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Posted on: January 6, 2011 4:37 pm

Disappointed in Jim Harbaugh

When you're a cynic like me, and someone worth believing in finally comes along, it stings more than it should when that someone proves to be full of crap.

Jim Harbaugh is full of crap. And it stings. More than it should.

Here was a guy I believed in. Had he left Stanford for Florida, I'd have given the Gators a shot. Had he left for Michigan, I'd have rooted him on. Had he stayed at Stanford, I'd have applauded his loyalty and gumption.

But he's going to the NFL. To the Dolphins, according to a radio report in South Florida. He's grabbing the biggest buck he can find, which means he's nobody to believe in. He's just another greedy SOB. The world has lots of those. Now we get one more. Jim Harbaugh.

Depressing. I'm a college guy, so Harbaugh -- in college -- mattered to me. Now that he's become the latest college guy to bolt for the pro money, he doesn't matter to me. Not any more than any of those greedy SOB's matter to me.

As a college coach, he was a breath of fresh air. Cocky, smart, charismatic. A winner.

In the NFL, he'll be another suit on the sideline. That's his right. But it's my right to feel stung. And to wonder why I bother believing in any of these greedy sons of ...

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