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Super Bowl Musings - Wednesday - MVP Breakdown

Another day of late-night blogging, another exhausting day. It is exceedingly hard to find a macbook in western PA/east OH. I ended up in Pittsburgh after starting out in New Castle and over to Boardman... What a day. Anyway, you aren't here to hear about my life. If i blogged that on here, i wouldn't be getting such praise from Shuless Joe, whom I thank for another shout-out in his daily weekday blog While You Were Sleeping. Here it comes, Ladies and Gents. Here's where the fights start. Cowboys fans, claim your superiority to others as your team gets 7 MVPs, 3 more than ANY other team in the league. Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, Notre Dame fans, rejoice as you read.

Positional Breakdown

  • 21 Quarterbacks
  • 7 Runnings Backs
  • 5 Wide Receivers
  • 2 Defensive Ends
  • 2 Linebackers
  • 2 Safeties
  • 1 Cornerback
  • 1 Defensive Tackle
  • 1 Return Specialist

MVP-Producing Teams (By amount of MVPs)
  1. Dallas Cowboys -7 - co-MVP's once and MVP on a losing team
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers - 4
  3. Oakland/L.A. Raiders - 3
  4. San Francisco 49ers - 3
  5. Washington Redskins - 3
  6. Denver Broncos - 2
  7. Green Bay Packers - 2
  8. Miami Dolphins - 2
  9. New England Patriots - 2
  10. New York Giants - 2
  11. Baltimore Ravens - 1
  12. Chicago Bears - 1
  13. Indianapolis Colts - 1
  14. Kansas City Chiefs - 1
  15. New York Jets - 1
  16. St. Louis Rams - 1
  17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 1

Award-Winning MVPs
  • 16 Hall Of Fame players
  • 12 retired, eligible for Hall Of Fame
  • 7 Active Players
  • 2 Retired, not yet eligible for Hall Of Fame
  • 4 Heisman Trophy winners
Schools Producing 3 MVP Awards (Not Players)
  • Georgia
Jake Scott, SBXII -- Terrell Davis, SBXXXII -- Hines Ward, SBXL

  • Alabama
Bart Starr, SBI-SBII -- Joe Namath, SBIII

  • Michigan
Desmond Howard, SBXXXI -- Tom Brady SBXXXVI-SBXXXVIII

  • Notre Dame

In the end, Quarterbacks are overwhelmingly chosen as MVP, and the top 3 most chosen posititions are all offensive. There has yet to be a kicker, punter, offensive lineman, or tight end chosen as MVP. Georgia is the only college to produce three different MVPs. The Crimson Tide can say they dominated the first three superbowls as Alabama QBs not only won the first three Bowls, but had them named MVP. Notre Dame may claim the high pedigree award or possibly the one-hit wonder award as they've bred a QB who won three superbowls, the only bowls a Notre Dame player has won. When it comes down to it, Michigan might pull away from the pack as MVP-producing college if Brady comes through this Sunday in Phoenix. All I know is that i've got 20 on Tennessee. I've been letting it ride. haha.

Super Bowl Musings Schedule

Wednesday -- Breakdown of MVPs
Thursday -- 10 Most Interesting Super Bowls
Friday -- Super Bowl Controversies/Oddities
Saturday -- Preview Of Super Bowl XXXXII

Also, I understand Thursday's topic may be a little overdone, but c'mon it's not easy compiling these things so late at night! I've gotta take a little break somehow! I'll be back in full force Friday with a full report on Super Bowl Controversies and Oddities. Saturday will be the preview of the Big Game and i'm contemplating running a drive-by-drive blog as the game runs (simply editing after each new drive), so after the game, the losers can grasp at straws as they find aspects in which they won. Best of luck to both teams and safe travels this week and weekend. Christian, your personal unrewarded workhorse, will be back tomorrow providing you information that will be wiped out by that headache Monday morning. haha. I suppose
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Super Bowl Musings - Tuesday - Super Bowls 22-41

Back again and with a nice plug from Shuless Joe at that. Thanks. Oh, and I CAN fight like Kimbo Slice. I simply choose not to. Plus that outtie is more than enough to knock a man to the ground in fear. Anyway, Sticking to the schedule and subject at hand.

