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Posted on: February 1, 2008 8:26 am
Edited on: May 28, 2008 10:40 pm

Super Bowl Musings - Friday - Super Bowl Trivia

Another day, another massive ice storm taking over the northeast, right? I didn't have time to type this up last night, so I'm typing this on borrowed time from Jack Frost considering my meeting with the Sandman last night... Anyway, as the ice surround my western Pennsylvania abode, I'll list some of the more interesting Super Bowl Trivia or oddities. Bring it up to your friends as Shuless Joe has advised, this sunday. It's less than 72 hours away!

The following trends occur regarding Super Bowl games:

  • Teams scoring 30 or more points are currently 21-1 (.955). (Only such team to lose: Dallas in XIII.) Teams scoring fewer than 20 points are currently 4-31 (.114). (Last such team to win: Pittsburgh in IX.) More specifically, teams scoring 32 points or more are undefeated (18-0) and teams scoring fewer than 14 points are winless (0-17).
  • Field goals have been converted in all but two Super Bowls (VII and IX).
  • Teams leading at halftime are 32-7 (.821) (two Super Bowls, XXIII and XXXIX, have been tied at halftime).
  • Teams shutout in the first half are 0-11; teams shutout in the second half are 1-7 (.125). (Only such team to win: Miami in VII.)
  • Higher seeded teams are 13-11 (.542) and NFC teams are 6-2 (.750) in Super Bowls matching same-numbered seeds, which thus far have always been #1 vs. #1. Playoff seedings were first instituted in 1975.
  • When the game matches two teams that played each other during the regular season, the team that lost the regular season meeting is 6-5 in the Super Bowl, including 4-1 the last five times this has happened. This record will be tested shortly, as this year's contest between the New England Patriots and New York Giants is a rematch of a game played on the final weekend of the regular season, won by New England.
<dl><dt>Notable stretches</dt></dl>
  • 1969-81: AFL/AFC, 11-2
  • 1982-97: NFC, 15-1
  • 1998-Present: AFC, 8-2
<dl><dt>Longest winning streak</dt></dl>
  • 13: NFC, 1985-97 (AFC's longest is 5, 1973-77)
By regular decades (based on regular season year, not Super Bowl calendar year)
  • 1960s (I-IV): tied, 2-2
  • 1970s (V-XIV): AFC, 8-2
  • 1980s (XV-XXIV): NFC, 8-2
  • 1990s (XXV-XXXIV): NFC, 8-2
  • 2000s (XXXV-XLI): AFC, 6-1

In the history of the Super Bowl, the following "firsts" have yet to occur:

  • Snowy Weather - While Super Bowl XLI was the first to feature rain, snow has yet to fall during the game. This is highly unlikely (barring a freak occurrence in Arizona, Florida or Southern California, or a malfunctioning retractable roof) since the NFL schedules the game only in stadiums that have roofs or that have warm, dry winter climates.
  • An all-wild card matchup (teams who failed to win their divisions). - Nine wild card teams (since the 1970 merger) have won conference titles, but never two in the same season.
  • A shutout- Every Super Bowl participant to date has scored. In three cases the offenses have been shut out while the special teams scored a single touchdown:
    • Super Bowl VII: The Washington Redskins returned a fumble for a touchdown after blocking field goal attempt.
    • Super Bowl IX: The Minnesota Vikings recovered a blocked punt in the end zone but missing the extra point.
    • Super Bowl XXXV: The New York Giants scored a 97-yard kickoff return.
    • Super Bowl VI: The Miami Dolphins finished with 3 points, the fewest in a Super Bowl.
  • A punt return touchdown. - While many kickoffs have been returned for a touchdown, a punt has yet to be returned for one.
  • Home Field Advantage (playing in one's own home stadium). - The closest instances to this have been Super Bowl XIV being played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena near the Rams' then-hometown of Los Angeles and Super Bowl XIX being played at Stanford Stadium which is about 25 miles south of the 49ers' home stadium, Candlestick Park. While many Super Bowls have occurred in the Miami and New Orleans areas, neither of the area's teams (the Dolphins and Saints, respectively) have ever taken advantage of these opportunities.
  • Overtime - The narrowest margin of victory in a Super Bowl is one point, in Super Bowl XXV (1991). The closest instances to overtime, in which the result of the last play of the game could have realistically led to a tie and thus an overtime, have been:
    • Super Bowl V: Baltimore's Jim O'Brien kicked a game-winning field goal with :05 left.
    • Super Bowl XXXIV: Tennessee's Kevin Dyson was stopped one yard short of a tying touchdown.
    • Super Bowl XXXVI: New England's Adam Vinatieri kicked a game-winning field goal as time expired.
    • Super Bowl XXXVIII: New England's Adam Vinatieri kicked another game-winning field goal with :04 left.
  • An appearance by every team. - Six teams have yet to reach their first Super Bowl: Arizona, Cleveland, Detroit,Houston, Jacksonville, and New Orleans.
This concludes my WEEKDAY Version of my Super Bowl Musings series. Have a good one as you watch the big game this weekend!
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