Posted on: February 25, 2009 3:18 pm

Where will you be heading when you say goodbye?


It seems as if most of the posters I have stuck around for are fed up with the changes made here at CBS.  I think my time here is coming to an end as well.  It is getting too hard and slow to navigate and now I won't recognize most posters becasue they will be forced to change avatars they have had for years.  This place is not the same community I once knew and looked forward to coming to every day.  Now I dread it.

So, where are you heading to?  Where is the safe haven where we can go back to being ourselves?

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Posted on: December 19, 2008 3:57 pm

Shame on you CBS! RIP Mike Kahn

The Seahawks have lost a great member of our news family.  Mike Kahn came to the Seattle area with John Clayton in 1986. Together they covered the major sports in the area for The News Tribune.
In 1995 he left us to build a sports internet site from scratch.  Yep you guessed it.  This site. 

I came here thinking that there would be a nice write up on one of the founders passing but there was not.  I guess I have to do it myself.

Mike passed away Wednesday night from a long fight with lung cancer, his family by his side.  The Seattle readers will miss him as we are very proud that such a prominent man in the sports media would choose us and our teams to represent over all others.  He came back to us in 2004, just in time to experience our Super Bowl run first hand.  We have been honored to have him as a team insider these past few years and he will remain in the Spirit of 12 forever.

We will miss you Mike! Our prayers are with the Kahn Family in their time of grief.

RIP Mike Kahn! You have left us too soon.
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Posted on: October 7, 2008 5:02 pm


This is one of my favorite times of the year.  We have playoff baseball, college football is getting really interesting, the NFL is starting to shake out, the chase is on, hockey is starting and basketball is just around the corner.  Unfortunately so is the election.

What happened to us? We used to debate every snap, every game of every series, every move in the polls.  Now we are up to our ears in voting records, debates and left vs. right.  I want my sports haven back.  The real world sucks, most minds are made up so shut up already!
I am as guilty as anyone for having my threads that become more of a personal meeting place to catch up with friends, I am also guilty of liking the off topic goofy threads.  I am not guilty of flooding the boards with my personal likes and dislikes and trying to goad fellow posters into fights.

I want my sports site back!!!
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Posted on: June 18, 2008 4:36 pm

1993 again?

I am sending my prayers and thoughts to all those on the banks on the Mississippi.  At least 11 levees broke today in Iowa and there are more to come, some estimate between 20-30 more will break.  A friend in St. Louis sent pictures and my jaw dropped. They aren't expected to crest until Sat. and just the rain fall puts them at 39 ft.  Sullivan Blvd is completely under water as are the stairs up to the Gateway Arch.

In May of 2005 I left my job on the river to come home to Seattle to have my son.  Unfortunately August was the worst month of my life.  I was glued to the news channels, all of them, scanning the crowds for familiar faces.  Every 504 and 601 number in my cell was disconnected.  I cried and cried for days hoping my friends were all ok.  There are some that I still have never heard about even almost 3 years later.

I'm praying for dry weather (so far it looks good) and that the remaining levees hold.  I miss traveling the river and visiting all the ports, big and small, along the way.  Most had some kind of water mark for 93, some were high on the first building and some were three blocks up the hill.  Here's hoping the marks stay close to the river and low on the bridge.


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Posted on: March 25, 2008 3:24 pm

Happy Birthday To ME!!

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me


Happy birthday to me

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Posted on: February 12, 2008 1:08 pm


Some of you may already know but I coach girls volleyball and have for many years.  Every year I run into the same problem.  Everyone is motivated by different things, so how do I motivate them as a team? I am sure there are several other coaches out there- what works for you? 

My team has finally figured out how to play to their potential no matter the opponents skill level.  Every coach knows the 'play your game' mantra.  Now the challenge is to motivate them to improve on what they can already do.  Even the pro's are constantly refining theri skills, so why don't the girls understand that you have to continually work at improving.  It seems like I have much more belief in them than they do.  I wish they could see what I see.

This is a problem much larger than sports though.  Take a walk through any high school these days, eyes are just glazed over hoping to make it through the day.  Where are the goals?  Where is the drive to make it on thier own?  I am still amazed at how much 'stuff' teenagers have; video games, wardrobe to die for, mp3 players, tv's in their room, ect.  Where does all this stuff come from and how much do they actually have to work for it?  My town is overrun by kids just out of school who have no idea what it takes to live on their own.  A job flipping burgers doesn't pay enough to cover rent let alone anything extra.  yet they get a $300 paycheck and promptly spend $50 on DVDs or video games or cigarettes.

What motivates you and how do you motivate others around you?

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Posted on: January 26, 2008 1:59 pm

Chez Red - a la carte

With appologies to Turbozo- here is my menu listed by sport. Some classic, some unique.

Football:  has to be communal and eaten without a plate...chips, bean dip, wings and pizza..if at home. At the game- bbq (hot dogs and hamburgers with big buns) before, but inside the stadium is a pure liquid diet (the reason for big buns earlier).. you should be standing and able to cheer spontaniously so no full mouths! While a draft beer is a better value choosing a bottle will help limit spills.  For a monday night game at home a good bourbon on the rocks is a nice change after all the beer the day before, I go with makersmark or knob creek myself.

Baseball:  much more relaxed at home...steak and baked potatoes on individual tv trays are exceptable with a bowl of shelled nuts or popcorn to share.  At the game it is everyones favorite on site meal... clam chowder for mom, pizza for brother, dad has 2 chilly dogs, sushi and garlic fries for me (I'm wierd I know), my husband gets the nachos, the baby has his apples (brought from home) and a small sampling from every one along with extra sauerkraut from a hot dog (my kid obviously). After the meal it is all about the nuts and seeds usually the 4th inning on, is full of kicking shells under the other person's seat.

Hockey: I do not know this one from experience but my gut tells me I would pick chili.  Homemade at home and stadium at the stadium.

Volleyball: Oh the stories I could tell you about this one.... but since no one else really goes to volleyball games I will continue on..

Basketball:  Gotta eat and be ready to cheer at any time for this one so hot dogs and popcorn are great choices.  For some reason I always go with a bottled beer here. I think because it is indoor and I am somewhat more aware of spills.  No special home meal comes to mind for this one, not sure why.

Fight Night: Hard, hard alcohol and a keg.  Lasagna is a good choice for a prefight meal.  Lots of weight to counter lots of alcohol!

Tour de France: Yeah I watch this one too, so what.  Airs in the early morning in the US so coffee, a water bottle and a power bar. Not much variety here.

Soccer: I eat what ever is being served by the sadist making me watch this crap.

All youth sports: cold weather- chili again, hot chocolate, hot dogs, and warm pretzels.
All youth sports: warm weather-  potato and/or pasta salad, yogert, hard boiled eggs, and juice boxes with popsicles after a win.

I know I am fogetting something but for the life of me i don't know what it is.  I'm sure it is obvious....

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