Posted on: May 6, 2011 12:09 pm

So, is Maryland basketball a Top 20 job?

Off the top of my head, as Matt Jones and I discussed the coaching vacancy at Maryland on our weekly podcast, I said I wasn't sure if Maryland is a Top 20 job. After further consideration ...

I'm still not sure. That doesn't mean no.

To me, there are a dozen jobs that are without question better. Why better? Some combination of tradition, facilities, fans, recruiting base, ability to compete within in its conference, and weather.

Those 12, in alphabetical order: Arizona, Arkansas, Duke, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State, North Carolina, Texas and UCLA.

To me, there are another 12 jobs in the next tier. Maryland's one of them, which means Maryland could be the 13th-best job in America. Or it could be 24th.

The next 12, alphabetically: Gonzaga, Illinois, Louisville, Maryland, Memphis, North Carolina State, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, UConn and Xavier.

Bottom line? I'm positive Maryland is a Top 25 job. And possibly Top 20. Or not. It's close.

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