Posted on: July 30, 2009 3:42 pm
Edited on: July 30, 2009 5:51 pm

Ortiz is a druggie, and I'm mad at me

Why am I mad at me? Because I thought Ortiz was a steroids user for years. So did you. So did anyone with any common sense. He goes from being an average player with the Twins to being a Hall of Famer with the Red Sox, and he made that improvement in the Steroid Era, and yet he wasn't on 'roids?

He wasn't, not officially, until the New York Times outed him today. So now we can all talk about what we already sort of knew: Ortiz was a juicer.

Great. But too late. Which is why I'm mad at me. I had no guts, or I would have called out Ortiz years ago as the cheater we all thought he was.

There are two players right now I think are cheaters. Two sluggers. Both in the National League. At least one of them was in the HR Derby. If I had any guts I'd come out and say it: _____ is on steroids.

But I don't have any guts. So I won't say it.

And in three years when this guy, and the other guy, get outed ... I'll be mad at myself then, too.

Until then, speculate away on the two players. Figuring them out should take out about ... five or six seconds.
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