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Posted on: July 17, 2008 7:47 am

Kill it

Kill the Tour de France. Put it out of its misery. Put cycling out of its misery and kill the whole sport.


Three riders have already been caught cheating through chemistry, including a two-time stage winner of this year's race. And the thing isn't even close to being finished. How many more cheaters are going to get caught?

Better question: How many more cheaters won't be?

After the Floyd Landis debacle and with the general suspicion that cycling is the world's dirtiest sport -- and that's saying something -- these guys still can't stop from cheating. They literally don't think they can compete with clean bodies.

It'll make you wonder about whoever wins -- how did he beat everyone in the field if he wasn't cheating?

Kill the sport. It has lived well beyond its usefulness.

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