MWR has stated they have sponsorship for the car David Ruetimann will drive next season, the 00. (the 44 will go back to Petty Enterprise it looks like).  And MWR is on the brink of signing a sponsor for the Car Michael McDowell will drive, (Guessing it will be the 66). 

Also, all you have to do is look at who Michael is bringing into the shop and you can understand that this team is in it for the long haul.  Michael just signed Steve Hallan, an Engineer who is the current Head  of Mclaren's Racing Operations.  Steve has worked as lead engineer and won F-1 Championships, for Ayren Senna, Nigel Mansell and Mika Hakkinen.  A pretty good resume if you ask me. 

I know I say this all the time but don't be surprised if Mikey wins at 'Dega this year and starts to consistently starts to run top 20's.  I think David and his team has now shown they can run top 20 week to week and the 00 car with McDowell, is still fighting for that 35th  spot, (now 36th) but they are turning things around too.  I look for a good weekend from the entire team at Kansas. 

MWR has made great strides this year compared to last year, IMO.  And I think the strides will be even greater next season.  MWR could be a contender next season believe it or not.

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Posted on: September 4, 2008 5:15 pm

NASCAR Chase, Is it Good For the Sport

A lot of of the old NASCAR fans complain the chase isn't good for the sport.   They long for the old days when the tilte was decided over the entire schedule, instead of a ten race shoot out.  But is the Chase really bad for the sport.  I don't think so and here are my reasons why.

  • The chase gives 11 drivers a second chance at catching the winner.  What is wrong with that?  When you go back into the past and look at the final standings you will find that at most there were 3 drivers going that had a chance to win the title going into the last 10 races but no you have a Dozen drivers that have a chance.
  • Some say it takes away from the excitement of the individual races during the regular season.  That the drivers are racing for a chase spot.  Well what is the difference between that and a Dale Earnhardt racing for points during the entire season.  Sure everyone is racing for points and some may not go for a win because of these points, but in the past the last half of the season was run the same way.  If you didn't have a legit chance to win then you raced for the points.
  • Favorites like Jeff Gordon got screwed last year because he dominated the entire season then had it taken away by the chase.  Well how many people will scream foul this year if Kyle Bush loses the chase?  None.  Herein lies the major problem with a lot of the old timers.  The second year of the chase, a driver that would otherwise probably never would have won a championship won.  And he wasn't a crowd favorite, and that is Kurt Bush.  Kurt had a good season in 2004 but he wasn't a Championship contender until the chase then he got on a roll and won the title by 8 points.  Well, instead of people embracing this they dissed it.  (and I was probably guilty too). 

No the chase has been good and if you don't believe me let Dale Earnhardt Junior win and see how many people who have claimed the past chase winners were not worthy of the championship, will now say Junior's championship is legit.  I'm not picking on the Junior fans but am just pointing out that as long as the champion is one the masses like it will be legit. But let a Clint Bowyer, or David Regan slip into the chase after Richmond, then go on a roll and win it.  Well, lets just say you could probably fill up the Superbowl, with the amount of crying you will hear from NASCAR Fans. 

NASCAR like all sports have passionate fans and everything is ok, as long as it favors their favorites.  But make a change in the rules that give a few more a chance at the pie and it is no longer good, unless of course their driver/team wins it all. 

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Posted on: September 2, 2008 10:01 am

Contender or Pretender as we head into the Chase

I know we still have a week to go prior to the chase starting but I figured I'd give everyone a head start on their thoughts as to who was the real contenders for the cup and who were just in the chase and along for the ride.  Oh, I realize my thought will probably piss some off but then I wouldn't be Mikeyfan if I didn't upset some.


Kyle Bush - Contender - Kyle will start the chase off in the points lead.  Kyle has been strong all season and there is no reason to expect that he will slow down during the chase.  Of course there are those from a certain "NATION" that are hoping he falls on his face but with JGR equipment and his momentum I just don't see it happening.

Carl Edwards - Contender - Carl like Kyle has a lot of momentum coming into the chase and with 3 of the races being on the cookie cutter tracks that he seems to excel at he has a very good chance to win this. 

Jimmy Johnson - Contender - Current Sprint Cup Champion,  started this season on the slow side but his team has picked it up since Daytona in July.  Look for Jimmy to have some very Strong Runs and be a contender all they way through Miami.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. - Pretender - Since Dales win at Michigan his highest finish has been 11th and in these races he really hasn't been a contender the latter part of the race.  Rick Hendrick gave the "Nation" what he promised.  A win for Junior, now its time to concentrate on his Champions and push for another title.

