Posted on: January 25, 2008 9:34 pm

Chiefs in Patriots Country

I grew up when Foxboro Stadium was new, and was named after a local beer company. The Patriots just sucked. The teams were bad, but it was the owner who kept the team in ruins. Billy Sullivan was his name, and he had no business owning a football team. He had no money, and ran the team like he had no money. Foxboro Stadium cost 7 million dollars brand new, can you imagine that, I think Bob Krafts car cost 7 million dollars. Anyway...back in those days all the local kids had different favorite teams, and it was never the Patriots. I grew up right outside of Boston, a few miles from Foxboro actually. Point being, I had to pick a team, and since the Chiefs just won the Superbowl, I picked them. I have been a Chiefs fan ever since. Sometimes I think I jinxed the Chiefs because they really have not won much since that 1970 Superbowl. So when I moved to Maine a few years ago, and walk around in my Chiefs gear, I get funny looks from the locals in their Patriots gear. How can a guy who lives in New England not be a Patriots fan. Especially since the Chiefs suck, and the Patriots are the class of the NFL for the last 6 years. I just am not one to jump on a bandwagon.
  I have to wonder what will happen with the Chiefs now that Lamar Hunt has passed away. He was a great owner, and a great President of the AFL/AFC. Maybe his son will be tougher, and shake things up more than his dad did. Lamar seemed to let time fly by with his team not getting much done, and left always looking to next year, until there was no more next years for Lamar. The condition of the Chiefs is not a discussion about the the offensive line, or the quarterback, or the draft. The team has become the old Patriots, the Chiefs are not bad because of money like the Patriots were, but they have got used to being sub par. The Chiefs made a push in 1993, like the Patriots did 1985, but it faded fast. Something major needs to happen to the Chiefs to change the culture of the team, like the Patriots were bought by Bob Kraft, and he shook the team up, changed the culture. God bless Lamar Hunt, I loved him, but he allowed the culture in Kansas City to fester. That culture may have been, trying your best is good enough. Lamar seemed very happy with Dick Vermeil's lone 13-3 season, and sad playoff showings. Clark Hunt may be the Bob Kraft for the Chiefs, I doubt it, but I can hope he is. Bob Kraft will always keep the Patriots good, no matter what happens with Bill Belichick or Tom Brady. Bob Kraft knows what he is doing.
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