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Posted on: April 5, 2010 6:56 pm

Astros: Week 1 Preview

Post four on the day! Thirty minutes to gametime. I feel a little accomplished.

I got this idea last night to do a weekly preview of the games ahead. It would be simple, discuss the pitching matchups a little, predict a winner and so forth. Today, I am really started to get bored of writing, but in the future it may be more comprehensive, although it will likely be dropped, who knows? Anyways, let's take a look at the Astros' first week:


Houston vs. San Francisco
Roy Oswalt vs. Tim Lincecum

What a draw! I have been anticipating this marquee matchup for awhile. Plus, thanks to reigning CY Lincecum, ESPN2 picked up the game... SO I GET TO WATCH! This matchup brings so much intrique because Lincecum was often compared to Oswalt when he was first breaking into the league. Oswalt has pitched extremely well this spring and despite the foreshadowing of some back trouble, he should be in top form for tonights opener. I think this game could be even 2-2 into the seventh and I like the Astros' bullpen. Chalk this one up as a surprise (surprise? it's at home, so maybe not surprise) win. 5-3


Wandy Rodriguez vs. Matt Cain

Wandy Rodriguez at home, this game should be a lock right? Not so fast, Cain is one of the five best pitchers in the NL. My heart wants to mark this as an Astros win, but I can't believe they go 2-0. So, I'm going to say Wandy gets shelled in the first two innings and is out by the fourth. Matt Cain goes into the eighth. Giants win it, 7-1


Brett Myers vs. Barry Zito

I want to say that I liked seeing Zito have a decent year in '09, he may not be back, back, but it's good to see him relevant again. That said, I am amped for this game! Chris Johnson should be getting the start against the lefty, I'm expecting him to swing a hot bat--and hopefully earn himself some more playing time, I do not want him sent down when Berkman comes back! Hunter Pence can also mash against lefties, expect both to go yard in a 6-4 victory.


Houston vs. Philadelphia

Bud Norris vs. Jamie Moyer

I think it will be Moyer at least (Moyer 4th, Kendrick 5th, right?). Another series at home, but this time against the NL favorite. I like the 25 year old man against the 65 year old man. Astros win, 6-5


Roy Oswalt vs. Roy Halladay

This is where things get tricky, but I'm going to assume both teams throw out their aces. Oswalt faces two of the toughest opponents in the NL in his first two starts, and unlike the first one (the one in 8 min!) I don't think he'll be able to keep up. Phillies win 8-3.


Wandy Rodriguez vs. Cole Hamels

Another tough draw for Wandy too. Wandy at home two times in the same week, he's going to win at least one. Hamels is a lefty against a right handed hitting team (Carlos Lee, Pence, Johnson, Feliz), so I like the Astros to finish the week strong, 4-3.

Week 1 record: 4-2

I would be absolutely thrilled if the Astros could pull this off in week one. Here's to hoping I'm not completely dellusional... and we'll find out very, very, soon.
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