Jeff Burton - Pretender - Jeff is Mr. Consistency but when it comes to crunch time I just don't think he has it in him to go all out for it and the heck with the other drivers.   Jeff reminds me a lot of Mark Martin, good driver but just can't make himself move that driver in front of hime to get those extra points need to win a championship.

Greg Biffle - Pretender - Jack Roush will be putting all of his efforts behind his best chance to win a championship and that will be Carl Edwards.  Greg just will do what he can to make a good showing but I don't believe the support, outside of his team, will be there.

Kevin Harvick - Wild Card - Kevin is a driver that could be a Pretender or a Contender.  The first couple of races will tell it all for Kevin.  However, he has the best chance of the RCR cars to win it all this year.

Tony Stewart - Wild Card - Tony is my second and last Wild Card in the chase - It will all depend on where his head is at,  Will it be on this season or next years new team.  It will also depend on JGR,  Will they give him equipment to win?  Tony has the fire and like Kevin I believe the first couple of races will decide if he is a Contender or Pretender.

Matt Kenseth - Contender - Although Matt is behind Gregg Biffle, this will be Jack's second choice to push for another championship.  A couple of reasons for this.  One Matt is a better overall driver and Two, Jack is going to want to show Matt that he is a major force in his shop.  Matt will be a free agent after next season and rumor has it Matt is not happy and will leave after next season.  So Jack is going to give it his all to try to keep Matt after next season.

Jeff Gordon - Contender - This may shock a lot of folks, Those who know me on the auto boards know I'm not a big Jeff Gordon Fan,  However, I have learned that you don't count Jeff out.  Sure he has had a subpar season for Jeff and a lot of his fans are jumping ship or questioning his desire or Crew Chief, but to count him out in the chase would be saying you don't know anything about NASCAR.  Jeff is a champion with a Champions heart and until he is totally out of it, he will have a chance to win it all, if you know what I mean.

Denny Hamlin - Contender - This is a hot head who has the talent to catch fire.  He has the driving ability to take off like Kyle did earlier this year and have a run of 10 top 7 runs and win this thing.

Clint Bowyer - Pretender - Clint will be satisfied with making the chase.  He got his only win last year in the chase and could get another this year, but it will be too little too late.

David Regan - Pretender - Yes he has been driving well the last few weeks, and yes he is looking good, but he has a couple of things going against him.  One - he will be satisfied that he made the chase, this is more than this team expected, Two - Jack will be concentrating on his top 2 drivers, Carl and Matt

Kasey Kane - Pretender - If Kasey makes the chase, I think he will end up around 7th or 8th in the final standings but I don't believe he will be a contender.  Too inconsistent. 



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NASCAR Awards, so far

Well, we have a week off so I thought from racing, its all star week in Baseball, so why not do an award blog for what has happened so far this season.  I'll make the categories and who I feel the award should go to, you can blast my pick and make your own pick and explain why.

Here we go:


KYLE BUSH - Without a doubt he wins hands down.  8 wins in 19 races, well lets just say he is out classing the rest of the field by a wide margine.

Most Improved:

This one was tough for me.  Being a homer of sorts I want to say David Reutimann, he has put 2 of MWR's cars solidily into the top 35 but my head tells me that the true choice has to be,

BRIAN VICKERS: Brian has taken his Red Bull car from a go or go homer at the beginning of the season to the brink of the chase.

Most Disappointing:

Again this one was tough but for different reasons, what is a disappointing season,  Well, we have Kyle Petty struggling to make races but really did we expect that much from him?  How 'bout Casey Mears,  Here he has all that good HMS equipment, barely in the top 25 and has lost his ride for next season.  I could go with Jeff Gordon, who has struggled, by his standards, after the year he had last season, no wins, his fans I believe are a little disappointed.  But no I have to go with,

Ryan Newman: After his win at the Daytona 500 he has fallen in the standings like a Rock.  In fact it has gotten so bad at Penske that Ryan is going to leave after this season.

Biggest Surprise:

Now some may say this is the same as the Most Improved but not really, what driver has surprised you the most by how well he has done this season?  I could say Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a real big surprise, why well I think a lot of people thought he would be in the top 12 but how many people really thought he'd be sitting 2nd in the points this time of year?  I think we can all say if we are honest with ourselves we would have to say it is a surprise to where he sits.  But I didn't go thier I went with:

David Regan: Here is an individual that everyone was saying last season would be the one to go at Roush.  That Roush made a big mistake by putting him in the 6 car and that he couldn't handle the pressures of the big show.  Well, I not only think he is handling the pressure I think he has solidified his positions at Roush.  Right now he sits 15th in points with a solid shot at the chase.

