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Posted on: July 12, 2008 10:16 am

Alabama has two faces

And both of them are ugly.

On the football field, player after player after player gets into trouble with the law. Most of them stay with the team. Most of them will play as much as they are needed to play this season.

In the football broadcasting booth, Kenny Stabler gets into trouble with the law. And he's gone. Talking a "leave of absence" for the entire year. Maybe the leave was his idea. Maybe it wasn't. The way Alabama handles things, it's hard to take anything that comes out of that football program at face value.

If I'm an Alabama fan, I'm sick to my stomach. But I'm not an Alabama fan. Maybe you are. So I'm guessing you're just mad at me now.

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Posted on: February 12, 2008 10:02 am

Morning! Nick Saban's a jerk (but you knew that)

Lots of college football coaches sign more players than they have scholarships for, but seven more? That's Nick Saban for you. He just signed 32 players but only has 25 slots. He either figures seven of his dummies won't qualify, or he he'll just yank a few scholarships between now and August. Either way, he's a snake.

Earlier in his NBA career, Gilbert Arenas was convinced to shave ... down there. And didn't like it. What an idiot -- not necessarily for doing it, but for admitting it.

Even if the Phillies beat Ryan Howard in arbitration, they would lose.

Jose Canseco says someone is lying in the Roger Clemens-Brian McNamee standoff. And at risk of sounding like those cheesy ESPN News anchors ... you won't believe whom he's calling the liar.

The new owner of the Cubs sounds like a dirty old man. Gross.

Ball Four author Jim Bouton was roasted, and it got nasty. As a kid, I read Ball Four. I know, I know -- that explains a lot, doesn't it?

Turns out the Babe was the first baseball player who dealt with rumors of illicit drug use. No, not that Babe.

Terrelle Pryor hasn't even signed yet -- pick a school already -- but already the next Terrelle Pryor has been identified from the class of 2009. And Rich Rodriguez is trying to get him as well. Greedy.

Oh my Lord, Randy Couture's wife is going to start fighting now.

Fedor has reduced himself to fighting in this garbage event, where he beat three men in less than three minutes combined.





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