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Posted on: October 20, 2011 10:59 am
Edited on: October 20, 2011 11:03 am

Aaron Boone or Johnny Knoxville? Let's ask Aaron!

ST. LOUIS -- Aaron Boone is a great guy. There are some guys on TV -- guys who smile and crack jokes and call each other cute little nicknames, like the real ballplayers do -- who aren't great guys. Some of them are a little bit phony, is my point.

Aaron Boone is no phony.

There's not a lot of journalistic merit to what I'm writing here, so don't bother looking for it unless you have a periscope or a stethoscope or maybe even a proctologist's scope. And I suppose I could be wrong about Aaron Boone, but I doubt it. Before going to ESPN he used to work here at CBSSports.com, giving us analysis on camera, and while he and I never crossed paths, my colleagues universally considered him a great guy.

Anyway, because I can, I wanted to share my smallish meeting with Boone from Game 1 of the World Series.

He's in a secondary press box Wednesday night at Busch Stadium, watching the game with a few other TV types, when I decide that he's a dead ringer for Johnny Knoxville. I click on this picture of Knoxville, and this picture of Boone, and call Boone over to my computer. He comes over, unsure who the hell I am, and I point to the images and say, "Which one of these guys is you?"

Boone smiles, because as I said, he's a good guy. I've just introduced myself to him in the most ridiculous way possible, and he's smiling. He says he's heard the Knoxville comparison -- "a million times," he says -- and then tells me a story from a family trip to Disney, where another tourist kept staring at him.

Boone tells me, "It was obvious he recognized me, and I'm thinking, 'All right, maybe he thinks it's me.'"

The guy walks up to Boone and says, "You're him, aren't you?"

Boone says, conspiratorially, "Yes."

The guy says, "I thought so. You're hilarious, Johnny."

Boone says, "I'm not Johnny."

The guy says, knowingly, "OK, Johnny, that's cool," and walks off.

As Boone told me last night, "He thought I was Johnny Knoxville but didn't want anyone to know it."

So Aaron Boone is Johnny Knoxville, even when he tells people he isn't.

Worth the blogg post? Maybe not. But when a guy is as likeable in person as he appears to be on TV, well, that's news. So there you go. A newsy blogg post, just for you.

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