Posted on: June 30, 2008 6:54 pm
Edited on: June 30, 2008 7:01 pm

Blog Cabin: Manny's not so laid back these days

In the news...

Shawn Chacon assaults a GM, he is suspended indefinitely. Manny Ramirez assaults a member of the staff, he says he’s “sorry”.

I like Manny, but there’s definitely something wrong with the guy. Well, there’s always been something wrong with the guy, but this is different. After throwing a punch at Kevin Youkilis a few weeks back, Manny recently decided to toss Red Sox traveling secretary Jack McCormick to the ground because he couldn’t get enough tickets to the game in Houston.

What’s the deal, Man-Ram? I may be making assumptions here... but did your pot dealer get pinched or something? Why all the hostility, brother? You’re supposed to be one of the most laid back players in baseball history.

Honestly, though, it shouldn’t matter what the issue is. Manny should be being Manny on his couch for the next few weeks. Think about it... the guy did physically assault a man in his 60s. How is that not worthy of a suspension?

It’s not like McCormick is another player. I can forgive when two athletes get in to it. Things happen in the heat of competition. This kind of thing is a whole different can of worms, though, and Boston is doing itself a horrible disservice by handling this the way they have.

According to reports, Ramirez and McCormick got together after the altercation, and Manny apologized for the incident. McCormick, of course, accepted the apology, because he probably wants to keep his job, and because Manny is the most popular Red Sox player since Jim Rice, and because every game matters in the AL East.

Oh, and did I mention that Boston is already locked in an early pennant race with Tampa Bay and the ever-present Yankees? And, that they just happen to be heading in to series with both those clubs in the next week?

That sounds like a few too many funny coincidences, if you ask me... and if the Steroid Era taught us anything, it’s that baseball isn’t really known for its funny coincidences. Everything in the game happens for a reason.

So, I guess this means that players should check their stat lines before they decide to throw down.

That’s right; beat it Shawn Chacon, and don’t let the door hit your big 5.04 ERA on the way out!

As for you... That’s a bad Manny! Bad, bad Manny! Now, say you’re sorry, and I want you to go to the batting cage and think about what you’ve done.

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