Posted on: October 18, 2011 10:43 am
Edited on: October 18, 2011 10:50 am

Carson gets what he wants. So why am I happy?

I was going to be mad. How mad? Ballistic. The Bengals were trading Carson Palmer today to the Raiders, that was the news, and I was going to be furious with Bengals owner Mike Brown for letting Palmer get what he wants.

But then I heard what the Bengals are set to receive for Palmer.

Two first-round picks? Two? OK, anger subsided. Palmer gets what he wants, yes, but the Bengals got more than they deserved. Palmer isn't worth two No. 1 picks, not anymore, not with his knee surgically repaired and his elbow a question mark and his pilot light flickering where a competitive fire ought to be raging.

Two No. 1's?


Sometimes the bad guys win, and Palmer -- quitter, baby -- is the bad guy in this scenario. Mike Brown is rarely the good guy in any scenario, but he's the good guy now. He played hardball with Palmer, and won. Brown will want to remember this day. He hasn't won like this since he was born, silver-spoon style, into one of the first families of football 74 years ago. And I doubt he remembers that.

But Brown won this go-around. The Raiders get a quarterback and Palmer gets to play some more, but I'm not concerned with those guys. I'm a Cincinnati guy, and Cincinnati owner Mike Brown just used Carson Palmer to crush the Raiders.

Now, if only Brown would quit while he's ahead and hire a general manager to make those picks for him ...

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