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Posted on: July 12, 2011 1:56 pm

Don't get mad at Jeter. Get even.

By skipping the All-Star Game, Derek Jeter did what he felt he had to do -- and now it's your turn.

Remember what he did. Don't rip him for it now, just remember it next year. When you're voting for the American League All-Star team. And you're looking at the list of shortstops.

Remember what Derek Jeter did this year to millions of you -- or to hundreds of thousands of you, voting up to 25 times each. He nullified your vote. Said you wasted it. No thanks. He doesn't feel like playing in the game. He's old, and he's tired.

And that's his right.

But it's your right to remember this one year from now, and to vote accordingly.

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