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Posted on: March 2, 2010 6:23 pm

Fair or Foul?: Fantasy panties in a bunch?

OK guys, I've got a fantasy baseball situation I need you to diagnose:

I signed up for a free league on the cbs website. I could have sworn that it was an AL/NL league, but when I got into the draft room, I noticed that Albert Pujols was not listed as the top player projected for 2010. A guy named John was already in the draft room, and he had just asked the question, "where is Pujols, Manny Ramirez, etc.?"

I checked the rest of the lists and realized that the league was A.L. only, and I told him. I was upset because I wanted to use all players, as did John. He said that he was going to join another, but there is no way to leave this league. I told him I'd probably do the same thing, but we both drafted seriously. Only one other member showed up for the draft.

So the next day, that guy John offers me a trade, Mark Teixeira for Ian Snell. He told me in the comments that he released all of his other players, but Tex was on the list of un-droppables. If I accept the trade, he can drop Snell and then he'll have an empty roster.

I assume that he picked me because I talked to him on the draft. I don't know this person and did not insinuate this trade at all. I assumed that he was going to just keep his players and not pay any attention to the league, as I was planning on doing.

Well, I accepted the trade. Now, the other people from the league are sending out messages to the league saying how this is bullcrap, and that I had two accounts in the same league, etc. When I replied that I didn't know the guy, they said that I should've not accepted the trade, and Tex should've gone to free agency, and then the team who was in last after 6 weeks gets to claim him.

What is fair in this situation? Was it really that bad that I accepted this trade? What would you guys have done?

I posted this on the Fantasy community boards as a poll question, "what should I do with Teixeira?" and the answers I put where
1. Drop him
2. Trade him for full returns - meaning I trade him for what someone might normally trade Tex for (i.e. not Ian Snell)
3. Trade him for an average player - meaning someone like Snell - a bench player, or a fourth or fifth starting pitcher
4. Keep him - do nothing
By the way I remind you that only one other person came to the draft, and only one person objected the trade...
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