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Posted on: March 19, 2008 7:23 am

Reggie Bush, you're no Chris Paul

After wasting his time in the offseason last year, Reggie Bush vows to come into camp a better player this time around. He also says he will try to match the city's other young sports star, Chris Paul. Maybe Bush should aim a little lower. Try to match, say, Bonzi Wells.

The worship of Brett Favre has become almost sickening.

Chad Johnson is crossing the line from flake to genuine bad guy. (Bad guy as in "Terrell Owens," not bad guy as in "homocidal criminal.") For kicks, check out the pompous "no comment" left by Drew Rosenhaus via text message.

Get on the bandwagon now: Dan Uggla for the Hall of Fame. The one in Cooperstown. No, really.

The Red Sox and A's get an all-expenses-paid trip to Japan to open the season, and as an added bonus they get $40,000 each? Good grief. There is such a disconnect between real life and the life of a big-leaguer. Not sure if I'm jealous, or just plain pissed off.

You know what? At the time it happened, I was thinking the same thing this angry columnist in Utah writes about Derek Fisher: He used his daughter's cancer to get out of Utah and re-join the Lakers.

That Ultimate Fighter knucklehead Jon Koppenhaver -- aka War Machine -- has himself a new fight. If it's half as entertaining as his fight against Jared Rollins, I can't wait to see it.



Posted on: March 10, 2008 7:27 am

Morning: Brett Favre's family is a bunch of pigs!

Brett Favre retired so he could spend more time with his family? Only if his family has four legs, snorts and gets shot at with rifles.

Steelers LB James Harrison had no comment after his arrest on charges of hitting his girlfriend. Apparently Allegedly he lets his fists do his talking.

The San Francisco Giants found a precedent for pitcher Noah Lowry's bizarre forearm injury. Unfortunately, the precedent was from the NFL, and the player involved was never all that good.

Joe Girardi hasn't managed his first real game for the Yankees, but already he has been verbally slapped to the ground by ancient Don Zimmer.

You know how baseball players are mocked in the movies for speaking in the most banal of cliches? They get taught to say that crap!

The Astros' Ty Wigginton delivered one of his own children. Sort of.  This story is semi-graphic, but it sounds like Wigginton caught the kid in the shower as it was coming into this world. Nice hands, Ty. Manny Ramirez would have dropped that sucker.

When he was playing with Julius Erving and Maurice Cheeks, Andrew Toney was one strange dude. That hasn't changed.

Evidence continues to mount that Terrelle Pryor, the top football recruit in the country who has yet to decide between Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and Oregon, is more trouble than he's worth.

You wanna know why, despite all of his transparent faults, I like UFC czar Dana White so much? Because he's a lot like me. He wakes up pissed off, for no good reason, and doesn't try to hide it.


Posted on: March 6, 2008 7:22 am

Morning: LeBron James' post-50 NYC moment

LeBron hung 50 on the Knicks in the Garden, but he says what happened next was "the most unbelievable thing that's ever happened to me." What happened next? Not to give it away, but a man got arrested because of what happened next.

Amid all this love for Brett Favre, the fine people of Atlanta want you to remember why he didn't make it big in their city, with the Falcons: Because he was a drunk.

What the hell is a "sports sociology class" and why is an NFL player teaching it? And where is Clovis Community College? So many questions.

Whoever's wrong -- the Ravens or Terrell Suggs -- is a world class horse's ass for trying to massage Suggs' position into a few extra bucks.

Turns out Broncos D-lineman Marcus Thomas has an alibi for being caught with cocaine: It belonged to a member of his posse, not to Thomas. Hey, what's a posse for? Show them a grenade, and they jump on it.

Here's a politician who just killed his career in New York: He's begging Capitol Hill to leave Roger Clemens alone. Says poor little Roger has been through enough already. What a bozo. Both of them.

Former lottery pick Tyrus Thomas skipped practice with the Bulls. Just didn't show up.  Imagine the nerve. Just ... doesn't show.

One day after the Yankees threw a perfect game, the Braves couldn't manage a lousy no-hitter. But they sure did come close.

With Mauricio Rua injured and out, the UFC found a new opponent for Chuck Liddell at UFC 85. Unlike Rua, this guy can't beat Liddell.

UFC druggie Kevin Randleman is coming back ... against "the Snowman."


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