Posted on: May 27, 2009 9:12 am

Calipari cleaning house ... and I'm OK with it?!?

Kentucky coach John Calipari is doing something I normally would hate. He has recruited well beyond the NCAA maximum of 13 scholarship players allowed for a single season, and by doing so he is having to cut loose a handful of players. Just yesterday, three UK players were "allowed" to transfer, or graduate early, or whatever lingo you want to call it. Kentucky is still one player over the limit, and if Jodie Meeks drops out of the NBA draft -- and I expect he will -- the Wildcats will have to shed two more players.

And I'm OK with it.

And here's why.

Calipari isn't doing this in Year 5 of his tenure at Kentucky. He just got there, and he was brought there to clean up Billy Gillispie's mess. Kentucky didn't hire him to maintain the status freaking quo. Kentucky hired him to kick some ass. So, he's kicking it.

He brought in the best recruiting class in the country. He welcome back Patrick Patterson after Patterson's NBA draft dalliance. And as a result, he's way over the scholarship limit.

So he gets a free pass from me. Kentucky didn't hire him to be nice. Kentucky hired him to win. And really, let's be honest: Shame on those crappy players who came to Kentucky and thought they were good enough. They weren't. So go find your level, kids. It's not Kentucky.

And shame on the previous coaching staff(s) for bringing you to Kentucky in the first place.
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