Rookie of the Year:

This is really a tough one as no one Rookie has stepped forward.  Sam Hornish is hanging around the go or go homers and all but one of the rest are go or go homers.  So I have to go with

Mike McDowell - I know this looks like a homer pick, and it may be, but the fact that this kid has not had any experience in the Nationwide or Cup series and he has managed to keep the car in the top 35 to me is a great accomplishment.  I know he was given a break by NASCAR not allowing the points swap between the 00 and the 44 but he has maintained his position in the top 35.  This to me is no more of a break than Sam Hornish getting the points at the beginning of the season from the 2 car.  But I will say this.  If Patrick Carpentier can get into the top 35 he may be the best of this lot. But this years Rookie Crop does not show any outstanding drivers at this time.

Now for Team Awards:

Most Improved Team:

Ok, I'm going to let my bias get to me on this award,  I know that Red Bull with Brian is doing well but they still have one in the go or go home category.  So I have to go with:

MWR: Michael Waltrip has put a lot of effort into this team and has all three cars in the top 35.  Although none of the cars are in the top 25 where this organization has come from last season to now is a great accomplishment.

Most Disappointing Team:

To me this is an easy pick.  You have Penske with their troubles but both cars are in the top 20,  You have HAAS who has both cars out of the top 35, one because of a rules violation. but the winner hands down is:

Ganassi Racing:  Here is a team that has folded a team has one team sitting at 32nd in points and his best team has gone through 3 crew chiefs, causing his driver to publicly criticize the owner.

Most Shocking Event of the Season:

This one, I don't believe, is as cut and dried as most people will think.  Yes Tony Stewart is leaving JGR, but this has been rumored since JGR announced that they were going to Toyota.  Tony has severed a long relationship with Joe Gibbs and It may be a long hard road for him to get back to the top. But the one thing that I never saw coming at the beginning of the season was:

Ryan Newman leaving Penske Racing: Ryan started the season winning the Super Bowl of Racing the Daytona 500.  All was well but suddenly things went sour, and really haven't heard what really has happened, and now all of a sudden Ryan is out of Penske without a ride for next season.  Will he get a ride, you bet, he is too talented, but this was not foreseen by anyone that I know of. 

Best Move by NASCAR:

Well this is a category that people may say WHAT?  When has NASCAR made a good move recently?  Well I have 2 for this category?

1.  Ryan Newmans 25 Point penalty for being too high.  To me this was consistent to all the past penalties.  Even though it was the COT it was nothing that kept the car from meeting the templates.

2.  The no penalty to the 66 car of JJ Yealy last week.  Initially, it was reported the team had put lead in the water bottle and then when they changed the water bottle the car would weigh about 30 pounds lighter.  Well it turned out that the bags contained Water and when they took the bag out the car was within standards but, the a violation had taken place by placing the bag in the car prior to tech, thereby changing the attitude of the car.  The penalty was a drive through on lap 1 and did not result into a loss of a lap. 

Honorable mention to the no calls to the Mikey incident at Richmond except to sit him out the last 50 laps, the no call to Hamlin at Richmond for stopping on the track and the no calls to the crews of Junior and Bush after Richmond. 

Well there you have it.  Agree, Disagree,, but remember if you disagree let everyone know why and who you would pick for that category.  After all your opinion counts too.

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Tony Stewart and his new team

Well once again Mikeyfan is going to bring controversy to the Blogs.  Before I get into this let me explain I am a Tony Stewart Fan.  He is my number 2 driver behind Michael Waltrip so I do wish him all the luck but I have to ask everyone...........................


I hope I can convey an intelligent argument for everyone to think about. 

