Posted on: April 29, 2008 9:11 am

Michael looked good at 'Dega

Man it was a disappointing race at Taladega this week,  My man Mikey had the car to win but blew up coming to the white flag.  Mikey moved to the lead with the a great push from JJ.  Right after they got in the lead a yellow came out and Kyle Bush had Mikey in his sites and with a push from JPM they were able to pass Mikey.  Mikey fell back to around 10th and was looking for help when he saw JJ and Jeff moving up on the outside.  Mikey pulled in front of those two and JJ and Mikey were starting to pull away from everyone else and moving fast to the front when boom Mikey''s engine quit.  Well so much for the win but thank goodness Dale Junior decided to slam into the 26 and cause the really big one about the same time and Mikey was able to limp back to the start finish line and end up in 27th instead of 30th, that is 9 more points. 

MWR as a whole did ok,  Mike McDonald did very well on the plate track and was on his way for a top 20 finish when he got squeezed and spun out and David was caught up in the white flag melee.  But David finished 20th and McDonald finished 26th. 

With the 96 and the 22 missing this race this really gave David some breathing room away from the go or go homers.  It was brought up on a thread is it now time for MWR to do something.  All I can say is I hope their luck has changed.  David has been running in the top 20 for most of the year but something seems to happen that drops him back into the pack before the race is over and he gets a poor finish.  Mikey hasn't been running real well but he is doing better with Bobby Kennedy as the crew chief.  At least Bobby isn't afraid to tell Mikey No during the race when Mikey decides he needs or wants something done to the car. Bobby isn't intimidated by Mikey and he's not afraid to lose his job. 

I am predicting that Mikey and MWR will start to move up in the standing starting this week at Richmond, Look for Mikey to finish in the top 15 this week and David a solid top 20.  The 44 will be in the top 25 as Mike showed he can handle the short tracks when he was at Martinsville. 

Until next week.

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Posted on: April 21, 2008 8:03 pm

MWR Back in the Top 35, a look ahead to Taladega

Well, I've been gone a week and my good friend Frady posted a thread letting everyone know that MWR had all 3 cars in the top 35.  This was great news as now they can all concentrate on the first impound race of the season.  Although 'Dega doesn't warrant a lot of set up changes it is important to be able to work on your car knowing it is right for the race. If we take a look back at qualifying at Daytona and Last year at 'Dega it appears that Mikey and David should have good starting spots.  With that it also means a good pit selection. 

Everyone knows that I am picking Mikey for the win at 'Dega but I am for a reason,  One, Toyota has proven they have a strong plate program this year. With the help of Joe Gibbs Racing their plate program has come up to where it is as good as anyones.  Also, Mikey is good on the plate tracks.  The last couple of plate races, we saw Mikey lead a little then fall back and try to wait for the big one to take out the field before the final thrust to the front.  Well it bit him both times.  So I look for Mikey to stay in the top 10 most of the race and when it comes to the last part I see him in front and blocking his way to his first win as an owner.

Lets hope for a great race and a safe race for all drivers and may your favorite driver finish 3rd behind Mikey and David.

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Posted on: April 10, 2008 6:55 am

If it weren't for bad luck............

David Reutimann would have no luck at all.  David as everyone probably knows started the season in the 00 and after DJ retired he went into the 44.  Well, he was able to get the 00 into the top 30 in points prior to the switch and when MWR went to NASCAR to allow him to keep the points he earned with the car switch NASCAR denied him.  Although I totally disagree with NASCAR's decision I understood it.  It all starts with Penske, Petty and Rousch Racing.  Both had threatened to swap drivers with Past Champions in thier stable so they could guarantee their car and sponsors in the race.  So NASCAR took the position that no driver could swap points to prevent this from happening, although I don't know what they would have done with the past champions provisional.

Anyway getting back to David, the 44 car was 34th in points when he got into the car at Martinsville,  He was running well and bingo he was out of the race and dropped out of the top 35.  Now he had to qualify his way into Texas.  David Qualifies 6th and is running strong.  A call under yellow had David with the front runners and wouldn't you know it, he picks up some trash, overheats the engine and once again he ends up out of the race and falls further from that coveted 35th position. 

David is a good qualifier and is probably the best driver right now at MWR.  But bad breaks keeps him just outside the top 35.  I'm worried about David this weekend.  Last year there was only one race in which MWR did not have a car in the field and that was the race last fall at, you guessed it, Phoenix.  After the California race a lot of the teams tested at Phoenix and MWR was towards the bottom of the speed charts in all the practice sessions.  David does get a break though as there are only 45 cars on the entry list and hopefully, he will be able to out qualify at least 2 drivers, not including Elliott who is in the race with a PCP, and once in the race you'd hope his luck cannot remain this bad three weeks in a row.

Here's to David and may he have a strong top 20 run along with his owner who resides in 33rd and needs a good run to remove himself from slipping back into the go or go homers.


I probably won't submit a blog next week as I will be in Arkansas with limited computer access.  Take care and remember if MWR doesn't have all 3 cars in the race it should be considered a crime.

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Posted on: April 2, 2008 1:45 pm
Edited on: April 10, 2008 6:55 am

Rough Week at Martinsville.

We opened last week with a He said/ He said type of volley on the Sway Bar.  Jack Roush said MWR stole the bar, Mikey said it was picked up by accident and when they realized they had it they gave it back.  Since this happened in January it was considered over and then Jack brings it up 3 months later after he is accused of cheating and knowing of the cheating by Toyota.  Personnely, I blew it off as Jack being Jack and crying about anything to take the heat off of himself.  I have followed this sport for a while and this is typical Jack Roush,  If NASCAR comes down on him for anything he will cry and accuse someone else to take the heat off of him.  It happened, I believe in 1991, when Mark Martin was penalzed 25 points by NASCAR and ended up losing the championship by around 12 points. 

