Posted on: August 10, 2011 3:14 pm

They're cheating, MLB team? Prove it. Or shut up.

Another day, another baseball team found guilty of cheating.

And by found guilty, I mean accused of cheating. Because let's be honest: That's all it takes anymore. If you're accused of cheating, well, it's like you did it. Now the onus is on you, Toronto Blue Jays, to prove you've not been cheating with some dude in white in center field. Just like the onus is on you, Milwaukee Brewers, to prove you've not been cheating with the lights in your scoreboard.

(The lights are not twinkling! I know Art, and thanks for noticing.)

Sorry. Love that movie.

But I hate these accusations, because they put the burden of proof on the accused -- and in the case of the accusation against Toronto, they were put there by some anonymous cowards on an unnamed American League team. New rule: If you're going to accuse another team of cheating, then put your name to it. Otherwise, shaddup.

Kudos to Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, I guess, for having the guts to accuse publicly the Brewers of cheating. But shame on him for just throwing it out there, like it's factual. If it's factual, La Russa, prove it.

Otherwise, shaddup.

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