Posted on: July 16, 2008 1:28 pm

This is what's wrong with the NBA

OK, it's one of many things wrong with the NBA. But when an NBA team, Denver in this case, basically gives away its best big man, Marcus Camby in this case, simply for salary-cap reasons ... there's a problem.

But there's also something wrong with Denver. The Nuggets have to give away the best defensive big man in the league? Fine. Give him away. But don't give him away to a team in the same conference.

Who's running the Nuggets, anyway? Isiah Thomas?

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Posted on: April 30, 2008 2:55 pm
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This just in: Mark Cuban's insane

And I like Mark Cuban, most of the time anyway.

But firing Avery Johnson was a stupid knee-jerk reaction to a problem that wasn't of Johnson's creation. Unless it turns out that Johnson was the primary force behind the season-killing trade of Devin Harris for Jason Kidd, he just took the fall for the Dallas front office, which thought older-and-slower was the best way to win the wicked West. New Orleans' Chris Paul blew a hole in that theory, running circles around decrepit Kidd, and Avery Johnson is the one who pays with a pink slip?

Unacceptable. Avery Johnson didn't go from coaching savant to idiot overnight. But if there's any karma in the NBA, the Mavericks will go from the playoffs to the lottery as quickly as Johnson went from coach of the year to unemployment.

Who's next in Dallas? No clue, but I hear Louisville's Rick Pitino has had his eye on an NBA return for some time. Neither side will confirm this -- in fact Pitino's spokesman flatly denies it -- but I've been told by multiple sources on the periphery that a representative of Pitino spoke with the Miami Heat about their recent opening. Don't be surprised if Pitino speaks with Cuban about this one.

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Posted on: April 26, 2008 11:27 am
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Please, MJ, hire Larry Brown

This way, the NBA can be rid of two knuckleheads in one move.

It would take some time, yes, but after one year of Larry Brown, the city of Charlotte -- not to mention Michael Jordan's superiors with the Bobcats, assuming he has any -- would be ready to run both of them out of town.

For Brown, who gives a half-day's work for a week's pay, it would certainly be the last time any NBA executive would be stupid enough to hire him. For Jordan, it would certainly be the last time any NBA franchise would be stupid enough to give him control of its basketball operations.

Jordan was a great player, probably the greatest ever. But the only executive worse than him has been Isiah Thomas ... who happens to be the last executive to think hiring Brown was a good idea. How did that turn out for the Knicks? And for Isiah?

See, Brown isn't a great hire. He's a franchise-killer. He doesn't get along with anybody but the owner, because he knows whose butt to kiss (see: his relationship with Dean Smith.) Everybody else gets alienated by Brown, a one-man plague of locusts who then moves on to the next city. But Jordan somehow is thought to be considering hiring Brown, probably because Dean the UNC don says it must be so.

After this debacle, if it happens, there won't be a next NBA city. Not for Brown. Not for Jordan.

So please make this hire, MJ. Hire Larry Brown, and do it fast.

I'm beyond sick of both of you.

Posted on: February 13, 2008 5:34 pm

East Coast bias

Why does the NBA bother to have an Eastern Conference? Just contract, eliminate half the league's teams and let the best of the West -- which is to say, the best of the best -- have it out for the NBA title.

Every week brings another news item that makes the Eastern Conference even more irrelevent. You had the Lakers outflanking the Bulls for Pau Gasol. Then you had Miami trading Shaquile O'Neal to the Suns, and while the Heat got Shawn Marion, they won't have him for long. Soon he'll get out of his deal and come back to the West.

Now you have the Nets trading Jason Kidd to Dallas for Devin Harris, who is a nice player but will never be a star.

This is in addition to Portland and Seattle winning the last draft lottery and landing Kevin Durant and Greg Oden. And Denver's acquisition of Allen Iverson from Philadelphia.

Good thing the Celtics traded for Kevin Garnett. Otherwise we'd be looking at Cleveland enduring another Western Conference sweep of the NBA Finals, against Portland or Dallas or Phoenix or Los Angeles or New Orleans or San Antonio.

Or Utah or Denver or ...

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