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Posted on: March 18, 2010 12:32 pm
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Live Blogging Day 1 of The Tournament

I'm going to be watching the games anyway. So, I've decided why not jump onto this blog here--which I haven't looked at in months and jot down my thoughts. Worst case: I have some organized thoughts which I can share in discussions with my friends. We'll be arguing about these games and I'll be prepared. Best Case: Some college basketball fans come and join me at some point today and we begin an active. If you happen to drop by this page and read the above sentences, I urge you, please join me in discussion. This kind of comradery is what the tournament is all about.

Opening thoughts:

The Florida-BYU game is on with 16:30 left to go in the first. Florida is up 8 to 6. I've liked Florida's talent from the beginning. You can sift through my infrequent posts and read a quick blurb on the Gators, in which I penned them one of my underrated teams to watch. I love Chandler Parsons, Alex Tryus,  Macklin, Walker and Boynton, all of whom average double digit points. I have picked the Gators in my bracket--however, I don't have them going any further.

This is the game I'll likely stick with through the first series of games. Villanova-Robert Morris? No thank you. And I prefer this Gators matchup to Notre Dame-Old Dominion, in which I've picked the Big East team. Even with Harangody coming off the bench, I think the 'Irish have proven down the stretch in big east play, they have the drive to push forward. They're a team of perseverance, with momentum coming in. These types usually do well come Tourney time.

Your thoughts on the first series of games? Let me know.


After 2 computer crashes, I've determined that my (4-yo) laptop can't handle both streaming games and constant page updates and posting. So, all I can do i live blog what CBS shows me.

Some quick hits:


Despite my disappointment, I have to admit, this was a terrific game. Florida came back down the stretch in regulation, had the lead at times and endured through overtime. However, BYU pulled off... well... they just pulled out a win. Florida was technically the underdog. I maintain, Florida was the better team today.

NOVA-Robert Morris

Game just ended in overtime 70-73. The Referees gave this game away to Scottie Reynolds and Villanova. They should not be celebrating as much as they are. They lost, everywhere but on the scoreboard...

Vanderbilt-Murray State

I've scene none of this game, but I see that Murray State has the lead. I'm going to assume I'm headed there next though. None of these current games interest me as much as the first round of games--or the later games--so, I'm taking a little break. I may even head to the gym for a couple hours. If/when I'm back full on live-blogging, it'll be on a new page. Enjoy the rest of today's games.

My picks for the current set:

Vanderbilt, Baylor, Kansas State... yep chalk. Nothing special. I do have UTEP over Baylor later though.
Posted on: November 18, 2009 11:45 am

Firing Up "The Bandwagon" 11/18/2009

As usual we’ll start with a review of the teams already apart of my bandwagon:

Florida State (ACC) 1-0

Connecticut (Big East) 3-0

As always, let me know what you think below.  Tell me what you think of teams already in my bandwagon.  Tell me which teams are apart of your bandwagon.  Try to guess which seven teams will round out my bandwagon.  Let’s get some interaction going. 

I’m moving onto the representative from the SEC.  The experts say the South East is much improved, but I’m not yet buying into that thought.  Kentucky is Memphis of the last several years, only in a tougher conference – so they’ll lose a few games.  After Kentucky its Tennessee, whom I like as well, they’ve got three or four possible All-SEC performers.  However, the team who is joining my bandwagon is neither of these teams, but it is a recent back-to-back champion. 

Florida (SEC) 1-0

The argument I’ve heard against Florida is that they lost their top player, their top scorer, their top playmaker – of course all of whom all Nick Calathes – how can they be better.  It was the same for Connecticut and partly the same with Florida State – with the loss of Toney Douglas.  Throw out all comparisons to last year.  It’s a new season anything can happen.   The talent as a whole is down, in my opinion.  Florida is one of the most solid team’s I’ve come across.  They return sophomore Alex Tyus, who will shift to hi natural power forward position this year, he will likely lead the team in rebounds and could lead them in scoring as well – he averaged 12.5 ppg his freshmen year.  Also returning is 5-8 sophomore guard Erving Walker , who averaged 10.1 ppg last year despite playing in Calathes’ shadow – and it was a literal shadow, Calathes is 6-6 to Walker’s 5-8, ha!  Junior Chandler Parsons is a personal favorite of mine.  He led the team with fourteen points in their season opener.  His emergence will be a key determinant in Florida’s season.  Joining the above three holdovers is top recruit Kenny Boynton, a 6-2 off guard who will immediately step in as one of the team’s top scoring threats, he scored twelve in the opener.  Helping out the front court is Georgetown transfer Vernon Macklin, who will step in at the five to provide defense, rebounds and some low post points; he scored thirteen and grabbed eight rebounds in the first game.  He’s an excellent complement to Tyus.  Senior forward Dan Werner will also contribute; he averaged 8.9 ppg and 4.9 rpg last season in a starting role.  Freshmen Erik Murphy, a 6-10 forward, whom rivals.com likens to former Gator Matt Bonner .  I really like this Gators team; they’re good in the frontcourt with depth there and they’re good in the backcourt, admittedly with less depth.  The question is, are they great anywhere?  I tend to think that frontcourt of Tyus, Macklin and Parsons is great.  Florida will get a couple of early tests as they take on Florida State November twenty-forth, they go to #2 Michigan State on November twenty-seventh and take on another “great” frontcourt in Syracuse, at home, December tenth.  Other than those three games they coast to SEC season, when they go to Vanderbilt on January ninth.  It’s my impression that they will lose all three early tests and go into SEC season 10-3, which isn’t bad, but they’ll be without a good win.  Stealing one of those games, most likely either Fla. St. or Syracuse at home, would go a long way to ensuring their March plans. 

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