  1. Tony is not a teammate of Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Mark Martin.  Rich Hendricks will not receive any money from the sale of Tony's merchandise, he will not receive any of the winnings that Tony earns on the track.  So for those who say Rick will sell him  top equipment I for one don't see it.
  2. Why would Rick take a chance on Tony making the chase and one of his drivers miss the chase?  Has anyone looked at the difference in the points money for being in the top 12 vs 13 to 25?  That is a lot of money and Rick loves his money.  Besides this is a business and in business the goal is to make money
  3. What would Ricks own drivers think if all of a sudden Tony is winning and they are not?  Who has been the biggest threat to Jeff and JJ for the championship over the past 8 years?  It's been Tony.  This was ok when he was using someone elses equipment but it won't be ok if he beats them with their own equipment.
  4. Rick Hendricks has been providing engines to teams since DW left in 1991.  The last time someone other than a HMS car won with a Hendricks motor was..........1992 and Darrell Waltrip.  No one else has won a race since then. Right now the 66 and 70 cars are having a hard time qualifying with HMS motors and chassises outside of drivers talent what will be different?
  5. Will Rick share testing and Wind Tunnel data with Tony?  Not a chance, he will not give Tony anything that he could use against his team for the win.  This sport is all about winning and Rick will not give another team anything that could keep him out of the winners circle.

When you think about all the top teams they all have their own engine department,  HMS, RCR/ECR, Roush/Yates, Everham(with Dodges help), JGR teaming with TRD.  In fact Roush couldn't beat Yates for a long time so he bought Yates.  The bottom line is championship teams do not rely on someone else to provide them "winning" equipment because they know they  won't get it. 

Also think about this, Daytona 2009, Tony is behind Dale Junior and has a chance to go with someone else, say Kyle Bush, that will give him a better chance to win.  Will he show loyalty?  Heck no.  But then everyone will say this is the Daytona 500.  Ok I'll give you that, now fast forward to Bristol or Richmond,  Do you think Tony would hesitate for a second to bump and HMS car for a win?  Rick cannot tell him that is a teammate up ahead and race them clean,  Tony only has one teammate and that appears to be Newman. 

I know there are a lot of people happy that Tony is back in a chevy. Most have an attitude, that Tony will show Toyota that chevy is better.  Well has anyone seen what the selling price of GM stock is lately?  Less than $10.00 share, the lowest it's been since 1954.  What will Tony do if GM tells him that they cannot support his team?  Can he survive without factory sponsorship? 

I look for Tony to have a long and frustrating season next year.  But I also know that Tony is smart enough to realize that the only way he can win will be to start his own engine department.  When he does this then I would look for Tony to do well in 2010 but I doubt he makes the chase or top 15 in fact next season running HMS equipment.  I hope I'm proven wrong, but I have seen the deception that Rick uses with his dealerships and I just don't see anything real good coming out of this.


Posted on: June 29, 2008 9:34 pm

Mikey Scores a 2nd at New Hampshire

Well, Michael Waltrip's luck may finally be changing for the better. Last week at Sonoma Mikey had a solid 25th place finish and increased his points lead over the 36th position by a nice margin moving from 34 to 31st.  Then this week Mikey has a solid second place finish at New Hampshire.  The 170 points he received vaulted him to 28th in points and has moved him from the danger list of the go or go homers. 

Now some may say it was because of the rain but let I follow Mikey and listen to him and his crew chief and spotter during the race on "HotPass"  When the caution came out on Lap 204 because of the blown engine of the 84 car Mikey pitted and came out 24th on the grid.  On the drop of the green flag Mikey dropped like a rock to the last car on the lead lap,30th,. he said his right front tire was bad.  He had recovered just a little and moved up to 28th when the caution came out for the 8 car spin. Mikey got a chance to come in put on 4 fresh tires and top off with fuel. Well, this stop put him about 3 laps short but he was going to go for it. 

Mikey had moved up to 20th and was closing up on the 2 car when the Junior/McMurrary incident happened.  So Mikey moved up to Second and was pulling a Junior under caution. He was shutting his engine off and coasting around the track to save fuel.  Well when the green flag came back out Bobby Kennedy told him he had saved enough to go all the way.  Then when the last caution came out it was enough to allow Mikey to go a green white checkered if needed. 

The rains came and as we know Mikey came in second.  Although I am estatic about his finish, I am going to try to lay low this week and not harp on it.  I can only hope that Mikey can have a strong, can we say win, run at Daytona.  This race may just be what Mikey needed to get his team on track and moving towards that top 20 finish.

David had a good run he finished 19th but he was consistently running between the 15th and 20th position all race long.  He stayed in 29th, in points, passed by Mikey, but again moved himself out of danger from the go or go homers and it was a nice rebound after last weeks showing on the road course. 

Mike McDowell ran into some bad luck, his engine expired.  He went down a lap early but had maintained his position and looked to have a finish around 31st or 32nd.  Now he is tied with the 77 for 35th, 25 points ahead of the 36th place car.  Hopefully, he can catch onto the back of the 55, or 44 and they can help push Mikey to MWR's first win.

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