Tomorrow's blog post will have a bit more... substance to it as i break down trends and anti-trends in the MVP honors. I will do the same on saturday as far as the scores/stats/players/teams go after a brief listing of the top ten most scintillating Super Bowls in history on Friday. Also i'll provide numbers for those (like i, admittedly) of us who are Roman Numeral... adverse. While this takes a factual route, tomorrow will have a more trivial subject.

Super Bowl XXII (22) - Washington Redskins 42 Oakland Raiders 10
MVP: QB Doug Williams, Washington Redskins

Super Bowl XXIII (23) - Cincinnati Bengals 16 San Francisco 49ers 20
MVP: WR Jerry Rice, San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl XXIV (24) - San Francisco 49ers 55 Denver Broncos 10
MVP: QB Joe Montana, San Francisco

Super Bowl XXV (25) - Buffalo Bills 19 New York Giants 20
MVP: RB Ottis Anderson, New York Giants

Super Bowl XXVI (26) - Washington Redskins 37 Buffalo Bills 14
MVP: QB Mark Rypien, Washington Redskins

Super Bowl XXVII (27) - Buffalo Bills 17 Dallas Cowboys 52
MVP: QB Troy Aikman, Dallas Cowboys

Super Bowl XXVIII (28) - Dallas Cowboys 30 Buffalo Bills 13
MVP: RB Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys

Super Bowl XXIX (29) - San Diego Chargers 26 San Francisco 49ers 49
MVP: QB Steve Young, San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl XXX (30) - Dallas Cowboys 27 Pittsburgh Steelers 17
MVP: CB Larry Brown, Dallas Cowboys

Super Bowl XXXI (31) - New England Patriots 21 Green Bay Packers 35
MVP: KR/PR Desmond Howard, Green Bay Packers

Super Bowl XXXII (32) - Green Bay Packers 24 Denver Broncos 31
MVP: RB Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos

Super Bowl XXXIII (33) - Denver Broncos 34 Atlanta Falcons 19
MVP: QB John Elway, Denver Broncos

Super Bowl XXXIV (34) - St. Louis Rams 23 Tennessee Titans 16 ( ONE YARD SHORT. AUGH.)
MVP: QB Kurt Warner, St. Louis Rams

Super Bowl XXXV (35) - Baltimore Ravens 34 New York Giants 7
MVP: LB Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens

Super Bowl XXXVI (36) - St. Louis Rams 17 New England Patriots 20
MVP: QB Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Super Bowl XXXVII (37) - Oakland Raiders 21 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48
MVP: FS Dexter Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Super Bowl XXXVIII (38) - Carolina Panthers 29 New England Patriots 32
MVP: QB Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Super Bowl XXXIX (39) - New England Patriots 24 Philadelphia Eagles 21
MVP: WR Deion Branch, New England Patriots

Super Bowl XL (40) - Seattle Seahawks 10 Pittsburgh Steelers 21
MVP: WR Hines Ward, Pittsburgh Steelers

Super Bowl XLI (41) - Indianapolis Colts 29 Chicago Bears 17
MVP: QB Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts

Tune in tomorrow for a breakdown of all 42 past super bowl MVPs! Thanks for reading.

Super Bowl Musings Schedule

Tuesday -- Next 20 Super Bowls and their MVPs
Wednesday -- Breakdown of MVPs
Thursday -- 10 Most Interesting Super Bowls
Friday -- Super Bowl Controversies/Oddities
Saturday -- Preview Of Super Bowl XXXXII
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Super Bowl Musings- Monday

In light of the Super Bowl spirit, I'd like to list all the Super Bowls and their respective MVPs. I'll try to keep you guys occupied as we head towards the big game. This will be the first 21 super bowls and their MVPs. Arm yourself with knowledge on this Monday.

