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Posted on: October 28, 2008 12:32 am

MNF: Colts 21, Titans 31 -- The View From The Top

     This game was a case of who conserved more energy. It looked like the Colts were playing relaxed early and we were giving it our all, but in the second half it was obvious that we hid a LOT of energy, and a lot of plays. Our passing game, with our QB Kerry Collins, was fantastic. Kerry was spot on all night. The only reason there were so many incompletions was because our receivers couldn't catch a thing. The only reliable targets on our entire roster seemed to be, go figure, Oliver "Bo" Scaife and Brandon Jones. Kerry found Justin Gage an especially risky target, as he dropped 3 passes before the night was over. Justin McCareins, an unlikely model for consistent play, showed good possession receiving skills, something that seems to suit him better than the deep threat role he had taken many weeks before. Lavelle Hawkins has now been thrown at twice and has two catches and is proving to be a hidden gem in the often "dirty" WR corps of the Titans. Our running game struggled against the fast defense of the Colts, but as the game grew into the later minutes, it showed that the swift defense grew slower, and the Chris Johnson TD run sealed the game with a great showing of speed that was bottled earlier in the game. LenDale White found the endzone twice, as usual, and now leads the league in touchdowns other than passing with 10 TDs on the season, on track to 21 TDs. He's gained 1/2 of his TDs in the past two games and has accounted for many of our points. This game showed that Kerry Collins is our quarterback and likely still the best option under center for the Titans. It also showed that no matter how badly the Titans get in a hole, they'll always find their zone, and the found it in the second half tonight versus the division rival Colts. The Titans defense also showed that they're still tops as Chris Hope, the only player without an interception in the Titans starting secondary, found himself on the receiving end of two of Peyton Manning's off-target passes. The Titans defense now has 12 interceptions on the season, and no defensive back has intercepted less than 2 passes this year. Nick Harper certainly came to play deflecting two crucial passes, and Vincent Fuller, the nickel back, made a nice play on the ball as well. Peyton Manning did, however, seem to find his rhythm with key pass rusher Kyle Vanden Bosch out of the game and Albert Haynesworth drawing double teams, and found his old buddy Dallas Clark twice for touchdowns and took one in himself in garbage time. The Code Blue Titans fans certainly made some noise as their cheered for their team, and no viewer should be disappointed after watching a game of football like the one played in Tennessee tonight The Colts are certainly not out as a playoff team, but the prospect of a first week bye is fading as fast as the Nashville city lights as the Colts drove away from LP Field.
Posted on: October 25, 2008 9:28 pm

Roger Goodell: A Man Of The Players?

As I'm sure most of you have heard by now, Roger Goodell is in full support of a longer season, likely 18 games, for the NFL. While it is quite a sexy option, and who could say no to more football, at what cost, Commish? These players drop like flies, 3 or 4 big name players or so, in a 16-game season already. You want to put these guys through two more games against teams like my Titans, the Ravens, and Redskins? Teams who make you pay for wearing that jersey and set of pads every game day as it is? The Tennessee Titans have had 5 opposing players placed on Injured Reserve just in these beginning 6 games, (EJ Henderson, Brodie Croyle, Damon Huard, Maurice Williams, Vince Manuwai) and injured a few more. These teams can't take one game against a tough team, how can you expect them to withstand 18 games against even marginally tough teams? Roger Goodell certainly seems not to care. And to further my point, he has taken player celebration penalties to a new high, fining my own Chris Johnson $10,000 for playing the Bongos. I can remember a time when players would have fun playing football. Now a player can't celebrate or he loses the sum of money, along with a certain three-dimensional shape, an entire game show was based around in the 70's. These players aren't respected, yet they're expected to respect the NFL? When the NFL, along with Commissioner Goodell, actually starts respecting the players is when he can get respect back. How can a player feel good about playing in this league and think of it as a privilege when he can't celebrate without getting a fine? However insignificant finanicially, it still sends a message.

Roger Goodell: When you respect your players as people, not machine-like, grunt-level employees, you will earn their respect.
Posted on: October 25, 2008 9:27 pm
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