Posted on: January 30, 2008 5:30 am

Super Bowl XLII Preview

Giants vs Patriots - The biggest question going into Super Bowl XLII is weather Tom Brady will play or not? Just Kidding!!!! We all know that when the Patriots Offense take the field Sunday that Tom Brady will be leading the way. I think the Patriots need to keep on running the ball like they have been doing like  the other 2 Playoff Games, then pop a couple Play Action Passes on the Giants Defense. I see a big game for Patriots RB Laurence Maroney and the injured Tom Brady. I see either of those 2 players winning Super Bowl MVP Honors.

As for the Giants it all come down to turnovers, if the Giants do not turn the ball over they have a great shot of beating the Patriots. Will we see the Eli Manning we have been seeing in the 3 other Playoff games or will Bad Eli Manning show is ugly face in Super Bowl XLII? I hate to keep on bring this up, but it is like a Horror Movie you know the Monster is out there but, you do not know where he is going to pop up.

My pick

Patriots 28 Giants 17

My record for predicting games in the 2007 Playoffs stand at 6-4
Posted on: January 29, 2008 5:44 am

Super Bowl XLII Tidbits

With Super Bowl XLII 5 days away and counting until the Giants and the Patriots take the Field. I came up with a few tidbit  I have heard the last couple of days.

_ Tom Brady - This just in to the newsroom, Brady will start Super Bowl XLII, Well DUH we all knew this when all the stuff came out about the Boot on Brady's foot. This is the Media at its best trying to make a story out of a non story and just keeps it up until we all get sick of the whole story.

_ Don Shula and the "72" Dolphins - Here is a surprise for everyone, Don Shula is pulling for the Giants in the Super Bowl, I guess that means that the rest of the Grumpy Old Men are doing the same thing. This is why I am pulling for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl, to shut up the Grumpy Old Men forever. That goes double for Mercury Morris everytime he opens his mouth he sounds like a moron.

_ Joe Namath - Joe Namath is pulling for the Giant just like Shula, Namath said this is the first time he has pulled for a NFC team. This is just another case of somebody hating on the Patriots. When the Patriots win on Sunday,  I guess it will stut everybody hating on the Patriots.

_ Super Bowl Ticket Price - Did anybody see the price of a Super Bowl Ticket? On Stub Hub they are going for between $2450 - $19446. The average price of a ticket is $4300 and the NFL originally price those tickets at $700 - $900.
Posted on: January 23, 2008 5:40 am

Super Bowl XLII: New York Giants vs New England P

With Super Bowl XLII upon us, I wanted to tell everyone what I see in both teams in the Super Bowl. I will start off with the Patriots, and the the Giants.

New England Patriots - Coming into the Super Bowl the Patriots are 18-0 and trying for 19-0 and the first perfect season since the 1972 Miami Dolphins. There is a lot of people that are calling the New England Patriots a Dynasty, but in my opinion the Patriots need to win Super Bowl XLII to be a Dynasty. The reason I say that is because, go back to the 1970's Steelers team they won 4 Super Bowls in 6 years and the there is the 1980's 49ers teams they won 4 Super Bowls in 9 years. So in my opinion a team has to win that 4th Super Bowl to be called a Dynasty, I hope the Patriots do win the SuperBowl because it will shut up Mercury Morris everytime he talks he sounds more like a moron.

Team Leaders

QB - Tom Brady - 398/578, 4806 yards, 50 TD'S,  8 INT'S,  QB  rating  117.2
WR - Randy Moss - 98 rec., 1493 yards, 23 TD'S, 15.2 yds per rec
RB - Laurence Maroney - 185 car.,  835 yards,  6 TD'S, 4.5 yds. per car.
Defense - Tedy Bruschi - tot. tack. 92, solo 64, ast 28, sacks 2

New York Giants - The Giants are coming into the Super Bowl wit 10 straight road wins, that has never happen in NFL history. For what it is worth the Giants are the road team for Super Bowl XLII. Eli Manning has impressed me during the Playoffs, he seems like he has grown up during the Playoffs. Can the Giants get that last win to win their first Super Bowl since the memorial Super Bowl against the Buffalo Bills? We will find out Feb. 3rd 2008 at Super Bowl XLII.

Team Leaders

QB - Eli Manning - 297/529, 3336 yards, 23 TD'S, 20 INT'S, QB Rating 73.9
WR - Plaxico Burress - 70 Rec., 1025 yds., 12 TD'S,  14.6  yds  per  rec.
RB - Brandon Jacobs - 202 car., 1009 yards,  4  TD'S ,  5.0 yds per car.
Defense - Antonio Piece - tot tack. 103, solo 77, ast. 26. sacks 1 
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