Super Bowl I - Green Bay Packers 35 Kansas City Chiefs 17
MVP: QB Bart Starr, Green Bay

Super Bowl II - Green Bay Packers 33 Oakland Raiders 14
MVP: QB Bart Starr, Green Bay

Super Bowl III - New York Jets 16 Baltimore Colts 6
MVP: QB Joe Namath, New York

Super Bowl IV - Kansas City Chiefs 23 Minnesota Vikings 7
MVP: QB Len Dawson, Kansas City

Super Bowl V - Baltimore Colts 16 Dallas Cowboys 13
MVP: LB Chuck Howley, Dallas

Super Bowl VI - Dallas Cowboys 24 Miami Dolphins 3
MVP: QB Roger Staubach, Dallas

Super Bowl VII - Miami Dolphins 14 Washington Redskins 7
MVP: S Jake Scott, Miami

Super Bowl VIII - Miami Dolphins 24 Minnesota Vikings 7
MVP: RB Larry Csonka, Miami

Super Bowl IX - Pittsburgh Steelers 16 Minnesota Vikings 7
MVP: RB Franco Harris, Pittsburgh

Super Bowl X - Pittsburgh Steelers 21 Dallas Cowboys 17
MVP: WR Lynn Swann, Pittsburgh

Super Bowl XI - Oakland Raiders 32 Minnesota Vikings 14
MVP: WR Fred Biletnikoff, Oakland

Super Bowl XII - Dallas Cowboys 27 Denver Broncos 10
MVP: DT Randy White & DE Harvey Martin, Dallas

Super Bowl XIII - Pittsburgh Steelers 35 Dallas Cowboys 31
MVP: QB Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh

Super Bowl XIV - Pittsburgh Steelers 31 Los Angeles Rams 19
MVP: QB Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh

Super Bowl XV - Oakland Raiders 27 Philiadelphia Eagles 10
MVP: QB Jim Plunkett, Oakland

Super Bowl XVI - San Francisco 49ers 26 Cincinnati Bengals 21
MVP: QB Joe Montana, San Francisco

Super Bowl XVII - Washington Redskins 27 Miami Dolphins 17
MVP: RB John Riggins, Washington

Super Bowl XVIII - Los Angeles Raiders 38 Washington Redskins 9
MVP: RB Marcus Allen, Oakland

Super Bowl XIX - San Francisco 49ers 38 Miami Dolphins 16
MVP: QB Joe Montana, San Francisco

Super Bowl XX - Chicago Bears 46 New England Patriots 10
MVP: DE Richard Dent, Chicago

Super Bowl XXI - New York Giants 39 Denver Broncos 20
MVP: QB Phil Simms, New York

I'll be writing Tuesday's musings monday night for you folks willing to stay up for it.

Super Bowl Musings Schedule

Monday -- First 21 Super Bowls and their MVPs
Tuesday -- Next 20 Super Bowls and their MVPs
Wednesday -- Breakdown of MVPs
Thursday -- 10 Most Interesting Super Bowls
Friday -- Super Bowl Controversies/Oddities
Saturday -- Preview Of Super Bowl XXXXII
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Terrelle Pryor Is A Piece Of Crap

I swear, as a Wilmington Area School District graduate, it was tough to see them lose that fateful day in the semi-finals against Jeannette. But it hurt even more to see such a classless kid administer it. The kid was signing autographs at his own BOOTH, signed his cleats and tossed them into the crowd, and jawed off to anyone with an ear, much less two. This kid is going to get punished in the NCAA and NFL for his big mouth and i can't wait to see it happen. There's something the kids in Jeannette, including their coach, don't realize about next year either. Terrelle Pryor fell into their lap and he's about to fall right back out. I'm glad the Greyhounds are set for yet another playoff run (looking for a third consecutive District 10 Championship) as the Jayhawks get ready to fall off the face of the earth. Their mouths will still be open next year but it'll be more of a jaw drop than anything else.