Now lets look forward to Texas.  The 00 is in the race and Mike McDowell had a surprising run at Martinsville, a late flat took a top 15 finish away from him but he showed, at least on short tracks, he can drive.  Does he need to learn a few things, Yes, he needs to learn to get out of the leaders way in the closing laps and that may have lead to his flat but all in all I give him good marks.

The 55 had a great car, Mikey just was a little impatient on a restart and messed up the front end and fell out of the lead lap,  But listening to his radio he was working well with Bobby Kennedy and they had the car is real good condition.  I look for good things from the 55 this weekend.  Maybe a run at a top 10 finish.

The 00 had some bad breaks and fell out of the top 35, but David is a good qualifier and should be ok for Texas since there are only 46 cars trying to get in.  The 08 shouldn't be a problem as they have not showed they are that strong so far this year.  I would also say the 45 and the 34 should be slow this week.  Also, Toytoa and MWR has been strong in qualifying.  It would be nice for them to get back into the top 35 and MWR to have few strong runs and let other teams worry about the go or go home spots in qualifying.

One last thing:  This is something I'm sure MWR was not expecting and can hurt this young team.  UPS has stated it is looking elsewhere for sponsorship.  Leaving MWR would really hurt this upstart team.  Some may disagree with me on this but NASCAR needs MWR in it.  Not because of Michael but because if upstart teams like this fold then NASCAR will be on the verge of having a chevy team, a Ford team, A Dodge Team and a Toyota team.  It will become a manufacture ownership not an individual ownership.  And believe me If chevy offers enough money to RCR and DEI to sell to HMS they will or they will have a minor ownership into the team.  To me it would be great if MWR signed the rumored driver, Carl Edwards, to MWR, put him in the UPS car, Move David back to the 00 and find sponsorship for a 4th car for McDowell or put McDowell in a Nationwide car next season.  That would help solidify MWR and it would also piss off Jack Roush.

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Posted on: March 3, 2008 12:17 pm

Tense and Trying 2 Weeks coming up for MWR

Well, Vegas is over and instead of solidifying their top 35 positions in the points, all 3 MWR cars fell into the Danger Zone.  Right now the 00 is 29th, and the 44 and 55 are tied at 32.  In actualality I am going to say the 00 is in 30th and the 44 and 55 are tied for 33rd.  Why because I expect at least 75 points to be given back to Robby Gordon after his appeal this week.  This leaves no room for error coming up at Atlanta or Bristol. 

I was hoping that all 3 cars would be locked into the top 35 going into Bristol.  Because Bristol is a place where you can miss the race by .0001 of a second, it is that close there when qualifying.  David got into trouble right off, he was fighting the flu and allowed his car to drift up on lap 1 and smack he hit the wall tore his car up pretty good in the back and ended up 4 laps down the remainder of the day.  Mikey, was fighting a tight car all day long.  Mikey, was upset that nothing they did was helping the car in fact he claimed on his scanner that everytime they tried to fix the car it just got worse.  And DJ, while having a decent run ended up wrecking the car the latter part of the race. So with no car finishing better than 31st all three cars took a hit in the points.  When the standings can change so quickly this early in the season another bad week like this and 1, 2 or all 3 cars could be on the outside looking in as far as the go or go homers go.  The one redeaming factor is both the 44 and 55 have a 30 point lead over the 36th place car, which is one missed race, and the 00 has a 55 point lead over the current 36th place car.  But if you add the adjustment of Robby Gordon then it is only 18 points for the 44 and 55 and 43 points for the 00.

And unfortunately the cars currently in positions 36 through 40 are all currently in the top 35 from last year and guaranteed to be in the next two races.  So buckle up boys and pull those seatbelts tight, we need 2 solid runs the next 2 weeks then we can relax and concentrate on race setups when we go to the track.

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Posted on: February 9, 2008 10:30 pm

Mikey's team needs a lot of work

I listened to Michael's radio during the Shootout.  At time it got almost comical.  Once again Michael is telling Paul Andrews how to fix his car insead of just tell the crew chief what is wrong and letting him fix it.  But that wasn't a bid deal because when you listened to Paul he was very calm and told Michael they would get the car fixed during the break.  Well, after the break, there was caution 3 laps in and Michael comes down and misses this pit.  Paul took the blame but Mikey admitted he messed up.  Then comes the caution with just after the 25th lap of the second segment.  Mikey's car is very loose and mikey suggest they make a track bar adjustment and air in the left.  Paul puts the adjustments in and then after the restart Mikey is complaining that his car is really messed up.  so with 6 laps remaing in the race we have another caution.  Mikey comes in and his crew changes 4 tires, and is going to take the changes out.  Here is where the comedy really begins.  First Paul tells Mikey do not move after they change the tires. He then tell his crew member he went the wrong way on the adjustments.  the guy starts to adjust the wedge and Paul has to say no that is not right the other hole,  then he has to take 4 round out of the track bar because he went the wrong way to begin with.   So thank goodness this is under caution because his pit stop takes about 45 seconds.  At the end of the race mikey wasn't happy because his spotter didn't tell him he was coming to the white flag. 

Well it is a good thing they got this race under thier belt.  Hopefully, there will be no mistakes when it counts the most and that is for the twin 150's.  The race that will put mikey in the 500.  (unless his qualifying time is good enough to get him in.

The shootout also provided them with valuable information on how the COT runs at Daytona,  Something they didn't have and also something that practice alone cannot give to them.  So for that I'd say Mikey has a leg up on the Go or Go homers that did not race.

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