Moral Of The Story: Terrelle Pryor is about as classy as Jack The Ripper.
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Most People, Contrary To Many Beliefs, Bleed Red

Well one late night while looking at my sword-shaped letter opener and keyboard wrist pad, I found myself in a very deep version of a coma. As any even-minded human being would, i started making holes in the wrist pad. I found that the initial stab was simple, but it took at LEAST half of a muscle to pull it back out. That's when it donned on me. Stabbing someone would be hard if you were planning to do it more than once. I mean can you imagine how hard it'd be to yank a knife out of human flesh once much less 40-50 times in succession. Mass murderers actions cannot be condoned, but they certainly have to be respected. Those guys either had some good muscle mass or huge stones to be yanking that thing in and out over 25 times each night. Murderers are definitely good at what they do and we need to use that to our advantage. We send these guys out into the streets of Baghdad ala Alarik from Assassin's Creed and tell him to have at it. We send Mahoney-level officers along with him to make sure he kills true-blooded insurgents. These guys have trained themselves to kill, why not let him use their skill! Think about it, the insurgents are happy when the murderer eventually turns on the cops, and we're happy because he's slaughtering not-so-helpless Iraqi insurgents. Everyone wins.

Moral of The Story: Don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys. Train them to kill instead. For the good of America.
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My Plan For The Titans Offseason

1. Franchise Haynesworth until an agreement is made upon an incentive-laden contract for 4-6 years. (thank to drpeek2005 for the incentive revelation)

2.Sign D.J. Hackett after we bring him in. Mike Reinfeldt has already arranged a meeting at Baptist Sports Park so this may be old news, but i still think a nice vet like D.J. can help us out more than Eric Moulds did.

3.Release Brandon Jones and Chris Davis. A third year injury problem is not a good sign. Mike Williams showed promise with a Chow reunion but a Heimerdinger work ethic routine might work out better. I think he can be a nice WR if he snaps him into shape.

4.Re-Sign Ben Troupe to a 1-year deal. This kid was good in his rookie season... with guess who? Heimerdinger. If he can that potential back into talent like he had with Mike, we should have no problem at the TE position.

5.Look for another free agent OL like Ruben Brown, Alan Faneca, or Ryan Lilja. They'll be good competition for the guard spots which may be open with a possible Jacob Bell departure and/or Benji Olsen retirement.

6.Upgrade the opposite DL. If the Super Bowl-bound Giants can get things done with just 2 DE's imagine our dominance with that and Big Al in the center. Jared Allen is a nice prospect as well as DL Renaldo Wynn, Paul Spicer and Justin Smith.

7.Draft a WR (Malcolm Kelly or Limas Sweed) In the first round. Big guys like them with nice speed will get things done opposite a route runner like D.J. Hackett.

8.Don't neglect the RB Position! We were interested in Michael Turner before and we will be now. We'll be able to bring back out the 2RB sets we had when Henry was here. (Also a snippet from an article about our interest in him last year) "Agent Bus Cook said he hadn't had much time to talk with Turner, who was checking out of a Nashville hotel Monday afternoon. But he said Turner enjoyed his visit with the Titans." Obviously he likes us... and now we've got that Eddie George-like figure that was key to Heimerdinger's offense during what seemed to be our most recent glory days.

9. Second Round... LB? I think we should look deeply at MLB this year, but in the second round. We need competition to thin out the best of that position. Stephen Tulloch and Ryan Fowler were duking it out last preseason so why not bring someone else in who can be better.. THEN watch them try to play up to his level. They certainly don't want some rookie taking their job.

10. 3rd Round... Look at DL/OL depending on the talent at each line. I'd love to see a high-talent lineman around this pick and there's a deep class this year for it. At least i think so.

11.4th Round... Punter. Craig Hentrich is certainly not getting any younger and he was a good punter in his day. There isn't much grooming to do for a new punter, but we need to get one with a big leg. That way he'll take kickoff duties and not just ride the bench. He can also relieve Hentrich if for some reason our drive stalls out and so does Craig.

12. 5th-7th rounds... OL/DL Depth. We did a fairly good job at getting depth for the O-line this year but such a shallow group hurt us when injuries came last year.

13. Keep Pacman. The kid makes plays and if he stays out of trouble, great! If he doesn't, big deal. I'm not sure there's a lose here... We've done fine without him so he wouldn't be a huge loss if he were to leave the organization. We aren't exactly as needy for him as the Falcons were for Michael Vick.
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The Big Question In The Super Bowl....

Which one buys the lube?

Tom Coughlin better behind over and smile this sunday. There's no getting past these Patriots.
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